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Companion creature refers to several types of creatures that are summoned to serve and fight alongside adventurers. Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics, Empaths, and Rangers all have companions at their command, each with certain applications for combat, scouting, utility, or even just role-play. In general, there are four unofficial classifications of companion creatures.

Animal Familiar

Wizards are able to cast Call Familiar (920) to summon an animal to his or her side. Cast unaided, the spell calls out to the nearest appropriate animal in the region, resulting in an arbitrary familiar. If the wizard is attuned to a certain element, any wyrdling creatures that respond will be of the corresponding element. Once a wizard has found a fellow wizard to teach them the binding rune, they can use a binding rune to consistently choose a specific type of animal familiar.

The familiar can act as a scout, allowing the caster to remotely view a location. It can also talk, in order to send messages to other players. Most notably, Familiar Gate (930) lets wizards use their familiars to allow transportation to or from a location via placement of the caster's familiar.

Spirit Servant

Clerics and Empaths are able to cast Spirit Servant (218) to summon a servant that will follow them. Although spirit servants cannot leave the caster, they are able to assist should their master become incapacitated. A spirit servant can hold an item in each hand; if its master is disarmed, the spirit will automatically pick the weapon up. If its master is killed, the spirit can preserve the body and send off a beacon to let other adventurers know where its master's body is located.

Similar to wizard animal familiars, clerics or empaths can use a binding rune to consistently summon a specific spirit servant. Note that although the spell is based in the Major Spiritual sphere, the spirits summoned take after emotions and aspects of nature.

Ranger Companion

Rangers are able to cast Animal Companion (630) to befriend an animal permanently. After bonding with the animal, subsequent casts of the spell will attempt to call the creature. Ranger companions can aid in combat by attacking creatures or defending the ranger; their damage/defensive output and frequency is similar to a weapon flare.

  • Avians attack with puncture damage and have the ability to wing buffet, knock down, or force stance offensive. Avians can also deliver messages to others.
  • Canines attack with puncture damage and have the ability to disarm. Canines can also drag objects.
  • Felines attack with slash damage and have the ability to pounce, knock down, or double strike. Felines can also drag objects.
  • Rodents attack with slash damage and have the ability to hamstring or knockdown. Rodents can also nudge objects (perhaps to aid the ranger in role-play).

Ambient Pet

Anyone can own ambient pets, which are 'fluff' companions that have no mechanical benefit, and are simply a prop for role-play. They tend to reside on the person of the adventurer and have ambient messaging. Examples of fluff companions are: Bloodriven rats, grey squirrels, Dhu kittens, lizards, and shade skinks.