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Type System
System Policy

The EMAIL verb provides the user with a variety of email addresses for Simutronics.


Welcome to the Elanthian Post Office!

The following is a list of E-Mail addresses for the various departments you may need to contact.  Below the description of the e-mail address is the link to the website form to contact that department, if available.  Remember to always use sufficient postage.

Feedback E-mail listing    - General Feedback concerns.
                      - GemStone IV Feedback concerns.
                     - For GemStone IV Wedding Concerns.      - For Quest/Event related concerns (See NEWS 5 18).     - For Character Restoral concerns (See NEWS 5 15).
                         - For Accounts/characters that have been locked out.

Customer Service/Billing E-mail listing     - For Billing and Account concerns.
                          - For canceling subscriptions/extra characters/whole
                        - For those who are looking to transfer characters from one
                              one web account to another (See NEWS 5 4).
                        - For the Customer Service department (this is separate
                              from the Feedback e-mail listings).    - For Techical Assistance with Simutronics services.

The Billing Department telephone number is 636-925-3172.  They are open Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm Eastern time.