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RUNE is used to access knowledge of runes.

The user must be holding a wy'zio to use the RUNE FORGET option.

RUNE TEACH without arguments will show how many teachings are left for each uncommon rune that the user may know.


Rune help:

Usage: RUNE {option}

Where {option} is one of the following:
               COMMON - Lists common runes known to you.
               UNCOMMON - Lists uncommon runes known to you.
               TEACH {player} {rune} - Attempt to teach a rune to someone else.
               FORGET {rune} - Focus on forgetting a rune.

NOTE: Forgetting a rune requires a specialized forget runestone.

How to make a runestone:  Runestone creation is a fairly simple procedure, and can be done in one of two ways.  A caster may purchase runestones that are already prepared for scribing from an alchemist shop or wandering merchant, or they may prepare an item (like a smooth stone) for scribing themselves by pouring an aish'vrak potion on it.  Once they have a prepared item, they'll need to have a brush and ink, and DIP MY BRUSH IN MY INK.  Then DRAW {rune} RUNE [ON {runestone}] [WITH {runebrush}] while holding the prepared item and the brush.