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Target is the command used to specify a character, creature, or hazard towards which actions will be directed within the combat system.


Usage:  TARGET {player|creature|hazard}

Targeting magical hazards will attempt to target the creature that created them.  Players cannot be targeted in this fashion.

You do not have a target.


TARGET {creature} will target the most recent creature of that noun to enter the room. This displays as the first of that noun after "You also see:" in the room description. Any non-directed actions (such as INCANT or ATTACK) will now be directed towards whichever creature was selected. TARGET OTHER {creature} and TARGET {ordinal number} {creature} (example: TARGET SECOND SPIDER) will work if there is more than one of the same noun in a room.

TARGET NEXT will select the next target in the list in room order.

This command can be used while in roundtime.