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The WEIGHT verb can be used to give a general estimate as to a character's weight, or how much an item he is holding weighs. The amount shown when the WEIGH verb is used is the actual weight of the item, plus or minus ten percent, rounded to the nearest whole number, thus an item weighing below 5 pounds will always show a whole number in weight, unless the item weighs less than 2 pounds, which the verb will state. An item weighing exactly 5 pounds has a small chance of showing a weight of 6 pounds. Weight is handled in increments of 1, except for the first few: .1, .5, 2, 3, 4, etc (it is correct that there's no weight of 1).


WEIGHT -or- WEIGHT <self>
Displays the character's body weight. Third person messaging will show the character admiring themselves.
WEIGHT <character>
Estimates the weight of another character. Third person messaging will show the character admiring the other, target character.
WEIGHT <object>
Estimates the weight of an object that the character holds. There is a 10% variance on the weight displayed, truncated.

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