Wehnimer's Cobbling Shop

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Wehnimer's Cobbling Shop is a cobbling shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is location on South Ring Road three blocks east of the gemshop.

[Wehnimer's Cobbling Shop] RNUM: 301 (then go shop)
The interior of the small shop is rustic, without much decoration save for a few examples of local craftsmanship displayed in the front window. A long wide counter runs the length of the room with numerous bolts of fabric chromatically stacked behind it. Adjacent to the counter is a rack of glass drawers, each one revealing glimpses of colorful buttons and buckles. A clerk moves casually near three stands, draping fresh hides over their surface.


Harv offers his catalog to browse.
Harv exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a sharp cherry red cutting knife      51. a set of lacquered fel settings
  2. a bone-inlaid black cutting knife     52. a set of golden mesille settings
  3. a slender white cutting knife         53. a set of dark modwir settings
  4. a gem-hilted cutting knife            54. a set of dull ironwood settings
  5. a length of knotted cord              55. a set of blue-grey tanik settings
  6. a wedge of greyish white chalk        56. a set of bleached monir settings
  7. a wedge of bone white chalk           57. a set of black willow settings
  8. a wedge of blood red chalk            58. a set of black ash settings
  9. a wedge of pale blue chalk            59. some topaz square settings
  10. some lattice laces                   60. some black puma fur
  11. some dirge-vaon vines                61. some matted bear fur
  12. some plaited nymph hair laces        62. some mottled warcat fur
  13. a bolt of rat skin                   63. some rabbit fur
  14. a bolt of worm skin                  64. some smoky-hued coyote fur
  15. a bolt of goblin skin                65. some combed wool
  16. a bolt of kobold skin                66. some soft lambswool
  17. a bolt of troll hide                 67. some cockatrice plumes
  18. a bolt of minotaur hide              68. some harrier pinions
  19. a bolt of gnoll hide                 69. some roa'ter teeth
  20. a bolt of orc hide                   70. some translucent scales
  21. a bolt of velnalin hide              71. some lion hair
  22. a bolt of yeti hide                  72. a vial of salmon pink dye
  23. a bolt of oiled leather              73. a vial of sage green dye
  24. a bolt of pebbled leather            74. a vial of willow green dye
  25. a bolt of scaled leather             75. a vial of aquamarine dye
  26. a bolt of soft buckskin              76. a vial of royal blue dye
  27. a bolt of brushed suede              77. a vial of cherry red dye
  28. a bolt of striped damask             78. a vial of fiery red dye
  29. a bolt of crisp taffeta              79. a vial of roan dye
  30. a bolt of goat hair                  80. a vial of ale brown dye
  31. a bolt of woven chain mesh           81. a vial of sand-hued dye
  32. a bolt of interlocked ringmail       82. a vial of sallow dye
  33. a bolt of soft calfskin              83. a vial of storm grey dye
  34. a bolt of brocade lace               84. a vial of jet black dye
  35. a pair of kiramon chitin plates      85. a vial of sable dye
  36. a pair of antique brass plates       86. a vial of lily white dye
  37. a pair of nielloed silver plates     87. a vial of chalk white dye
  38. a pair of mottled pewter plates      88. a vial of swan white dye
  39. a pair of etched laje plates         89. a vial of ghostly white dye
  40. a pair of copper plates              90. a vial of vanilla-hued dye
  41. a pair of brushed mithril plates     91. a vial of azure dye
  42. some striped green jasper settings   92. a vial of coppery dye
  43. some faceted ruby bar settings       93. a vial of bronze dye
  44. some deep lapis teardrop settings    94. a vial of topaz dye
  45. some honeyed amber oval settings     95. a vial of ashen dye
  46. some bloodstone cabochon settings    96. a vial of smoky blue dye
  47. a set of gold thorn settings         97. a vial of taupe dye
  48. a set of silver barb settings        98. a vial of mulberry dye
  49. a set of silvery haon settings       99. a vial of mahogany dye
  50. a set of pale mistwood settings      100. a vial of lilac dye

  Backroom Catalog
  The backroom does not offer any merchandise.