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April 2021

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3192
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 04/16/2021 06:25 PM CDT
Subject: It Came Upon a Spring Tide

A cool breeze blew in over the ramparts of Vornavis Keep, bringing with it the faintest hint of Solhaven Bay looming off in the distance. Salnim Malwind stood there gazing down over Vornavis and Solhaven beyond and the many ships docked along the piers and quays.

"I heard you met Duncarr yesterday," a gentle voice called out from behind him.

Salnim turned around with a wide smile on his face towards the newcomer, "Hello Kas."

Kasendra Chandrennin returned the smile as she joined the young lord along the ramparts.

"I did run into your brother."

Kasendra tilted her head and gave Salnim a look, "Did my brother give you any trouble?"

Salnim paused to answer, and a number of images flashed through his mind. Duncarr standing in the practice yard with blades drawn, a flurry of blows and parries being exchanged, and Salnim's shield edge at Duncarr's throat, while Duncarr had him pinned with a gladius at his abdomen.

"Trouble? No. I think we understand each other quite well now."

Kas did not alter the look she gave, "The bruise on your temple says otherwise."

Salnim touched the fading bruise for a moment, "Oh this? No, your brother was not responsible for this." Salnim's mind drifted for a moment back to the previous day.


Gurbah stood before Duncarr and Salnim, towering over them with a blunted version of his massive axe in hand.

"If you and new friend are done playing, Little Lord, time for lesson."

Duncarr glanced at Salnim, "Is this how you welcome everyone to Vornavis?"

Salnim just laughed, "Only the people we really like. Take his right side, I'll go left. And watch out, Gurbah is faster than he looks. He hits just as hard as you might imagine, however."

Duncarr shook his head, drew his swords, and gave them each a quick practice swing, "Anything else I should know?"

"Try to roll when you get thrown."

Before Duncarr could respond, Gurbah cut in. "Enough talk. Begin." And with a roar, the Captain of the Vornavian Guard charged.


"Gurbah decided to welcome your brother to Vornavis himself. Felt it was only fair to include me in the welcome."

Kasendra looked at Salnim askance and shook her head, "You really know how to show my family a proper time here don't you?"

Salnim could not help but to laugh, "It is not all swordplay and duels, Kas. I promise your brother is no worse for wear. He'll be joining us all for dinner, and you can see for yourself."

"And why shouldn't I go and see him now?"

"Because dinner is in only an hour, and I thought you would grant me the honor of your company for a walk in the meantime, my lady."

"A walk? And where might we be walking, my lord?"

"The walls, the gardens, wherever you would like. The view will be lovely no matter where we go," Salnim answered and held out his hand to Kasendra.

Kasendra smiled and shook her head, "Flatterer," and took his hand. And the two walked off as the sun began its gentle decline to the horizon.


And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
Cause we're going to make this place our home

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3194
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 04/19/2021 03:50 PM CDT
Subject: Last Night in Solhaven

Last night in Solhaven a number of people were drawn to a commotion taking place the Esplanade Gate. The members of the Vornavian Guard present were rather enthusiastic in greeting Lord Salnim Malwind and Lady Kasendra Chandrennin as they left Vornavis to take a walk in Solhaven. The couple took the growing crowd in stride and stopped to speak with them about a number of topics from the Relief Effort to themselves. They eventually invited those present to join them on their walk so that they could actually get to see the Bay like they wanted to.

The walk and talk continued along the edge of the Bay, with a stop to admire the Glaive as well. Eventually the group made its way to North Haven Quay as the couple was going to walk the piers and look at the ships. There they ran into Duncarr Chandrennin, Captain of the Southern Imperial legion and Kasendra's brother. After a quick exchange Salnim and Kasendra took their leave to continue their walk alone. Those who had been following stayed and spoke with the Captain for a short while. Some of the topics covered included the military and dealing with demons. As the hour grew late he eventually took his leave.


Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3199
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 04/22/2021 09:02 PM CDT
Subject: What You're Looking For

Run, just run.

The shadows were quite long as the three youths ran through the woods. They had a mile yet to go to get back to the village. They could make it before the sun set if they kept going. Then they'd be safe. Because at night is when it started, when the music began, when everything went wrong. The only sounds were those of their footsteps and drawing ragged breath as they moved. But then the quiet was destroyed by horrible crack and a scream as one fell to the ground.

Camryth turned her head to look back and nearly fell as she slid to a stop, "What happened?"

Her brother looked up at her from where he knelt, "It's her leg. Nell's leg is broken."

"Her leg? Not her ankle? That isn't right, we'll never get her up into a tree if her leg is broken," Camryth said, "We still have some time, maybe we can carry her..."

And that is when the music began to trickle in, the notes always slightly off key and discordant.

"No, no, no," Camryth said, "This is too soon. We should have had more time."

And to her horror growls could be heard coming from beyond the grey mist in the distance. Camryth reached down to her belt pouch to pull out her sling, only to find nothing there. Looking further behind them she could see the pouch laying amongt some fallen leaves.

"We've got to..." Camryth began but then lost her words, as dozens of pairs of eyes could be seen in the mist, they almost seemed to glow red as they reflected the remaining dying light. Before she even had a chance to unlimber her staff dozens of creatures, far too large to be simply called wolves, poured out of the mist and ran at them and people began to scream.


Camryth awakened with a jolt. It took her a moment to get her bearings, sitting in the back of the slowly moving wagon. Faint music trickled in from up front, clearly one of the wagoneers had a lute they were playing.

"Just a horrible dream," she said, rubbing the sleep out of her face. She looked out of the rear of the wagon, watching the countryside slowly move by. Perhaps in time she could get some more sleep, "This time it will be different."

She leaned back against the side of the wagon and waited. Soon the waiting would be over, as she had been waiting for far too long. She was going to find him and change things. Find the life worth living.

Careful making wishes in the dark
Can't be sure when they've hit their mark
Besides in the meantime something's just dreaming of tearing you apart
For those songs know what you did in the dark

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3200
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 04/25/2021 08:38 PM CDT
Subject: Previously in Solhaven

As this was not something I had seen mentioned anywhere, here is something for those who were not around last night.

A new visitor to Solhaven was seen in North Market last night. This was a young woman named Camryth, recently arrived from Jantalar, and experiencing what a city is like for the first time. Many were of the belief to welcome her with a crowd of attention and questions. She seemed to consider city folk to be rather weird, but also intent on staying and leave behind life on a farm despite the culture shock.


Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3203
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 04/28/2021 10:15 PM CDT
Subject: The Write Stuff

The bright sun shined in through the windows, revealing a lovely spring day taking place outside in Nydds, but Fresea paid it little mind as she briskly walked down a hallway in the upper floors of Chantry College. She pulled a key from her pocket and began to open a sturdy oak door before realizing it was already unlocked and then simply proceeded inside.

Inside the office she entered, Fresea found a man already seated behind a desk writing on some parchment.

"Master Von Kleinwerth," Fresea said, "I thought you were still in a meeting with the Masters."

Ciermont smiled very briefly, as he looked up at the newcomer, "One should never underestimate the minds and deliberations of the Masters of Chantry College, Scholar Fresea."

At these words Fresea broke into a wide smile, "Then the meeting went well? They approved your proposal?"

"The meeting went as expected," Ciermont answered and continued writing on the parchment in front of him.

"I do not understand. You do not seem upset, and the matter was most important to you," Fresea said.

Ciermont remained silent as he continued to write for several minutes, before placing his quill back in its inkpot. Glancing over the parchment a moment, he looked up at Fresea, "Decorum is important. Speaking ill of a Master of Chantry College is improper, and does not change any aspect of this situation."

Fresea stood there a moment, uncertainty plain on her face.

"When the outcome is expected and planned for it is not an obstacle, Scholar," Ciermont continued, "Now then, did you take care of those matters I asked of you?"

"Yes, Master Von Kleinwerth. The carriage will be here in two hours."

Ciermont nodded his head, while he folded up the parchment and sealed it with wax. "Please deliver this with my compliments to Professor Shaedrik. And please thank her again for teaching my classes for this term."

"Was there anything else you needed?" Fresea asked as she took the letter.

"Please let the valets know to take the two trunks over there," Ciermont said as he gestured towards the trunks sitting against the outer wall, then turned his attention to several folios filled with vellum and a leather bound grimoire sitting on his desk. "Thank you, Fresea."

Fresea offered a brief nod of her head and then hurried out of the office. Ciermont took care gathering up the folios, each with a word written in a careful hand upon it - Ta'Illistim, Maelshyve, and Research Grants. Each was placed into one of the trunks and secured away. With a nod he picked up his grimoire and walked out of the office.

"I do hope the Baronies are as pleasant as Nydds is in the spring."

Since you turned the table on me
I've been steady learning lonely
As this world keeps spinning
Everywhere from Maelshyve to Illistim
Slowly planning my revival
With this three foot stack of vellum
Since you made me walk out of here
I've been having a write year

May 2021

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3212
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 05/08/2021 03:48 PM CDT
Subject: Court Session in Vornavis

Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court tomorrow (5/9) night beginning at 8:15 pm Empire Time (Eastern). Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court.

The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required.

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3223
Date: 05/13/2021 11:03 PM CDT
Subject: Aludria, of the Imperial Drakes, visits Solhaven

Aludria, of the Imperial Drakes, came by North Market this evening. She explained that she is quartering in Vornavis while on her assignment to investigate the Manticore.

Those gathered discussed their impressions of the Manticore and their ideas for defeating it. Aludria herself did not seem particularly impressed with the amount of information its gnomish creators provided. After these discussions, she revealed some details of her own past and assignment:

She was recruited into the Drakes by another familiar presence in Solhaven: Malvernus. He recruited her and several others out of Mestanir following the fall of the Arcane Eyes.

After training under Malvernus's tutelage, she and others served with him in the destruction of Talador. When it came to her assignment to investigate the Manticore, she noted that few of her fellow Drakes wanted it, but she was willing. Thought she could not be certain, given the dossier about the locals and the situation she was given, Aludria also suspected that Malvernus was behind sending her to Vornavis.

Signed, Raelee and her Strings

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3228
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 05/20/2021 06:12 PM CDT
Subject: Sending Messages

The young courier hums to himself as he walks along Bayside Road. Spring was always a pleasant time to be working, even more so when it meant getting out of Vornavis itself to enjoy the ocean breeze. Even more so when it was due to a visitor paying more than ample silver for the job. And two of them at that. As the man reached the walkway at the northern end of the road, he found himself standing before a driftwood gate, and turned his gaze to the pewter-framed plaque that flanked it. After reading the plaque twice, he glanced down at the two letters he carried and check the names written upon them. Glancing up at the plaque one more time and then down at the letters, he broke out into a smile.

"Nothing like getting paid for two deliveries that only need one," he said to himself as he walked through the gate. He quickly moved through the garden to the elegant riverstone manor that stood beyond it.

The courier tipped his cap to the elderly half-elf boatswain that stood as the doorman for the manor, "Good afternoon my good fellow. I have a pair of deliveries for two of your members...officers in fact."

The boatswain offered a smile, "I would be happy to assist. I can see these are deliveried safely."

"Wonderful. I appreciate the assistance. Here we have a letter for a Phanna Green," the courier said handing over the first of the letters, and then readied the second to hand over as well, "and the other is for one Magister Raelee A. Svala."

The boatswain carefully took each, "I will see that the Lady Chairwoman and Magister each receive these promptly."

"Good day to you," the courier said with another tip of his cap and a wave. He walked at a steady pace, so as to be able to enjoy the weather, as he moved through Solhaven and headed for the gate to Vornavis, but did not slow in his pace. The fellow who wanted these delivered did promise something extra if they were deliveried promptly afterall.

Arriving at the rather fine looking inn, he made his way over to the innkeeper, "Good afternoon, ma'am. Might you inform Master Von Kleinwerth I have returned."

June 2021

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3245
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 06/11/2021 07:03 PM CDT
Subject: Family Matters
Last Week in Mestanir

"It was good to finally see why you have spent so much time and energy up here, Kas," Duncarr Candrennin said as he sat with his sister.

Kasendra Chandrennin looked over at her brother sitting across from her in the wagon, "With the Relief Effort? Yes, there is always more to do."

Duncarr smiled briefly to himself, "Yes, of course. The Effort is truly impressive, with all the work and organization. If you had a mind for it, you would have done well running a legion."

Kasendra shook her head, "We all have our own paths in our family, Duncarr. That is yours and this is mine."

"Does that path of yours include making a trip back home in the near future?"

Kasendra looked over at her brother, some concern showing in her eyes, "Back to Elstreth? At some point. Why do you ask? Is something wrong?"

Duncarr gave a brief shake of his head, "Wrong? No. But I think you should come back. Something seemed off with Gerjonn when I left. Perhaps just the recent trips to Ubl and Tamzyrr."

Kasendra frowned as she looked out from the wagon, taking in the Mestanir countryside as they rolled along westward, "Well, plans can change. And family always comes first."


Earlier This Week in Elstreth

Gerjonn Chandrennin stood in the Map Room of Elstreth Keep looking over the map unrolled before him. Several letters and documents lay beside it as he poured over the chart. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, and a moment later the doors opened.

"How was Vornavis, brother?" Gerjonn asked as he glanced at the door where Duncarr stood.

"Pleasant. Enjoyable. And it was nice to see Kas," Duncarr answered as he carefully watched his brother.

"No trouble getting there? No problems with the Malwinds?"

"Conditions were favorable, and the Malwinds were gracious hosts. Why all the questions, Gerjonn? What is this about?"

"I am just looking out for my family, Duncarr, as I have always done. I am glad your leave from the legions was pleasant," Gerjonn turned away from his brother to look back at the table, "I must finish with this work. Be sure to speak to Father before you leave."


Today in Vornavis

A cool breeze blew along the walls of Vornavis, offsetting the warmth of the late spring day. Two figures stood along the walls of Vornavis.

"You've been quiet. Is something wrong, Kas?" Salnim Malwind asked as the pair stood there enjoying the view, "I heard you received a letter this morning."

"Just a lot on my mind, Salnim," Kasendra answered, "And the letter was from my brother, Gerjonn. With things being quiet, it seems like a good time for a quick trip back."

"Do you want some company?"

"No, no. No need. You have things to take care of here. It's just family, I'll be fine."

July 2021

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3251
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 07/09/2021 01:27 AM CDT
Subject: Previously in Solhaven

For several years now Kasendra Chandrennin, daughter of Duke Bannon Chandrennin of Aldora, has resided in the North overseeing the Relief Effort and working side by side with Salnim Malwind on this project. Many have observed how closely they have worked and the amount of time spent together, while also serving the Empire. Recently Kasendra's brother Duncarr visited Vornavis to see her. While this visit seemed completely innocuous, shortly after he left, Kasendra returned to Aldora at the behest of her eldest brother Gerjonn, and has remained there since leaving weeks ago.

All Gedrick wanted to do after his service in the legions ended was return home to his farm. Instead he found himself saving his home from a knight who lost his way in the pursuit of justice, and when no other options were available Gedrick was forced to kill the man in a trial by combat. For his deed Gedrick found himself knighted by Count Greythane to replace the fallen knight, but also effectively exiled from the south for his actions. He has traveled the Empire since then, spending much of his time in the North, being the Knight Errant they made him to be. And so he has found himself wandering the road and helping those in need, sleeping under bushes, and doing what needs to be done all while hoping one day to see the place he wishes most: Home.

Master Ciermont Von Kleinworth is the Professor of History and Research at Chantry College located in the city of Nydds in South Hendor. A respected teacher, he pushed for the initiative to seek out research grant proposals at the Valley of Gold to bring in some fresh ideas. Time and again Ciermont found any kind of traction with the grants stymied by the other Masters of the College. While they would have simply sent a letter and been done with it, Ciermont felt it only proper to deliver the unpleasant news in person and traveled to Vornavis to do just that. Since that time he has remained in the Barony, spending time reading and researching local history, and noticing the distinct difference between Vornavis and Solhaven when it comes to proper locations for such.

Camryth had never ventured far from her family farm and the nearby village in her entire life. There never seemed a reason to leave that small pocket of Jantalar until her brother, friend, and she were nearly killed by wolves driven mad. Camryth saved the lives of her companions, but would have lost hers in the process, if not for the intervention of a wandering knight. The knight disappeared as quickly as appeared without even giving a name. Wanting more than to run the family farm, Camryth left and ended up in Solhaven. Her adjustment to life in a large city was turbulent, but did lead to her discovering the identity of the mystery knight - Sir Gedrick. The fateful meeting between the two did not go as either foresaw, and ended with both sides going their separate ways. And what either has been up to since then remains unknown.

So join us in Solhaven as our story continues. What came before has been laid out, and now we shall learn about What Follows.

September 2021

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3270
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 09/14/2021 04:53 PM CDT
Subject: Decisions

Sunlight poured in through the window into the Keep of Elstreth, illuminating Kasendra Chandrennin as she stood there, gazing out at the city beyond.

"I just don't know."

"What is it you are so unsure about, Kas?" Salnim Malwind responded, leaning against the wall, his hazel eyes steady as they watched her, "About accepting? You know you would be great at it."

"That is what everyone keeps saying," Kasendra responded with a rueful laugh, "Gerjonn, father, even my cousin. You will be perfect for it, think of what it will do for our family, what it will mean for the Empire. But what about what I want, Salnim? If I do this, I'll be there and you'll be back in Vornavis and..."

The room grew silent as Kasendra trailed off and lowered her head to lean against the glass of the window. Salnim walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, and she turned to face him. He smiled gently and looked down into her blue eyes.

"I'm right here Kas. And I'm not going anywhere. Well no, that's not true, eventually I'll be going home. But I will always be here," Salnim said, touching above her heart with a finger, "and that is never going to change. Whether there is a continent between us, or just a room. I will be there. Always."

Kasendra began to say something, but stopped, a tear forming in the corner of one eye. Salnim moved his hand up to her face and gently wiped it away with his thumb.

"And everyone said those things because it is true. Even your cousin...your cousin, really? That's what we're calling Emperor Aurmont?" Salnim said, his eyes full of mirth, and then altered his voice slightly, "Oh what did you do today? Oh it was quite droll, I had to go up to Tamzyrr and have lunch with my cousin in the imperial palace. How about you?"

Kasendra's shoulders shook as she laughed, but also narrowed her eyes slightly and hit Salnim with the back of her hand on his chest, "You are terrible. I've known Aurmont my entire life, and long before there was ever a chance he was Emperor. He will always be my cousin, you know that!"

Salnim smiled at her, "I do know that. But it made you laugh, so it did what was needed. And just like everything else, we will get through this together."

"It is just that there has been the Relief Effort and then being envoy for the Emperor, the Valley of Gold, and now this. When will it ever be our moment?" Kasendra asked, reaching her hand up to rest against his chest over his heart, "When will it ever be more than what we can do for the Empire?"

"For five years. That's how long it has been our moment, and I hope it never stops. But it could be more, and should be more" Salnim answered, his hand sliding up to intertwine his fingers with hers, "As for the rest. The reward for work well done is more work. Father has often said that to his knights, but I know now it applies to us."

"No, the reward is not just more work. The reward is us," Kasendra said, reaching up to give him a gentle kiss, "Thank you. This for this. For being here."

"Always and forever," Salnim replied, leaning down to rest his forehead against hers, "Do you think your brother might finally come around now that you have some good news for him?"

"Gerjonn likes you just fine. You really need to stop worrying about that," Kasendra said, walking across the room, pulling Salnim with her by their joined hands.

"I think you are wrong there, Kas. And my offer does still stand..."

"Salnim! You are not going to challenge him to a duel."

"Are you sure? We could fight through the streets of Elstreth, the people would surely love it..."

"You are not fighting my brother!"

"Well if you are sure. I did bring my sword just in case. Besides, after four years I thought maybe you might need to see another duel to keep things interesting."

Kasendra whirled to prod him in the chest, "Did you bring your shield with you too, mister?"

Salnim looked down at her with a puzzled expression, "Of course. Why?"

"So I can throw it at you, that's why!" Kasendra answered with an exasperated laugh.

"Careful now, the Captain always said that was not a sound strategy!"

Kasendra threw her hands up and walked towards the door leading to the hall outside, "Let's go talk with Gerjonn already. Before I am tempted to fling you out a window for your own good."

Salnim let out a laugh and bowed towards Kasendra, "As my lady commands."

It's hard to argue when
You won't stop making sense
But my tongue still misbehaves and it
Keeps digging my own grave

It's not as easy willing it all to be right
Gotta be more than hoping it's right
I wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it
Collapse into me tired with joy

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3273
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 09/24/2021 09:06 PM CDT
Subject: Winds of Change

Gedrick pulled the hood of his cloak up over his head as the wind began to pick up. Off in the distance the clouds danced on the breeze above the Crown of Koar, and combined with the brightly colored leaves on so many trees, made for a fine afternoon sight. Gedrick's eyes never slowed when looking them over, as he turned until his gaze looked off towards the western horizon. There was nothing noteworthy to be seen, just trees, grass and the road, but his head nodded as soon as it was pointed that way. Without saying a word his feet began to move, leaving behind Mestanir and taking him west towards the coast once again.


The ship sailed on a brisk wind, cutting through the waves as it moved north. Salnim Malwind stood near the prow, out of the way of the sailors moving about the deck, gazing out at the ocean illuminated by the morning sun while his thoughts were hundreds of miles and several days behind him.

"I must say that was very well done, Salnim," Gerjonn Chandrennin said, sitting a plush chair across from Salnim in a sitting room inside the Keep of Elstreth, "I am not sure how you were able to get my sister to come around, but very well done indeed."

Salnim smiled politely at Gerjonn, "I did not get Kas to do anything, Gerjonn. I just told her the truth of the matter, and the two important facts. That the decision was hers and hers alone. And that she would have my support no matter what. So if you want to thank anyone, thank your sister and not me."

"Of course, of course," Gerjonn said with a smile of his own, "Whatever your contribution to this matter was, it was appreciated. And now that this little business has concluded, I imagine you will be eager to return to Vornavis?"

"So eager to get rid of me, Gerjonn?" Salnim said with a chuckle, "While I do need to get back, it is not what I am keen to do at the moment. Talking with you however is another matter."

"I have never said that. You are welcome here for as long as you like."

"I am not blind Gerjonn. I see how you look at us, at me," Salnim answered, leaning forward in his chair, "And it is fine if you do not like me. But accepting and respecting things are another matter."

Gerjonn leaned back in his chair and clasped his hands, his eyes carefully watching Salnim while he raised a single eyebrow, "Enlighten me."

"I've seen how much your family means to you. All this work you are doing is certainly commendable. Now you have the country bumpkin from the North showing up and are worried it will ruin things for you. And before you object, I know how some view the northern baronies. But you're missing the forest for the trees."

"Excuse me?"

"Aldora never had any ties to the north. No influence, minimal trade. Now all of that has changed. You have a presence and a connection that flows both ways. In terms of goods and trade, Vornavis like Aldora is a major source of wine for the Empire. Think of what is possible by improved relations? And finally I know how you view your family and its position in the Empire. But never forget who your cousin chose to serve as his envoy in matters that led to the most important treaty signing in recent memory."

Gerjonn raised his clasped hands, tapping his extended index fingers against his lips in thought, "So there is some fire in you after all."

"I'm not finished," Salnim said cooly, "While you may not approve of things, you know good and well that your approval isn't needed. Your father made that very clear for all of you and your siblings didn't he?"

"How would you know anything about that?" Gerjonn asked with another arched eyebrow.

"Your father told me. We had a very pleasant conversation several years ago," Salnim answered, "He mentioned your mother and the difficulties they faced. How he made it clear that his children would all be free to do as they wished when their time came. And he also did make note that an Aldoran riesling and Vornavian chardonnay did make a fine complement to one another."

A faint smile became visible behind his clasped hands, "Is that do?"

"It is. If those two points do not help, then I hope this final one will," Salnim said looking Gerjonn straight in the eye, "In the end only two people get to make this decision. You are not one of them. I know she is your sister, I know you care about your family, but respect the decision."

"That is it? No challenges? No threats? Just facts?"

"I did make a promise to Kas," Salnim said with a grin, "Besides this is your field of battle. Where better to handle it."

"A most intriguing proposal, Salnim. It seems I have much to consider," Gerjonn answered.

"Well consider one more thing as you do. Kas and I will be going back to Vornavis in a few days. Come with us. Come see first hand what things could be like."

The prow of the ship crashed through a large wave, sending a spray of water onto the deck. It struck Salnim and brought him out of his thoughts and back to the present. He wiped some water off his face and looked back up to the horizon. The first hint of land could be seen in the distance. Vornavis. Home. He turned and headed to tell the others. There was much to get ready for.


A strong wind blows in from Solhaven Bay onto Bayside Road, blowing the white hair of the old sailor sitting on his bench. He clenched his pipe in his teeth as he stared out at the bay, "Can feel it in my bones. There's a storm coming."

What follows them on a cool breeze
Will it swallow them or will it ease
What follows has led them to this place
Do they belong or shall it be erased

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3275
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 09/26/2021 09:49 PM CDT
Subject: News Out of Vornavis

Vornavis welcomed home Salnim Malwind two mornings ago, as his ship sailed through the Bay with the morning tide. It also was pleased to have Kasendra Chandrennin return north once again. Sailing with both was Gerjonn Chandrennin, Kasendra's older brother and the heir to Aldora. Baron Malwind greeted all three upon their arrival in Vornavis, and offered his well wishes and hope that Gerjonn enjoy his first visit to the north. That storms arrived later that night were not seen as any ill omen, and word is that these hopes remain though the manner of the visit will be changed to deal with the inclement weather.

This weekend also saw the departure of Master Ciermont Von Kleinwerth from the Chantry College in Nydds. Master Von Kleinwerth had been staying in Vornavis these past several months. He spoke highly of his stay, as well as his visits down to the Free Port of Solhaven. Unfortunately his duties as a Professor at the College required his return for the fall term. Word from the Keep of Vornavis was that a warm send off was given to the professor and an open invitation was extended to return again.

And all the while, unseasonable storms have come with the autumn trade winds, and continue to remain across the region and beyond.


As an OOC Note: The Forecast for this week is eventful.

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Message #: 3276
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 09/28/2021 05:08 PM CDT
Subject: Dinner and Discourse in the Free Port

Lord Salnim Malwind extends an open invitation to the residents and friends of Vornavis to join him in a dinner to give Lord Gerjonn Chandrennin of Aldora a proper welcome to Vornavis and Solhaven despite the ongoing inclement weather. The dinner will at 9:30 pm Empire Time (ET) on Niiman (Thursday) the 30th of Imaerasta (September) and be held in Venquinor Manor. While this dinner will be a less formal setting, proper respect for all those in attendance will be required. The Manor can be found on Punkt Court in South Haven, five blocks south of the Lornon Gate to Vornavis.

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Message #: 3277
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 09/29/2021 02:23 AM CDT
Subject: What Needs Doing

Camryth sat just inside the entrance of her tent, staring out at the blaze burning in the fire pit a few feet away. Despite all of the rain, everyone made sure to tend to the fire and keep it going, to provide some warmth against the bone chilling soaking the storm provided. As she sat and watched the flames flicker and sputter, her hands idly wrapped and unwrapped her sling from around one hand. The thunder overhead, the crackle of the burning logs, even the rain splattering on the ground, her ears heard none of it, she only heard the voices of so many folks echoing in her mind.

"She shouldn't be here!"

"...helped save the lives of people..."

"...needs more training..."

"...was able to hold her own and aid us..."

"...could have gotten yourself killed..."

"...you did well."

A single tear ran down her face, but Camryth did not even notice. Her hands still moving out of habit, while her eyes were locked on the flames they never saw.

She heard the voice of her father, "Do what's worth doing, Cam. And if you're doing it, then do it right. Owe yourself nothing less."

"How'd ya do it, Cam?" the voice of her best friend Nell asked her, "How were ya able to fight 'em when they can? Weren'tcha scared? They coulda killed ya."

And she heard herself answer, "Cus it was what needed doing, Nell. I closed my eyes, made a wish, and then got to it. Only way to be sure you two would be safe."

"Even if they got ya?"

"Even then. Some things are just worth doing."

A flash of lightning lit up the night, and the outline of the Hangman's Bridge was visible in the distance for a brief moment. Camryth never noticed, just continuing to watch the fire and think about what needed doing.

Coming down the world's turned over
People fall if you're not there
But can they go on as you grow colder?
Or can you answer someone's prayer?

Coming down the years turned older
The rain still falls with you there
Or can I go on to lead you home
And I'll become what you became to me


An OOC Programing Note: A challenge has been issued and accepted. It will take place Tonight (Wed 9/29) at 9 pm in Solhaven.

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Message #: 3278
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 10/01/2021 07:46 PM CDT
Subject: Another Day Forward

The rumble of thunder could be heard outside, but Ciermont Von Kleinwerth paid it little heed as he looked over his journal and waited in the lecture room at the Chantry College. Over time students and scholars would enter through the back, individually or in small groups. Some took note of Ciermont being present and smiled or nodded their heads, others just moved to take a seat. As the afternoon bell tolled outside a few more late comers slipped into the room, hoping not to draw notice.

"Ah Scholar Bastien, glad to have you join us today," Ciermont announced with a smile as one more individual came into the room, his boots leaving wet marks upon the stone.

"Apologies Master Von Kleinwerth, but the weather is just dreadful. Makes getting around so troublesome."

"This is not the first time Nydds has faced terrible weather for such a long duration, Bastien. Now take your seat, and let us discuss a time when this region faced far worse consequences than simply getting soaked. A time of unyielding cold and ice, and creatures that came with it that were even more deadly. The Witch Winter."


"Again," Sir Gedrick said, standing still with a plain wooden practice sword in his hand.

Camryth came at him with her wooden quarterstaff, attacking with a series of thrusts and swings. The sound of wood striking wood filled the area as staff met blade time and again. At the end of the sequence, both took a step back and lowered their weapons.

"That was good," Gedrick said with a smile and shook his practice weapon to scatter some accumulated water from it.

"But I never even got close to hitting you," Camryth responded as she tried to blow a wet strand of hair away from her face.

"One lesson at a time, Camryth," Gedrick answered, taking a step back and raising up his weapon, "Now once more."

She raised up her staff in turn and gave a firm nod. And then Camryth came at him again.


Gerjonn Chandrennin walked down a hallway within the keep of Vornavis, pausing for a moment to gaze out the window. The rain and storm clouds made for a lesser view of the city, but there were still sights to take in. As a bolt of lightning flashed outside, Gerjonn turned and continued on his walk. Approaching an open doorway, he slowed as he heard a pair of familiar voices speaking, though the words did not carry fully into the hall. He slowed his pace and came to a stop just beyond the door.

Inside the room Salnim Malwind and Kasendra Chandrennin stood looking over a large table. A map of the northern Baronies was laid out before them, along with a number of other documents. Kasendra leaned forward to point at several spots on the map, as she spoke quietly. Salnim nodded his head, and touched a couple other places on the map, before answering. The spare hand of each also rested on the table, clasped gently together.

Gerjonn watched them for several moments, not saying a word, and not being noticed as their backs were turned to him. He nodded to himself and continued down the hallway. Once well out of earshot of the door he said to himself, "You'll do just fine."


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Message #: 3279
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 10/01/2021 07:59 PM CDT
Subject: What Follows - Thank You and Feedback

The events of this past week - Ciermont returning to Nydds, the challenge between Camryth and Gedrick, and the dinner last night with Salnim, Kasendra, and Gerjonn - mark the formal finish to the What Follows storyline.

Thank you to everyone who came along for the ride, whether it was just for a brief moment or for the entire duration. It is my hope that through it all: the discussions, the advice, the debates, and the journey along the way - that everyone was able to take something from it and enjoy themselves. This storyline was intended to be a little different from the start, as it contained no large or epic matters. And was intended to show what follows in the wake of some of the things that have happened in Solhaven and beyond on a more personal level. It meandered along the way in part due to the many interactions between the NPCs and your characters, and how those interactions large and small helped to change and nudge things in different directions.

I would like to take a moment to offer my thanks to those on this side of things. A thank you to my team for their support and assistance along the way. Special thanks to GM Thandiwe for helping to blend the end of What Follows into the pre-storyline of EG so seamlessly, GM Xayle for all things large and small that she helped with, and finally GM Valyrka for being a consistent sounding board and her work playing Kasendra.

Finally I would love to hear any and all feedback from all of you in regards to the What Follows storyline. Tell me what you liked or did not like, what you found to be interesting or not, and what you think could be improved. I have no delusions that my storylines are perfect, so I always would like to hear feedback so I can do better in the future.

Thank you all once more. I hope you all enjoy Ebon Gate, and I'll see you around the Free Port.


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Message #: 3290
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 11/04/2021 09:58 PM
Subject: Re: What Follows - Thank You and Feedback

Thank you all for the feedback and thoughts on What Follows. I apologize for not responding sooner, but I wanted to give everyone time to respond, and then October was a rather busy month for me between EG and real life. All of the responses have been useful to read, as everything you all provided was constructive in nature whether it was what was liked or disliked. I never expect anything to be universally liked or enjoyed, nor is praise all I am looking for when I make these threads, so again I appreciate you all taking the time to respond, as such information will help to make for better things in the future.

The overall intent of this storyline was to pick up or continue a number of threads that had been dangling from past events, which is in part why it was named What Follows. Because now we were seeing what came as a result of things in the past, and in part because it was quoting a line from the Bard himself that I've always been fond of. The idea was also to do some in a more every day manner than big flashy ones. If thinking of it in terms of episodes in a TV series, this would be some of the more focused and quiet middle episodes, than the big mid or end of season finales. Because of the more quiet nature for this storyline, this led to the idea of having multiple elements via the different characters/stories, so as to give people different ways of getting involved especially if any particular one did not resonate with them. The thought of running each one separately was considered, but I decided against this as I wanted to give each time breathe and develop over time, and so went with the plan of mixing the different stories so that there was always an active element at a given time. In retrospect knowing what I do now, I can certainly see ways to have executed all of this better, but that only comes with having tried it in the first place.

For each of the story arcs, what took place may have not been an epic event for the ages, but each did result in significant impact and change for the characters involved. And for all of them, what did end up taking place was influenced by the actions and words of all of those involved. For some the ramifications may have been larger than others. To that end, some insight into each of the arcs:

Ciermont - The main purpose was to close the circle when it came to the Research Proposals. His staying in Vornavis was a highly flexible thing, and had there not been the engagement in the historical discussions then he very likely would have returned to Nydds much sooner. But that was not the case, and the results of which will be seen and felt down the road. In particular I was not sure how the response to discussing history and such would go, as it can be a very dry or boring subject to some. That so many did engage with it was an enjoyable thing to see and experience.

Camryth - While it may no longer be the case, for a long period of time anything associated with Jantalar was seen as evil/bad. It was specifically chosen as her home to help show how times have changed. Her story was meant to be a mirror of the story for many characters, but just how much changed from the first night. Seeing people give her the same advice five times, and just general behavior of characters towards a young girl fresh from the far it resonated just how "weird/different" PCs can be, and so that resulted in my leaning into that and how Camryth viewed/responded to people. On a more broad scale, the words/actions of people greatly affected how her story arc went. Had it gone differently, she could have ended back on her farm, leaving for somewhere else, or even dead/injured. The post showing Camryth preparing the night before to meet with Gedrick was reflective of that, as the thoughts she heard in her head were based on actual things said to her. Which led to things coming together in a moment that will have lasting repercussions.

Gedrick - For all that was done with Camryth, the end goal of her being accepted as his squire would never have happened if not for the influence people had on Gedrick as well. Camryth could have done everything right, but if efforts were not made to help pull Gedrick out of the situation he felt trapped in, then it would not have succeeded. And along the way he was meant to serve as a mirror to the knights and titled folks who encountered him, showing that such a grant is not always a reward, and the life of a knight is not all horses and heroics.

Salnim/Kasendra - Their aspect of storylines is always a tricky one. As I want to have you all involved in it, but at the same time they are nobles of the Empire and with that comes a certain amount of separation from regular folks. It is why for some of the more important and intimate moments for them it was shown via forum post, as it would be very unlikely for such to have taken place where others can see. But that is not to say that the interactions with them have no impact, as they certainly did help influence the course taken.

Malvernus/Orphia - This was actually not originally part of the storyline, but rather a late addition after I brought the idea up with GM Auchand. He was most agreeable to it, and I realize now I forgot to thank him for his part in my initial post. In the case of the outcome of this arc, the actions of your characters were incorporated, but the end result was always going to be the restoration of Orphia. So it is interesting to me that the most "on rails" arc was the one that stood out to many as the most enjoyable/normal of them. This was something I had wanted to do for a while, and was glad to finally bring it to fruition, as the point of this arc was to show something that had not sufficiently been shown previously, which I can especially say given the whispers and MYChars thought about it.

Hopefully all of those insights into the different arcs is of value and you find it useful. It is rare for me to make a character and then throw them away afterwards, especially when they are still living. So it would be very safe to say that you will see all of these characters again down the road in some fashion. And again I do understand that a non-traditional story with clear protagonists and antagonists is not something that was fully expected or enjoyed, and will keep that in mind in the future. In that same vein it will not always be quiet/small stuff. But whether you fully enjoyed it or not, I do hope you will continue to spend some time in Solhaven/Voranvis, and especially join us for what else might take place in the future.