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Use Staves
Bonus +17
ST/DU 5/10
Rarity Very Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color Near-black

The witchwood is a large tree with a crooked trunk and open crown of many spreading branches. The foliage, flowers, fruit, bark and wood are all aromatic. Shiny dark leaves that are almost black are under-faced with a silvery grey hue. The leafstalks are sender with 1-2 glands. Witchwood bark is as dark as its foliage, grey or brown, and rough with irregular ridges. A cousin of the mistwood tree, it is often said that the likeness of gnarled faces can sometimes be seen in the bark pattern of the witchwood. The flowers are greyish green, on long stalks back of new leaves in early spring; multiple 1/4" male flowers erupt in long gin heads 5/8" wide; solitary female flowers are usually found on separate trees and are lavender in color. The fruit is long, and oblong in shape and of a dark purple color, very sour to taste. The fruit is poisonous unless it is processed, and is said to have medicinal purposes depending on the preparation. The wood is not usually used in construction, as it is too soft. However, it is often used for heating purposes and is prized for use in the making of wands and flutes.

Witchwood is considered a rarer material. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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