Wurt's Amulets

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Wurt's Amulets is the magic shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on Sorcerers Way in the northwest quadrant of town.

[Wurt's Amulets]
The double doors open into Wurt's work area. The other visible doors are closed and appear to lead to Wurt's private residence. A long countertop is set at the end of the room. It is heaped with semi-precious gems, gold and silver chains, and racks full of small cobalt blue jars. You also see a polished wooden counter and the artificer Wurt.


Welcome to Wurt's Amulets!

Artificer Wurt offers his catalog to browse.
Wurt exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an amulet  
This item is available in the following materials or features:

  1. granite               5. coal                  9. brimstone
  2. shale                 6. sandstone             10. marble
  3. soapstone             7. chalk                 11. clay
  4. limestone             8. basalt                12. slate