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ALCHEMY CHANNEL is the CHANNEL subskill of the ALCHEMY (verb). With it, you can put lifeforce, or Spirit points, into potions.

It is learned at rank 50 of General Alchemy in Alchemy.

Each attempt at channeling lifeforce takes 2 spirit points.



>alch chann
You focus on the cast iron cauldron and link your spirit to the solution contained within. You feel drained!
Roundtime: 30 sec.


>alch chann
You attempt to channel your spirit into the solution in the cauldron, but it resists. You feel drained!
Roundtime: 30 sec.

Learning the Channel skill

Fenzaol turns to face you, arms folded within the sleeves of his robe. He remains silent for many long moments before speaking. "And so, you stand here now having progressed well and far," he pauses, " and yet there is still much more to learn. Alchemy is an art, have no doubt of this, and art requires sacrifice of one's self. The most potent and powerful solutions of alchemy require a part of their creator. The ultimate sacrifice, as some might, quite astutely, say. A shard of the very force which drives your life."

Fenzaol folds his hands behind his back, and says, "Our life force is, perhaps, the most potent catalyst for change there is. More so than the essence that fuels our magic, even. Thus, we channel it forth, and infuse a small bit of it into our solutions."

Fenzaol guides you toward the cauldron and begins to instruct you on the intricacies of channeling spirit into a solution, repeating key points until satisfied of your complete understanding.

[You may access the CHANNEL subskill through the ALCHEMY verb.]

Recipes that use the channel subskill

Fenzaol says, "You'll need a recipe or two with which to practice your new skills."

Fenzaol asks, "Why don't I teach you how to make a spirit shard, hmm?" He takes you aside and instructs you on the proper method of making a spirit shard.

The recipe given is as follows: add crystalline solution and channel lifeforce.