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ALCHEMY DISTILL allows a character to distill a liquid in an alembic, removing impurities from it to result in a different liquid. It is taught at rank 15 of General Alchemy. This process must be done in an alchemy workshop.

Using this verb takes 10 mana and roughly 40 seconds.

Using this verb is one of the two DISTILL tasks. When you're supposed to just use the verb, and not do the long drawn out distillation, the task reads, "The Training Administrator told you to practice distilling for reagents."

Distilling for reagents:

Originally Distilled Use
clear water pure water Refreshing beverage
Hazy green liquid essence Essence of soul Major spirit-well potion
Hazy grey liquid essence Essence of mind Greater wisdom potion
Hazy brown liquid essence Essence of body Greater strength crystal


>alchemy distill
You select an unused stein-shaped alembic and set it up on the barrel-shaped workbench.
You pour the clear water into the crucible, keeping the empty flask that remains. Roundtime: 10 sec.
As the flames lick about the base of a stein-shaped alembic, the liquid inside slowly begins to bubble.
You bring your hands up to either side of the alembic and focus your concentration on the burgeoning energies within.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Concentrating on your alembic, you gently tap into the swirling energies within and subtly guide the distillation process.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Holding your concentration on your alembic, you continue to guide the process within by deftly molding the swirling eddies of magical energy.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Sensing the process nearing its end, you banish the flames from beneath the alembic with a thought. As its contents calm, you quickly collect the results of the distillation in your empty flask.

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