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ALCHEMY EXTRACT allows a character to put an ingredient into a crucible, which cooks away the majority of the ingredient, leaving behind a new one. It is taught at rank 15 of General Alchemy. This process must be done in an alchemy workshop.

One task requires the alchemist to go extract some items.

Here's a list of what becomes what when extracted:

Originally Extracted Form Recipe Code
sea water sea salt salt
any troll skin essence of regeneration regen
yabathilium fruit essence of vitality vitality
ayanad crystal some faintly glimmering dust dust1
s'ayanad crystal some faintly glowing dust dust2
t'ayanad crystal some faintly radiant dust dust3
n'ayanad crystal some faintly shimmering dust dust4
murdroot murdroot extract
crystal core crystal core essence
stick a few lumps of charcoal charcoal
inky necrotic core faint mote of soul (clerics only!)


>alc ext
You select an unused latite crucible and set it up on the barrel-shaped workbench. You carefully place the ayanad crystal within the crucible and set its burner aflame.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
As the flames lick about the base of a latite crucible, its contents slowly begin to crackle with the heat.
You bring your hands up to either side of the crucible and focus your concentration on the burgeoning energies within.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Concentrating on your crucible, you gently tap into the swirling energies within and subtly guide the extraction process.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Holding your concentration on your crucible, you continue to guide the process within by deftly molding the swirling eddies of magical energy.
Roundtime: 10 sec.
Sensing the process nearing its end, you banish the flames from beneath the latite crucible with a thought. As its contents cool, you gingerly collect the results of the extraction, removing some faintly glimmering dust from within.

This takes 10 mana and 40 seconds. The roundtimes overlap.


So you can't extract. There are a few possibilities...

If your problem is as follows:

>alchemy extract
The elemental core doesn't appear to be suitable for extraction.

This is not something you can extract. Try something else.

If your problem is as follows:

>alchem extract my vial
The glass vial doesn't appear to be an alchemical ingredient.

This is not something you can extract. Using the verb alchemy examine, you can see that this isn't even alchemy related. If like in this case it's a vial that can hold sea water, you may be out of sea water.

If your problem is as follows:

>alc ext
You don't appear to be in an alchemical workshop.

You must be in an alchemy workshop with a crucible in order to extract. Please locate one and try again.

If you fail your extraction, it's possible that the result you were trying to attain is not accessible by your profession. For example, a faint mote of soul is only extractable by a cleric.

Sensing the process nearing its end, you banish the flames from beneath the granite crucible with a thought. Looking within, you note the interior of the crucible is unnaturally charred and nothing is to be seen.

With a sigh, you take the crucible aside and scrub it clean.