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ASK is used to interact with non-player characters (NPCs), which have built in answers to specific questions.


ASK {entity} ABOUT/FOR/TO {subject}

Players using the StormFront front end will have an easier time figuring out the questions as most NPCs set up in this manner have the questions built into the click menu. For Wizard (front end) and other front end users, some NPCs, such as the chronomage clerk, are set up so that you can ASK CLERK ABOUT QUESTIONS to get the list of appropriate questions. Other NPCs, such as Quin Telaren, the Wehnimer's Landing guard, have an extensive menu of questions, but no helpful answer when asked about questions.

Chronomage clerk

>ask cler about questions
Weyneidra the clerk turns and says, "I can answer questions about any of the following topics -- destinations, disabled, gold rings, help, prices, times, departures, and tickets."

Town guard

>ask guard about questions
The town guard exclaims, "What do I look like, a scholar from Biblia?!"