Quin Telaren

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Quin Telaren
Town Wehnimer's Landing
Gender male
Race human
Alias/Title Sleepy
Job Town guard

Quin Telaren is the human guard of the west gate of Wehnimer's Landing, and nicknamed "Sleepy."


>look guard
You see a weathered looking human in his mid thirties. He's wearing some standard brigandine armor with the insignia of Wehnimer's Landing emblazoned across the breastplate. A dark red armband near his shoulder marks his place as a regularly paid member of the guard.


Sleepy earned this nickname due to his propensity to fall asleep at his post. Otherwise, Quin stands at attention and demands a five silver fee for entry into the outpost town (unless you're a citizen). Sleepy is also known for having a crush on Helga, and often goes to her bar (which is east of the Locksmith) to spend time when not on duty. Those bold enough often used to sneak past Sleepy or even stole the required silvers from his own pocket.

He is associated with performing Adventurer's Guild tasks in the landing.

Questions and Answers

>ask guard about Herm
The town guard says, "He's the only reasonable Krolvin I know.  Used to work over at Elanith's Secure on the east side of town before it shut down.  Always hated me calling him Herm, but I wasn't about to sprain my tongue pronouncing his real name!"

>ask guard about Ilvari
The town guard says, "Now that's a tale best left to a bard.  The poor things used to be peaceful till those all high and mighty um... well, like I said, a bard should tell that story.  Ilvari give me the willies anyway."

>ask guard about Iolaari
The town guard asks, "The elves?  Don't see too many of that breed around here.  They're not much for mixing in."

>ask guard about kobold
The town guard says, "You can find them through the woods to the northwest.  I hear they like to collect small treasures."

>ask guard about krolvin
The town guard says, "Krolvin are a troublesome lot.  Always running about yelling and fighting.  Herm was okay though."

>ask guard about rolton
The town guard says, "Bloody nuisances, most of 'em.  Not bad when grilled with peppers and onions, though."

>ask guard about unlife
The town guard frowns and says, "I'd rather not talk about that.  Bad memories."

>ask guard about wolverine
The town guard says, "Few creatures in the local forests are quite as fierce as the wolverine.  Don't underestimate them.  They wait till you're weakest, then strike!"
>ask guard about ale
The town guard says, "Ah... an all around perfect liquid.  I can't think of any situation where a cool ale wouldn't be welcomed."

>ask guard about beer
The town guard says, "Definitely the drink for a proper celebration, smooth with a nice frothy head to it."

>ask guard about mead
The town guard says, "Ah now... mead is best served off the lips of your favorite lover.  'Course, a mug will do in a pinch."

>ask guard about stout
The town guard says, "Now you're talking!  A drink fit for kings!  Nothing beats a glass of slightly sour stout with a rich creamy brown head."

>ask guard about tea
The town guard says, "Gert makes a decent cup of tea, but it's really not my cup of tea... if ya get my meaning."

>ask guard about wine
The town guard says, "Wine is best for either an elegant dinner with a special person, or for trying to forget that person when they've stabbed you in the back!  A truly multi-purpose liquid."
>ask guard about Biblia
The town guard says, "Surely you've heard of the library of Biblia!  Why, it's the only worthwhile reason for wanting to visit the Isle of Ornath that I can think of."

>ask guard about city
The town guard says, "Yanaar or Yanoop or some such.  Safer to stick to dry land and besides... it's just a legend."

>ask guard about Elanthia
The town guard exclaims, "Why, it's as big as a planet, I'm told!"

>ask guard about inn
The town guard says, "The Wayside Inn is just outside of the main gate.  The Raging Thrak Inn can be found in the northwest corner of the town square.  Frith's Inn is further east, across from Beldrin's, and the Silvergate Inn is just south of the gate on West Ring Road."

>ask guard about Jontara
The town guard says, "Jontara lies between the Forgotten Sea and the Abandoned Waters.  It also happens to be right under your feet."

>ask guard about Landing
The town guard exclaims, "You are here.  Welcome to Wehnimer's Landing!"

>ask guard about Ornath
The town guard says, "Uh, it's an island.  You know... land... with water around it."

>ask guard about planet
The town guard says, "This big round ball of rock floating in space is commonly known as Elanthia!."

>ask guard about tavern
The town guard says, "You, my friend, should drop by Helga's Tavern.  She'll fix you up with the smoothest brew in town.  Tell her I sent ya!"

>ask guard about town
The town guard says, "The nearest town around here is Wehnimer's Landing.  It's about... oh... three feet east of here."

>ask guard about valley
The town guard whispers in a low tone, "I'd avoid it if I were you.  Infested with undead and strange magic!  Say the wrong thing out there and you could vanish from this very existence!  Of course, that's just a rumor, mind you."

>ask guard about Wehnimer
The town guard whispers, "Really rolls off the tongue eh?"
The town guard says, "You'll like the Landing.  Best port this side of the Jontara!  Don't forget to stop by Helga's Tavern before you go."
>ask guard about Aznell
The town guard exclaims, "One of the better craftsmen in town, I'd say.  He made this shield for me when I first joined the guard and it's still as sturdy as ever!"

>ask guard about Beldrin
The town guard exclaims, "Did he send you here?!  Damnable hairy goblin snot collector!  I told him he'd have his silver next week!  Lords of Liabo!  A few meaningless silvers over the limit and he sends every thug he can find after me!"
The town guard frowns.

>ask guard about Bin
The town guard exclaims, "What do I look like, a scholar from Biblia?!"

>ask guard about Cholgar
The town guard says, "I've been to his house a few times on occasion but it's just not the same anymore.  He never throws those big parties like he used to.  Damnable shame."

>ask guard about Dakris
The town guard says, "He owns the fur shop just inside the main gate on North Ring Road.  Been working that shop as long as I can remember."

>ask guard about Dari
The town guard says, "I'd say you can thank Dari, 'cause without her services half the town would be running around naked, and, take my word for it, that is a sight you do not want to see!"

>ask guard about Frith
The town guard says, "Ol' Frith spends most of his time running his inn.  I still prefer his place to the Thrak, when I'm looking for a spot of privacy."

>ask guard about Gert
The town guard says, "Ah, good ol' Gert.  He saved my life once, back when we were just lads.  I was poor and starving, and he gave me a doughnut from his father's shop.  Well, there's more to it than that, but I sure liked that doughnut!"

>ask guard about Helga
The town guard's expression grows softer as he whispers, "Ah...  I see you've heard of the fairest lass in all the lands.  It's always a joy to see her when my shift is over."

>ask guard about Kilron
The town guard says, "Kilron wouldn't give a good deal to his own mother if she was down to her last silver and trying to sell her undergarments!"

>ask guard about Lanai
The town guard asks, "Lanai?  Um... I think he owns a warehouse somewhere in town.  Don't really know the fella, myself."

>ask guard about Surtey
The town guard laughs saying, "We used to call him the tattoo king 'til we grew old enough to realize they were scars!"
>ask guard about Tessie
The town guard smiles saying, "Tessie's a sweet lass.  She has a flower shop 'round the corner from the temple.  If you see her, tell her Quin said Hi."

>ask guard about Tykel
The town guard says, "Tykel's got the best made weapons in town, without a doubt.  No one I know can work glaes quite like he can."

>ask guard about Valson
The town guard says, "Well, he's not really what I would call a reputable businessman, but don't tell him I said that."
>ask guard about armor
The town guard says, "Armor?  Try Aznell's Armory.  He's usually got a decent selection."

>ask guard about breach
The town guard says, "Ah yeah, there was this big hole in the wall for about a year.  Finally someone paid to put up this fancy gate and well, here we are!"

>ask guard about circus
The town guard says, "Show business is a hard life for that lot.  I'll take guard duty over walking on a wire any day!"

>ask guard about constable
The town guard says, "He's not what I would call 'relaxed.'  Best not do anything to get on his bad side."

>ask guard about dark
The town guard gives you a cold look and says, "Look, I don't know what you're up to, but I don't know anything about 'em.  You must have mistaken me for someone else."

>ask guard about fee
The town guard says, "The fee? Do you mean the toll?"

>ask guard about gambling
The town guard says, "Beldrin can help you there.  He's got a parlor across from Frith's Inn.  Don't mention my name, if he asks."  The town guard winks at you.

>ask guard about gate
The town guard says, "It's quite a piece of work eh?  I hear it cost over a million silvers!"

>ask guard about guard
The town guard says, "If you're looking for a career in the guard, you'd best have a sharp eye, nerves of steel, and a great love of standing in one place."

>ask guard about halflings
The town guard says, "I hear they're short.  What have you heard?"

>ask guard about ice
The town guard says, "Well, I'm no scholar, but I'd have to say that ice is frozen water.  Yup."

>ask guard for kiss
The town guard whispers, "A lovely lass like yourself need not ask."  He winks at you.

>ask guard for kiss
The town guard calmly says, "You better be talking to someone else, pal."  The guard glares at you.

>ask guard about magic
The town guard snorts, "Unreliable at best.  If you're gonna risk your life on something, I suggest cold hard steel."  The guard indicates his broadsword with a smile.

>ask guard about mayor
The town guard says, "A gentleman and a scholar.  He got me this job, ya know?"

>ask guard about merchants
The town guard says, "Merchants come through town all the time.  We even get the high class stuff from Kai Toka every once in awhile."

>ask guard about nickname
The town guard grimaces and says, "Okay, who have you been talking to?!  One of the other guards?  Let me tell you, they are a bunch of jealous jokers.  Imagine calling me "Sleepy" behind my back!"‘‘‘
The town guard grumbles.

>ask guard about quill
The town guard says, "Hmm, what's to know about a feather?"

>ask guard about Quin
The town guard says, "That's me, Quin Telaren.  Do I know you?"
The town guard winks at you.

>ask guard for silver
The town guard exclaims, "What do I look like, the bloody bank of Elanthia!  Get a job kid."

>ask guard about toll
The town guard says, "The toll?  Well, I know the cost of the gate was raised quite some time ago but, as I understand it the toll covers upkeep and maintenance... and of course my salary."  The town guard smiles.

>ask guard about weapons
The town guard says, "Nothing like a good broadsword.  Long, sharp, and deadly."  The guard smiles.

>kiss guard
You kiss the town guard square on the lips.
The town guard looks slightly surprised but recovers quickly and whispers, "Meet me at Helga's later, cutie."
The town guard winks at you and smiles.

Other sayings

  • The town guard says, "I hear they discovered a new valley somewhere around the old graveyard. I don't see how you could miss something as big as a valley all these years, but then we don't get the sort of folk in this town that we used to either."
  • A rolton makes a move toward the gate but the town guard whacks it on the behind with the flat of his blade sending it scampering away from him. "Stupid creatures," the guard mumbles, shaking his head.
  • In a ridiculous attempt to poke the town guard, all you manage to do is slip and fall on your derriere!

The town guard laughs and says, "That's a pretty funny trick, XXXX, have you considered joining a travelling circus?"

  • The town guard looks around, licks his finger and holds it up in the air. "I don't know. The sky looks clear but the wind feels like rain."
  • The town guard says, "Just when I think I've seen it all, someone like XXXX walks by and well...." The town guard smiles at you.
  • The town guard says, "Most people who come to Wehnimer's are looking to make their fortunes. Thing is, with everyone seeking their fortune in the same place, there's hardly enough of it to go around!"
  • The town guard points to the west. "Out there just over the horizon, I found a blue rolton wandering about.... Eh? What are ya lookin at me like that for? It was blue, I tell ya! Blue like the icy bottom of Glatoph's basin!"
  • The town guard says, "I was just thinking of that old legend about a city underneath the bay. I doubt that it's true of course, but if it is I'll bet they've got some fantastic seafood there."
  • The town guard leans against the gate and says, "Yes sir, when they made this here gate, they made it to last!" Just then the gate shifts on its hinges and the guard topples over onto the ground!
  • The town guard looks up, searching the sky. "There are creatures up there. No, I don't mean birds..." The guard smirks. "Winged monsters as large as buildings! All ya gotta do to find em is learn to fly."
  • The town guard says, "Ya know, when I was a kid the roltons were a lot bigger. Ten foot tall they were, and teeth like sharpened daggers!"
  • The town guard says, "It's a well known fact that magic makes you stupid. No really! Just look at the people that hang out in the town square. Some mage comes along and casts a bunch of magic on everyone, and what's the first thing they do? Run off to try and kill some horrible creature they wouldn't normally touch with a ten foot Shanarian fishin pole!"
  • The town guard says, "Kilron was tryin ta sell me a drake falchion the other day. He wanted twelve thousand silvers! Really now, I don't know where he gets off."
  • The town guard says, "The mayor chose me for this job out of all of the guards that volunteered. It's a great opportunity. Besides, I like the scenery out here."
  • Carefully as he can, the town guard rearranges a few stones on the ground, then stares at them with impatience. "I saw a kid doing this in town once. He always looked so pleased afterward, but danged if I can figure out why," he says, frowning.
  • The town guard sighs, "I really could use a drink. I don't see why the captain doesn't allow it on a post like this. It's not as if anything ever happens!"
  • The town guard takes a moment to polish his broadsword. "Gotta keep yer weapon clean and smooth I tell ya. Cuts down on friction!"
  • The town guard says, "Just once I would like to see a proper brewmeister come to town. I get tired of the local offerings. Don't get me wrong now, Helga's brews are the best. But when you've been around as long as I have, you get to wantin' a little variety now and then."
  • The town guard whispers to you, "Something is hiding out there. Beyond a curtain of light. You look like the sort who might be able to find it." The guard winks at you.
  • The town guard leans over to you and whispers, "I once spent a year waiting in a dark cave for a wise man to answer my questions. When he finally answered, he told me this: 'Don't think on night' ... Amazing eh?"
  • The town guard takes a quick look over his shoulder then sneaks off through the gate leaving it open and unguarded.
  • The town guard says, "Hey XXXXX, how about buying a round for the house? You look like you can afford it." The guard winks.
  • The town guard says, "A few years back, I was playing poker with three Nalfein elves and an old troll named Gurk. I had just won my fifth hand in a row when Gurk jumped up in anger proclaiming, 'Gearka konak greko kurk!' while waving his arms about. Then he just sat back down and started shuffling the deck for the next hand. I still don't know what the heck he said."
  • The town guard swaggers and says, "Helga? You have got to be the sweetest woman this side of the DragonSpine Mountains. No, I mean it! It's just a coincidence that my mug is almost empty."
  • The town guard takes a long drink of his ale and exclaims, "Better to drink than to die I always say! But to die drinking? Well, there's worse ways to go."
  • The town guard says, "You should try the ale, XXXXX, it's the best you'll find in town. Much better than grog, which comes from the bottom of the barrel ya know."
  • The town guard spins around, carefully balancing his mug of ale on his head. "Look at me! I'm a ballerina!" he cries. Just then he gets his legs crossed and goes toppling to the ground, spilling his ale all over himself. Surprisingly, Helga, instead of getting angry, just shakes her head and smiles to herself.
  • The town guard exclaims, "Mead is great for romance, wine for special occasions, beer to complement a meal, even grog will do in a pinch, but ale is definitely the best all around drink in any situation!"
  • The town guard says, "Helga, whadya say you and me blow this town and head on down to Idolone for the time of our lives?" Helga doesn't reply, but she silently winks at him and smiles.
  • The town guard says, "Helga, another ale please and make it cold!"

Historical Notes

Quin's reference to Cholgar's house is outdated. Cholgar used to own the bathhouse north of the Raging Thrak Inn, which was once a headquarters for the Council of Light; it has since been bought and renovated by Grishom Stone. Stone purchased Cholgar's Bathhouse (since re-named the Stone Baths) in Imaerasta 5110 (September 2010) during the Beyond the Arkati storyline.

His reference to the mayor being "a gentleman" who got him his job is also blatantly incorrect since the election of Lady Lylia Rashere Faendryl to the mayorship...though, to be strictly accurate, it has been wrong since the death of Mayor Walkar Wellington at the end of the Landing's war with Talador. Since Walkar's death (which some documents list as occurring in 5113 and others in 5114), there have been four adventurer mayors--Puptilian (5115-5117), Cruxophim (5117-5118), the aforementioned Lylia (5118-5120), and the present mayor, Leafiara (5120-). Presumably Quin simply pays little attention to politics and does not realize that there have been several regime changes.