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Characters are the people of the GemStone world. The two basic types of characters are player characters (PC) and non-player characters (NPC). The difference between the two is simply who (if anyone) is in control of the persona and the scope of their abilities.

Player Characters

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The commonfolk of Elanthia are 'piloted' by RPG (role-playing game) gamers worldwide. These characters are by far the majority and limited in ability to the guidelines set forth in the Character Manager. PCs must select a profession and race, assign 640 points amongst their statistics, and gain experience to advance in level and train skills. Mechanically, they are only capable of performing activities already coded into the system.

Non-Player Characters

Personae, commonly referred to as NPC's, which need not adhere to the mechanical standards of PCs. This type of character can only be created or operated by a GameMaster, thus their abilities are limited only by imagination. GMs possess special commands such as those to alter the status of PCs or edit the text description and properties of items.

GameMaster Characters

Usually appear to be normal PCs, occasionally with unique prename titles. They often possess items not available to PCs, and their capabilities go far beyond those of a PC. GM characters can edit the code of the game, effectively altering the reality of Elanthia. They are still required to roleplay their activities, thus acting out their existence and actions as any character would. Examples of GM characters are merchants, and personae created specifically as a primary characters in storylines.

Automated NPCs

Characters whose actions are predetermined. They only perform specific functions which they have been programmed to do by a GameMaster. Occasionally, GMs will unexpectedly pilot them, executing unique and spontaneous actions. An example of this type of character would be an automated town healer or cleric.

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