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The ATTACK verb and its synonym, KILL, is the primary verb to use when attacking another creature. This initiates the resolution of your character's attack against a foe in the combat resolution system.


General verb help information
>help attack
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>help kill
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Attack (or kill) a creature - this example shows Two Weapon combat
You slash with a tiger-claw at a lesser orc!
Amazingly, the lesser orc manages to parry the attack with his broadsword!
You swing with a fist-scythe at a lesser orc!
  AS: +109 vs DS: +44 with AvD: +39 + d100 roll: +70 = +174
   ... and hit for 20 points of damage!
  Wild slash scratches the back of the lesser orc's hand.
Roundtime: 5 sec.
All weapon types and bolt / ball spells look similar.