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AIM can be used to target a body location when using AMBUSH for melee weapons, FIRE for ranged weapons, and unarmed combat (JAB, PUNCH, KICK, GRAPPLE). It will also cause Limb Disruption (708) to automatically target a specific limb if one is specified via AIM.


  • AIM (location) - specifies a location to target for all subsequent attacks
  • AIM CLEAR - clears the specified location
  • AIM RANDOM - clears the specified location
  • AIM LIST - shows a list of possible locations

Possible locations include: head, neck, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand, chest, abdomen, back, right eye, left eye.


The ability to hit an aimed location depends on skill training and other factors. For melee attacks, Combat Maneuvers and Ambush skills are needed. For ranged attacks, Perception is the main factor when firing in the open, and Perception and Ambush are weighted equally for hidden sniping. For Limb Disruption (708), Spell Aiming is used for targeting limbs.