Keratin-edged skinning knife

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A keratin-edged skinning knife was auctioned off at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction.


a keratin-edged skinning knife

The most striking thing about this knife is that it is made from a thin piece of raptor claw honed to a razor’s edge. The material is wedged into a piece of folded steel in order to strengthen the fragile keratin. The handle of the knife is made of obsidian and inlaid with a small silver star on the butt end.


Enhancive item that grants self-knowledge of the Skinning (604) spell.

"The knife is spell knowledge, not self mana. It costs about 5k to recharge at the AG. I spent one day testing it and was able to cast about 10 hours before I was even able to recharge it at the AG."


Your vision blurs for a moment and then you find yourself in a forest. A small gnome lopes through the forest, a striped wildcat by his side. Hearing a sound, they stop and peer around for the source. The wildcat pads out into a clearing, sniffing the air suspiciously.

Suddenly a raptor drops from the sky. It seizes the wildcat, killing it. The gnome watches, horrified.

The raptor holds lifeless body of the wildcat in one leg as it methodically strips the skin off of it with the razor-sharp claws of the other.

In the shadows, the gnome opens his mouth in a silent, angry growl. He silently puts an arrow to his bow and draws it back. He takes time to set up the most effective shot that he can.

He looses the arrow. It flies swiftly and strikes into the heart of the raptor with a loud THWAP!

In a tiny, cozy shelter, the gnome methodically strips the body of the raptor for its useful parts. The carcass is set to cook on the fire. The feathers are quickly cut into fletchings. The gnome takes one of the huge claws and begins shaping it into a razor-sharp knife.

The gnome encases the blade of the knife with steel. He adds a hilt made from carved obsidian. As he works, he mutters inaudible prayers.

At a small shrine, the gnome places the knife and the body of the wildcat onto the altar. He kneels and speaks a quick prayer.

There is a quick flash. The gnome falls back, astounded. He cautiously approaches the altar. The body of the wildcat is gone, but the knife remains.

The gnome picks up the knife and examines it. It appears unchanged, save for one small difference. The obsidian handle, which was pure black before, is now inlaid with a silver, eight-pointed star.