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Storyline The Nazhor Chronicles
Gender female
Race blood eagle
Status unknown
Hometown Alternate Reality/Blood World
Alias/Title The Adversary, The Bloody, Blood Meek

Aahlara was a protagonist in Isle of the Four Winds storyline The Nazhor Chronicles.


As seen on Olaesta/April 23, 5119:

[Aahlara's Realm, Aviary]
This space is festooned with beakers and vials of all shapes and sizes, all connected by long glass tubes, through which a viscous red liquid slowly moves.  The floor underneath is gritty, with feathers and bones combining to form an odd texture underfoot.  The area is warm, almost uncomfortably so, and the center of the room is dominated by a large wooden perch, though most of it is in shadow.  You also see a massive eagle.
Obvious exits: none

A massive eagle rears up, flapping her wings.

>l eagle
You see a fairly typical massive eagle.
It appears to be in good shape.
It has nothing at this time.

>desc eagle
These large creatures sport a 4' long body and an 8' wingspan.  Their bodies are covered in black feathers which change to a blood red near their wings, hence their name.  Their powerful wings and sharp talons make a deadly combination in combat.

A massive eagle stares hard at you, her gaze intense.


Aahlara "The Bloody" serves as Meek (protector of balance) in the Blood World version of the Elanthian realm. She was called the Adversary by Nazhor, and he stated she may be the most formidable of all the Meek. Aahlara aided adventurers throughout the storyline by providing clues to difficult puzzles and caused disfiguring marks on characters, which was often her way of communicating. Using the nullifying agent forged through a bond between Naamit and the Blood Meek, adventurers were able to oust Nazhor and silence him once and for all, solidifying the seat of a new Meek, Elspie, in this realm. Curiously, during discussion with the Bloody, Naamit discovered Harith was still alive in that world.

Behind the Scenes

Aahlara was known for her avian screech that was often seen in premium-wide messaging:

An avian screech resounds in your mind, and your vision blurs slightly in response...
The air around you grows heavy for a moment, and you momentarily hear a faint avian screech in the distance.

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