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Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani
"He revels in pain and suffering
for they are evidence of life."
Race Giantman
Hometown Ta'Illistim
Class Harbinger
Profession Bard
Religion Order of Mularos, Cult of Harith
Affiliation(s) Member of House Brigatta, Order of the Shadow, Hand of the Arkati, Caeruil Atelier
In-a-Word Naamit rhymes with Vomit
Disposition Peevish
Demeanor Reserved
Primary Trait Veiled neuroticism
Flaw Several
Greatest Strength Prone to violent outbursts
Greatest Weakness Impulsiveness
Habits Frowning and shifting her weight
Hobbies Writing hymns, loresinging, and painting
Soft Spots Whips and tea
Likes Blood
Dislikes Roses, Houses of Illistim and Vaalor
Loyalties The Dark Alliance

Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani (formerly DMonica) is a giantman bard and devout follower of Mularos. She resides at an estate outside the elven city of Ta'Illistim. She is an avid collector of whips and among her extensive collection, Holy Scourge is the most famous. She took the last name Braggiani in deference to apparent human ancestry in her bloodline, which she confirmed after obtaining the legendary weapon.

Described by some as an iron fist in a silken glove, Naamit is both charismatic and ruthless. She has a particular dislike for the smell of roses and if left long enough, the scent will drive her into a maddened rage. She is keenly interested in learning secrets so Loresinging is a natural fit for her. Naamit does not, however, sing for pleasure or audience.

Naamit is a Master Painter.


Rumored to have been born on Eorgaen 12, 5061, Naamit took up residence in Wehnimer's Landing in 5096. She was married to Lord Tabalt Valkiryan, a dwarven thief, until his unexpected death following a lucrative business deal in the following year. In the summer of 5098, she married Lord Reveko Mwani, a giantman ranger, to solidify a business venture, however he vanished under questionable circumstances sometime thereafter. She moved to Ta'Illistim in 5101, and until recently, still owned property in Wehnimer's Landing. Naamit was given the mark of Mularos in the form of a scar upon her neck on 23 Charlatos, 5102, presumably by the Painlord Eryael just prior to his arrival to Ta'Illistim. She fought on the side of the Dark Alliance during the Griffin Sword War and grew close to Harith Caerines, the self-ascribed Whip of Mularos. Harith appointed Naamit as proxy Whip, in the event unfortunate circumstances befell her, which they eventually did. Naamit rescued Harith's soul (albeit temporarily) from the Pale in 5103, but was unable to maintain control of Ta'Illistim in Harith's stead. She also formed a close friendship with Ysharra, and their affinity persists beyond the pain of time.

Naamit previously led a cult known as the Harem Dzosch; the group faded into obscurity upon her disappearance sometime between 5104 and 5106.

Naamit returned to the Elven Nations in 5116 after a decade-long journey of searching for any possible remnant of her former mentor, Harith. She took up residence at an estate outside the elven city of Ta'Illistim and restarted a small, but rewarding private business there. She was officially recognized as a Master Painter in Ivastaen, 5117, and granted Grand Lady status in Lumnea of the same year. Naamit was briefly bonded to Heartfire Durden, a giantman guardian, following a bloodbath in the Duskruin Arena trials of Phoenatos, 5117.

In the year 5118, Naamit acquired a piece of black ora shaped curiously like the hilt of her whip; the antithetical artifact turned her neck to ruin, rendering her singing voice to sound like the piercing wail of a banshee. Storms are said to precede her arrival ever since. Naamit also took on a startlingly younger appearance upon completion of a savage business deal.

As 5119 came screaming in and with flesh renewed, she forged a sanguine bond with a Meek (protector of balance) named Aahlara, or The Bloody, who presides over the Blood World version of an Elanthian alternate reality. The blood eagle Meek gave her a special device that would cause the Fallen Meek named Nazhor great harm. On Lumnea 15, Naamit confronted and killed Nazhor, after solving a series of complex puzzles meant to shield his location but she did not use the device the Blood had created. On Koaratos 22, he indeed returned with demons at his side, just as he'd sworn he would as he lay dying some months prior. With aid of the Blood nullifying agent, adventurers were able to oust Nazhor and silence him once and for all, solidifying the seat of a new Meek, Elspie, in this dimension. By helping the adventurers, Naamit lost access both to The Bloody, as well as Harith, who yet lived on in that dimension. As 5119 drew to a close, Naamit's appearance began to wane once again.

5120 saw new business ventures for Naamit, as she relinquished her holdings in Wehnimer's Landing in the wake of political turmoil; the cost of doing business was too great. She used the funds to co-locate in both Mist Harbor and Kraken's Fall, having found favorable prospects under local tax authorities.

In the first quarter of 5121, Naamit submitted a purchase offer for a tavern in Zul Logoth. The contract fell through just shy of 30 days, and so she returned to her estate in the east for a month, where she published a book titled, "Seven Hymns for the Pierced of Heart". Naamit headed to Kraken's Fall in the summer, and went on to lease a ship from a scurrilous sea captain in need of quick silver.

The year 5122 proved lucrative for Naamit: a once questionable endeavor, securing her departed husband's wealth, came to a surprising climax one Koaratos eve on the Isle of Four Winds. Some dared say she even smiled.


It is difficult to get a good look at Naamit due to the number of mirror images of her nearby.
You see Madam Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani the Banshee of Mularos.
She appears to be a Giantman.
She is shorter than average. She appears to have come of age. She has deep-set, piercing virescent eyes and pale, alabaster skin. She has thick locks of long, glossy black hair flowing down her back beneath the drape of a scarlet lace mantilla. She has an angular face, a prominent nose and a fleshy, muscular build with generously proportioned hips. She has a myriad of thin chain-shaped scars running across her exposed flesh.
She has a deep black cuff of finely polished glaes in the middle of her nose, a deep black ring of finely polished glaes in her lip, a faint scar on her neck, some cross-like blackwork extending from the neck downward past her collarbone, and a silver-limned indigo eel-shaped mark on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is holding deep black bracelet of finely polished glaes in her right hand and a scorched giantman's hand still bearing a silver wedding band in her left hand.
She is wearing a writhing black ora cross, a black iron symbol wrapped in white leather and embossed with a blood-red heart, a cape-sleeved atrous brocade gown rising stiffly around her bared shoulders, a firm hourglass girdle of bruise-hued opal silk, and some incarnadine leather chopines lofted on scarred ebonwood heels.

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Mostly by way of a painting easel.

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