Abandoned Inn Gift Shop

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Abandoned Inn Gift Shop is a specialty shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the attic of the Abandoned Inn

[Abandoned Inn, Gift Shop]
Crystal-decorated sconces hang from the walls of this little room. Cases filled with knick-knacks and souvenirs crowd each other for space, each trinket hung with a neat little price tag. Several shopkeepers hustle about, attending the merchandise, watched over by the eagle-eyed wife of the innkeeper. You also see a display case with a small sign on it.


Welcome to  Abandoned Inn Gift Shop!

Varija offers her  Catalog of Collectibles to browse.
Varija exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

   Catalog of Collectibles
  1. an ugly dark orc pendant   5. a miniature marmot bracelet
  2. a silver wraith pendant    6. a wraith link bracelet
  3. a gold banshee pendant     7. a belled marmot anklet
  4. a sneering orc face pin   

  Backroom  Catalog of Collectibles

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.