Abdullahi Hazalred Faendryl

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Abdullahi Hazalred Faendryl was a summoner who held a position at the Basilica during the reign of Eidiol Jivanatha Faendryl, Patriarch XX of House Faendryl. It was during this time that a trend of dangerous mistakes were being repeated constantly by Faendryl sorcerers, and Abdullahi saw a need to organize information about these practices. Taking his own notes and records, he created from them the initial version of the Enchiridion Valentia. He found it quite difficult to convince other summoners to record their findings as well, as the summoners of this era were quite content not to share their information. Therefore, for the first century of its existence, the Enchiridion Valentia was made up of information given only by Abdullahi and his friends and associates. At this time, continuing mishaps due to repeated errors convinced Eidiol Jivanatha that something needed to be done, and, impressed by the information in the Valentia, he decreed that it would be the primary place for recording information. Later on, Eidiol enstated Abdullahi as the first Scholar of the Valences, and he was the only one to ever have served in that position alone.

Behind the Scenes

Abdul Alhazred is the fictional author of The Necronomicon, a grimoire for summoning "Old Ones" in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. In the I.C.E. Age there were many examples of major areas being based on Lovecraft stories, or otherwise making allusions to them, including especially The Graveyard, The Broken Lands, and Shadow Valley. The Coastal Cliffs and Purgatory also made references. It is worth noting that "Hazel Heald" was also the name of someone for whom Lovecraft had ghost-written stories, and in particular "The Horror in the Museum" which is alluded to below The Graveyard. Other allusions to Lovecraft in the Faendryl lore include Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl, and possibly the abyran demons with the Progeny of Yig, which would explain the time distortion premise of Lorae'tyr.