Abidaserous's Authentic Rugs

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Abidaserous's Authentic Rugs is a Premium Home Floor Covering shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located two rooms south of the main entrance in the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Abidaserous's Authentic Rugs] RNUM: 12443
A huge, crudely lettered sign greets all who enter with the banner, "Close-out sale! Prices slashed! All rugs 75% off!" Deep piles of brightly patterned carpets stand around the chamber, some with the upper-most rugs turned back to reveal others lying beneath them. The heavy tribal pieces are thick and give off a unique odor. And each has its own pattern, a unique design composed of thousands of pieces of wool thread hand-knotted to a tapestry backing. You also see Abidaserous.


      Price  Item
1.)   12000  a woven reed mat
2.)   12500  an oval braided cotton rug
3.)   20000  a thick wool rug
4.)   75000  a full-length bearskin rug
5.)   27500  a hand-knotted blue and white rug
6.)   30000  a dwarven stone-washed carpet
7.)   35000  a white silk prayer rug
8.)   40000  a tapestry carpet
9.)   55000  a hand-loomed lambswool rug

Abidaserous's Backroom

[Abidaserous's Backroom] RNUM: 12444
Stylish rugs are piled into mountains of vivid color, their patterns mixing like a bountiful feast for the eyes. A gorgeous Sheruvian prayer rug hangs on the wall next to an exquisite golden silk weaving. These are obviously the highest quality carpets Abidaserous offers, and the price tags correlate the assumption. You also see Abidaserous's assistant.
      Price  Item
1.)   20000  a fringed linen rug
2.)  150000  a blue and gold kilim rug
3.)   40000  a piled shag carpet
4.)  150000  a large antique kilim rug
5.)  170000  a gold-threaded white wool carpet
6.)  120000  a floral needlepoint runner
7.)   40000  a smooth grey thrak leather mat
8.)  150000  an angular patterned red carpet
9.)    1000  an antique palmette border carpet
10.)   1000  a tribal madder and blue carpet