Acamas (prime)

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Acamas by seph.png
Portrait of Acamas by Sephertoph
Race Human
Culture Selanthia
Class Warrior
Profession Fighter
Affiliation(s) Argent Aspis, Warrior Guild
In-a-Word Hero
Disposition Happy
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Ambitious
Flaw Clumsy
Hobbies Warrior Tricks
Loyalties Mist Harbor, Wehnimer's Landing, Argent Aspis

Acamas is a Human Warrior who was born and raised in Selanthia. His age is 32, and his birthday is on the first day of Lormesta. At this age he appears to be mature. He currently has citizenship in Mist Harbor. Acamas can be found roaming Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Acamas the Adventurer.
He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
He is tall and has a strong, robust physique. He appears to be mature. He has piercing ale-brown eyes and smoothly tanned skin. He has unevenly cut, brittle raven black hair shaved at the temples. He has a chiseled, angular face and prominent biceps.


He is wearing a hooded stormy blue wool cloak with an argent aspis clasp, a soft deep brown suede satchel, a suit of chevron-woven chestnut leather armor lined with olive green suede, a narrow morganite ring, a small slashed leather pouch, a gold-clasped red silk gem pouch, a mud-stained canvas herb satchel, some classic brown linen breeches, and some strappy brown leather sandals.

a mud-stained canvas herb satchel: On its outside, the satchel is plain and utilitarian in appearance, but bearing all the hallmarks of frequent use. Traces of grass and mud stain the roughly woven canvas, adding a distinctive rustic quality to the bag. In contrast, the interior is clean and well-organized, with pockets and loops sewn into the ecru cotton lining for convenience.

Acamas' Shop

an ornate glass-front shop with a gold-veined marble roof
Town: Isle of the Four Winds
Lich (software) Map ID: 3870

Center Room
This room contains general wearable items. Some may be enhancives or magical. Some may be zesty.

East Room
This room contains instruments or devices for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war.

West Room
This room contains covering worn as a defense against weapons and the outdoor dangers.