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Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: Adventurer's Guild
Message #: 10842
Date: 3/2/2010 9:29:53 PM
Subject: Stinking Badges

You skip into the treasure vault. (Sissy.)

Duane nods to you and says, "Looking for something to spend your reward points on? I'm here to take your ORDER."

You tap a brass-bound steel Adventurer's Guild badge, which is in your right hand.

You exclaim, "Double badge burger with cheese, please!"

>ask duane to upgrade gem

Duane takes your steel badge to a small workbench and spends a moment working on it with a strange set of gleaming metal tools. He soon hands it back with a weary sigh. "Congratulations," he drones. "And if you want to put a new decoration on it, you can ask me to CHANGE it."

You blink.

You say, "Whoa."

>ask duane to change gem

Duane asks, "What would you like it changed to?"

  1. a zircon
  2. a quartz crystal
  3. a topaz
  4. a bloodstone
  5. an onyx
  6. an azurite stone
  7. a malachite stone
  8. a peridot
  9. a tourmaline

[Click or ASK DUANE TO CHANGE GEM TO (#) to indicate your choice.]

You say, "Well...I think blue topaz is supposed to be my birthstone, so let's go with that."

>ask duane to change gem 3

Duane takes your steel badge to a small workbench and huddles over it. He selects a variety of engraving tools, one after another, to deftly execute his task. He soon turns back and returns the badge. "There you go," he says flatly.

Duane sarcastically says, "Now you're all ready for your tea party."

Duane mutters something about birthstones.

You say, "Um."

You tap a brass-bound steel badge, which is in your right hand.

You ask, "Didn't there use to be more...words?"

Duane shrugs.

Duane says, "Don't ask me. You're the one who made the changes."

Duane says, "And you're the one making me say all of this stuff."

You smirk.

You ask, "All right, ANYway. So people can get their own badges changed too?"

Duane says, "Yeah, as soon as they come and see me."

You say, "And they can change the way the badge looks any time they want for free?"

Duane nods.

Duane says, "Just don't send 'em all in here at once...I don't want to be mobbed."

Duane says, "So don't announce it or anything."

You nod.

You say, "You got it."

So I'm announcing it. A couple of old requests that I finally got around to. You can also ask him to change the inscription on the nameplate if you want it to display a new title or surname that you've acquired (just have the title on when you ask). Enjoy.