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The following is a small question and answer session that took place after the Blessing Tree ritual.


Speaking calmly to Missoni, Jaysehn asks, "Does the precise ritual vary from region to region?"

Speaking to Jaysehn, Missoni says, "Yes, the precise writings I found were Vornavian."

Jaysehn nods.

Speaking to Jaysehn, Missoni says, "But since much of Aeia lore is speculation...

Speaking to Jaysehn, Missoni says, "There is room for adaptation, and changes are often made when the writings are handed down."

Jaysehn nods.

Jaysehn calmly says, "Thank you."

Thuunk says, "Writings are funny that way."

Speaking to Thuunk, Missoni exclaims, "Most especially religious writings, it seems!"

Thuunk says, "Or maybe it's the writers who are funny that way."

Thuunk nods to Missoni.

Murmurr raises his hand.

Missoni says, "Poor fellow."

Missoni nods to Murmurr.

Murmurr shows Missoni an oak-framed dark slate chalkboard.

Missoni says, "Mister Murmurr asks how Aeia views men, and whether there is a place for men in her circle, she herself being feminine and motherly."

Musiac smiles.

Speaking amusedly to Murmurr, Missoni says, "You might ask Mister  Kretan."

Murmurr put a thin piece of white chalk in his dark slate chalkboard.

Missoni casually glances at you.

You say, "It is true, many of her current clergy are indeed women."

Missoni says, "Aeia welcomes all, since she is the creator of all."

Murmurr turns an inquisitive ear towards you.

Missoni nods to you.

You say, "But, I've found a place amongst her followers quite easily."

You say, "In fact a ghostly gardener, who is….er was a male,  tends a shrine that bears her likeness near the Rest." 

Missoni says, "That fellow has always fascinated me."

You say, "She was a major goddess during the Kannalan Empire, but faded into obscurity after its decline and eventual collapse.  But, during that time she had many clergy and followers of both sexes."

You nod to Missoni.

Speaking calmly to you, Jaysehn asks, "Is he bound in undeath, this follower?"

You say, "I am unsure.  It is simply my speculation."

You say, "The apparition, however, seems quite content in his tasks."

Speaking to Jaysehn, Missoni says, "He does not speak, but I do not think he is bound against his will."

Murmurr clasps his hands in a reverent gesture.

Jaysehn nods to Missoni.

You say, "He does keep the shrine in immaculate condition despite its less than hospitable surroundings."

Musiac softly asks, "Is he the guy in the tapestry in the pirate area in the infirmary?"

Musiac softly says, "That tapestry in the infirmary is beautiful."

You say, "Her shrine is very close to the ruins of the Old Citadel.  It is actually connected to the Infirmary that Musiac mentioned"

Missoni nods to you.

Musiac softly says, "There is a beautiful tapestry there, and believe it is of her and a male worshiper."

You say, "There is a lovely tapestry that survived its fall located in what was the Infirmiry."

You say, "There are many who believe that the man depicted may be the ghostly gardener that tends her shrine.