Kannalan Empire

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The Kannalan Empire was the predecessor of the present Turamzzyrian Empire in the western half of the Elanith continent. While no specific time period is known of its establishment, the Empire did collapse about 3961 M.E. The capital city of the Kannalan Empire was Veng. The cause of the collapse came from pressure exerted by vast hordes of humanoids and barbarians and the failed cooperation of the multiple races that made up the empire to defend against them. The primary races of the empire were halflings, giantmen, and humans.

Cities of the Kannalan Empire

According to the Timeline of the Turamzzyrian Empire there were at least eight cities which made up the Kannalan Empire. Below are listed those known.

  1. Veng - The Capital of the Empire
  2. River's Rest - Located in present day County of Torre.
  3. Kedshold - Located near the present day city of Krestle in the Barony of Bourth
  4. Toullaire
  5. Gor'nustre
  6. Ziristal - Believed to have been located in the vicinity of the present day Barony of Vornavis.

Behind the Scenes

The Kannalan Empire was most likely a hanging hook from the Order of Voln backstory left over from the I.C.E. Age, where it would have been the Lankan Empire on the now archaic continent of Emer. The Lankan Empire was a theocracy of the dark god we now call Luukos. The Order would have been founded near the Changramai Monastery, but it seems the implications were not fleshed out before the lore changed.