Agarnil Kris

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Agarnil Kris is the NPC healer in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. He runs The Healer's Tent located near the Bazaar on the west side of town.

People looking to forage for an Adventurer's Guild task must see Kris to be assigned their task.


Agarnil Kris is an elderly dwarf, the lines of time showing on his scarred and wrinkled face. His age is undeterminable due to the wrinkles and the many scars covering his face. In fact, the only sections of his face that you cannot see scars are the small section covered by his receding hair and his chin which is covered by his long, time whitened beard.
He is wearing a blood-smeared leather tunic, a pair of well-patched breeches, and a pair of worn boots.


Agarnil Kris mumbles absently to himself, "I remember back when I was a lad, this was such a nice town, everyone knew everyone else, but now, all these new faces..."

Agarnil Kris mumbles to himself, "I remember the time I got swallowed by one of them snakes up in Greymist. Darnest thing, took me a goodly while ta claw my way outta that blasted things belly!"

Agarnil Kris pours together a few strange looking bottles. After mixing them together thoroughly, he sniffs at the bottle tentatively. Wrinkling his nose, he takes a quick pull on the flask, releasing a satisfied belch. Agarnil Kris says, "Now that's some good stuff!"

Agarnil Kris starts mixing different herbs and liquids into his latest brew.


>ask kris about ale
Agarnil Kris says, "No one likes bad medicine. So long ago, my great grandfather came up for a method of brewing the finest healing herbs into our now famous healing ales! What better way to get even the stubbornest dwarf to take his medicine!"

>ask kris about barrel
Agarnil Kris says, "Barrels are my special large sized drinking containers. Big enough for plenty of ale, small enough to carry."

>ask kris about flagon
Agarnil Kris says, "Flagons are fairly common drinking containers."

>ask kris about porter
Agarnil Kris says, "Thicker than beer but not quite a wine. A style of drink for special occasions usually."