Healer's Tent

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Healer's Tent is the herb shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located at Emerald Street, River's Edge, to the west of both bridges but the east of the bazaar. All of the herbs are in ale form. Silly Dwarves!

[The Healer's Tent]
Rough leather cots line the circular wall, separated by small tripods spaced evenly between each pair. A brusque dwarf eyes you with a steady glare, his lip curled into a snarl of deepening impatience. You also see a glaes firepot, an instruments table with some stuff on it, the scarred Agarnil Kris and a framed wooden sign.


All of the items come in two sizes: flagons and barrels.

The flagons have three sips.
The barrels have ten sips.

The scarred Agarnil Kris offers his catalog to browse.

Agarnil Kris exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

Healing Ale Price Heals
1. a flagon of Olak's Ol'style ale 400 Blood Loss
2. a barrel of Olak's Ol'style ale 1200 Blood Loss
3. a flagon of Lost Dogwater ale 425 Limb Minors
4. a barrel of Lost Dogwater ale 1275 Limb Minors
5. a flagon of Orc's Head ale 435 Muscle Twitching
6. a barrel of Orc's Head ale 1305 Muscle Twitching
7. a flagon of Semak's Smooth ale 500 Head and Neck minors
8. a barrel of Semak's Smooth ale 1500 Head and Neck minors
9. a flagon of Mama Dwarf's ale 620 Eye and Body minors
10. a barrel of Mama Dwarf's ale 1860 Eye and Body minors
11. a flagon of Bloody Krolvin ale 1100 Blood Loss
12. a barrel of Bloody Krolvin ale 3300 Blood Loss
13. a flagon of Golden Goose ale 800 Bleeding or Severed Limbs
14. a barrel of Golden Goose ale 2400 Bleeding or Severed Limbs
15. a flagon of Kenar's Dropjaw ale 853 Convulsions
16. a barrel of Kenar's Dropjaw ale 2559 Convulsions
17. a flagon of Dark Swampwater ale 904 Bleeding Head and Neck wounds
18. a barrel of Dark Swampwater ale 2712 Bleeding Head and Neck wounds
19. a flagon of Aged Schooner ale 950 Organ bleeders; Swollen/Blinded Eyes
20. a barrel of Aged Schooner ale 2850 Organ bleeders; Swollen/Blinded Eyes
21. a flagon of Bearded Ladies' ale 980 Limb battle scars
22. a barrel of Bearded Ladies' ale 2940 Limb battle scars
23. a flagon of Miner's Muddy ale 1042 Slurred Speech
24. a barrel of Miner's Muddy ale 3126 Slurred Speech
25. a flagon of Agrak's Amber ale 1780 scar across the neck or face
26. a barrel of Agrak's Amber ale 5340 scar across the neck or face
27. a flagon of Gert's Homemade ale 1200 Organ battle scars; black and blue eyes
28. a barrel of Gert's Homemade ale 3600 Organ battle scars; black and blue eyes
29. a flagon of Mad Mutt Frothy ale 1600 Mangled limbs
30. a barrel of Mad Mutt Frothy ale 4800 Mangled limbs
31. a flagon of Dacra's Dream ale 1625 Major nervous system scars
32. a barrel of Dacra's Dream ale 4875 Major nervous system scars
33. a flagon of Reaper's Red ale 1675 Major head and neck scars
34. a barrel of Reaper's Red ale 5025 Major head and neck scars
35. a flagon of Wort's Winter ale 1800 Major body and eye scars
36. a barrel of Wort's Winter ale 5400 Major body and eye scars
37. a flagon of Volcano Vision ale 2100 Missing eyes (scars)
38. a barrel of Volcano Vision ale 6300 Missing eyes (scars)
39. a flagon of Captn' Pegleg's ale 2400 Missing limbs
40. a barrel of Captn' Pegleg's ale 7200 Missing limbs
41. a flagon of Dead Man's Pale ale 3000 White Flask
42.a barrel of Dead Man's Pale ale 9000 White Flask
43. a flagon of Dragon's Blood porter 50000 Raise Dead