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An agate is a stone formed of silica, usually the result of volcanic activity.[1] Agates are aligned with spiritual magics of all kinds.

Agates are regarded very highly by erithians and used as a part of prayers, as symbols for the soul, and they see use in weddings, as both the bride and groom will drink from a bowl carved of agate. Dwarves merely regard agate as an interesting form of chalcedony.

List of Agates

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Rarity: Common
Average value: 10

a banded agate

Description:   Narrow bands of color streak across and through the surface of the small stone. While some of the stripes have a milky translucency, others are almost completely opaque.

Average value: 75
Location: Hinterwilds

a blue lace agate

Description:   Bands of delicate violets, periwinkle, and blue sweep across the icy whiteness of the agate like twilight shadows on wind-driven dunes of snow.

Rarity: Very Rare
Average value: 4000
Location: Teras Isle

a chameleon agate

Description:   Bands of translucent color with clearly defined borders extend lengthwise through a chameleon agate. Reds give way to yellows, and yellows give way to greens. Like the chameleon lizard, a chameleon agate seems to change its appearance to match the situation. In extremely bright light, the colors vibrantly display themselves, while in subdued light the colors become dark and rather indistinct.

Average value:

a cloud agate

Description:   The thick crystals of the cloud agate are closer to opaque than they are to the transparency of the agate's cousins. Layers of pale blues, greys and white lie beneath the waxy luster. The soft tones fade into one another like ethereal clouds in the twilight sky.

Rarity: Common
Average value: 120-180
Location: Any

a fire agate

Description:   The opaque, reddish-brown surface is not particularly promising at a glance, but hints of red, green, and yellow fire shimmer across it whenever light touches it at the correct angle. Despite a few scratches, it is primarily smooth, as a rock might become after hundreds of years tumbling through a riverbed.

Rarity: Infrequent
Average value: ~15
Location: Icemule Trace
Elven Nations

a frost agate

Description:   Delicate white patterns mottle the surface of the semitranslucent grey stone in a pattern akin to frost creeping over a glass windowpane. The lopsided pebble is not particularly attractive, but a jeweler's eye would readily see the beauty waiting behind the stone's damaged exterior.

Average value:

a moss agate

Description:   Dark green and pale brown tendrils inside the clear stone resemble stringy bits of moss imprisoned within a pebble made of ice. Light shimmers gently off the polished slopes of the gem's sides.

A moss agate is of particular value to a follower of Gosaena, as the death of the moss and transition into a stone is a symbol of the cycle of life. A moss agate is often worn when wearing the traditional symbol of Gosaena is considered inappropriate, such as a ceremony following birth or during a wedding.

Rarity: Common
Average value: 40
Location: Any

a mottled agate

Description:   This little rounded nodule of agate displays a delicately mottled surface of leafy green, honey brown, and creamy white. The translucent quality of the quartz gives it a mesmerizing depth.

Average value:
Location: EN

a tigereye agate

Description:   Several scratches and many small stress lines mar the gleaming stone, but the fiery golden bands traversing its surface retain their beauty. The color strongly resembles the hue of a watchful feline eye, and the striations bear a certain resemblance to the thick, silky coat of a great cat.