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Chalcedony is a semi-crystalline variation of quartz. There are many types of it which are known under other names, such as bloodstones or sards.

List of Chalcedonies

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Average value: > 100
Location: Sanctum of Scales

a chunk of sand-smoothed chalcedony

Description:   Blue as a mist-touched sky, the piece of chalcedony is worn smooth as glass. Tiny impurities beneath the surface of the stone look like white puffs of cloud.

Average value:
Location: Zul Logoth

a piece of grey chalcedony

Description:   Waxy in color, the chalcedony is arranged in blocky crystals with clinging remnants of rough rock. The glossy surfaces are nearly white, though several spots are cloudy with a myriad grey shades akin to young storm clouds in an overcast sky.

Average value: 100
Location: Elven Nations

a piece of white chalcedony

Description:   Tiny, brilliantly sparkling quartz crystals cover one face of the piece of white chalcedony, but the unadorned stone is exposed on the other. Thin bands of grey pass through the semi-translucent stone, but, aside from those slender adornments, the rock is the same pallid, milky color as the face of the full moon Liabo.