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I finally got the key to the new apartment. It's really amazing and fun. I'm going to unlock the door and leave it open until Sunday evening if anyone would like to come by and see it. To find it go to the library, the courtyard, down the path and through the door. There is a secret compartment in the Reading Room that leads to a dungeon of sorts. If you find out anything new about the dragon statue please let me know. I haven't gotten the official tour of the place yet so I'm still discovering. There are goodies on the table, please feel free to help yourselves.

By her royal decree, Linsandrych Illistim founded this shelter for three poor scholars, who not being in possession of residence, might receive shelter and succor while engaged in research. In testimony of her munificence, in honor of her memory and as an inducement to her example, the charitable trustees of the Aies Library of Ta'Illistim have caused this stone to be inscribed and this tradition to be renewed.

It consists of an Archival Salon, Bedchamber, Reading Room, and Dungeon that I can't find.


a liquid caramel-filled dark chocolate cake
The sinfully sweet taste of caramel suffuses the cake, and as you take a bite, a gush of the gooey substance floods your mouth.
Sticky and sweet, the flavor of caramel flows over your tongue in a warm flood.
a cupped glaes demi-bowl of dark red wine
The delicate wine possesses an elegant maturity of taste.
It is light and delicate upon the tongue, with not even a hint of grape flavor.
a squared bit of salted ham
Cured with currants, cloves, and rock salt, the ham is slightly spicy with a strong, salty flavor that nearly masks the gamy taste.
Dried cherries baked into the salted meat give the spicy ham a pleasantly sweet surprise.
a stuffed shrimp and chevre crepe
Gamey goat cheese mingles with the delicate flavors of the salt water shrimp beneath the light garlic-dough casing of the crepe. Wrapping the dense morsel is a thick creamy sauce that carries gentle overtones of shallots and sea salt.
Rich and thick, the creamy sauce that envelops the plump crepe is laced with garlic, shallots, and sweet basil.
a tiny pewter cup of tea
The aroma is reminiscent of the forest, and the taste, though bitter, is stimulating.
This bitter green tea has exceptional character and an exquisite forest bouquet.