Ailanthus Manor

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Ailanthus Manor is the permanent structure for The Looking Glass, a Meeting Hall Organization based in Ta'Illistim. It is located in the Whistler's Pass, Meadow on the outskirts of the city. [lich #52]

Whistler's Pass, Meadow

The heavy mist seems to rise off the the land, ascending upwards to rejoin the darkened clouds above. Surrounded by mountains, the tall blades of grass of the meadow seem dwarfed in comparison. You also see an arched wrought iron gate.

Ailanthus Manor, Courtyard

A sweeping curve of tall linden trees enclose the expansive estate of a pale sandstone manor house and provide shade over its immaculate lawns and gardens. Bordered on one side by evergreen boxwoods and several grey granite benches, a wide gravel pathway wends its way around alabaster statuary and a shallow reflecting pool, leading all the way to the semi-circular portico of the residence.

House ~ A model of exemplary elven architecture, the grand, two-story house is constructed from pale cream stone and perfectly framed by the backdrop of verdant linden trees.  Symmetrically shaped, it is balanced by a wide set of steps leading up to a semi-circular portico and flanked by corner wings set with tall mullioned windows.  The portico is supported by six fluted columns, with a balustrade parapet above, and furnished with ornamental plants in heavy granite containers.

Portico ~ A semi-circle of fluted sandstone columns rise from the smooth stone floor of the terrace to support a fire-gilded ceiling.  Matching pilasters frame a pair of imposing linden doors granting access to the house proper, with two mica-speckled granite planters on either side containing ornamental ailanthus trees.

Boxwoods ~ Although planted close enough to seemingly form a tall, neatly trimmed hedge, the rich green shrubs part near the house to reveal a series of granite stepping stones that disappear around the corner of the east wing.

Benches ~ Carved from single pieces of mica-speckled granite, the solid seats sit atop hourglass-shaped legs and curve slightly to mirror the course of the gravel pathway beneath.

Statuary (KISS) ~ Carved from creamy white alabaster, each life-sized statue has been judiciously positioned to add elegant counterpoints around the garden.  All the subjects have been captured in fine detail and range from the classical representation of an Arkati to more modern day noteworthy personae.  One statue in particular seems to have drawn the attention of recent visitors and still bears traces of lipstick marks on its smooth stone cheek.

Pool ~ Blooming water lilies with peach and pink-tinged petals float serenely at the edges of the shallow turquoise pool.  Large koi dart beneath the smooth green leaves, their sleek carnelian orange bodies flashing brightly as they search for shade.  Bordered by this colorful aquatic spectacle, the clean architectural lines of the pale manor house are reflected in the mirror-like surface of the water.

Water lilies (GET) ~ After finding just the right lily, you bring it to your nose and deeply inhale its fragrance.

Ailanthus Manor, Quiet Garden

The curved pathway of granite stepping stones wends its way through a natural archway of green bamboo towards an open space of powdery grey gravel. Bordered by verdant mossy beds of ornamental japonica blossoms and weeping acers, the tranquil garden features a composed arrangement of glittering mica rocks around a cascading water fountain, close to which sits a large rattan floor mat. The faint scent of jasmine and the gentle, smooth tone of bamboo wind chimes fills the air. You also see a long-handled rake.

Blossoms ~ The lofty ornamental trees provide a verdurous backdrop to the more sedate arena and boast an even spread of pinnate leaves with an abundance of flowers in pendulous creamy-white racemes.

Acers ~ The gracefully weeping branches drape to the ground, brushing the verdant moss carpet with their lacy lime green leaves.

Fountain (TOUCH) ~ Stacked on a plinth of staggered linden ledges are three black-speckled stone bowls, each slightly larger than the one above.  The configuration of the deep bowls allows for a gentle cascade of cool, crystal-clear water from one to the other, filling each to the brim in a steady and continuous flow.

Mat ~ Handwoven using a mixture of rattan, bamboo, and tree bark, this mat appears to be hard-wearing and large enough to comfortably accommodate quite a few people.  Set to the side on a low stone table are a floral-painted black teapot, a koi-painted white teapot, a crane-painted green teapot, and a stack of porcelain tea bowls.


Ailanthus Manor, Mirrored Hall

Ornate gilt-framed mirrors line the ivory walls, reflecting back the neat arrangement of velvet-covered chairs and glass-topped tables around the room. A mosaic of gold and silver moonstone tiles subtly outline a walkway in the center of the roseate marble floor, leading to the foot of a sweeping staircase. Crystal candelabra cast a soft glow and each, by means of clever positioning, illuminates a discrete seating section. You also see a five-tiered champagne fountain and a pair of linden doors.

Mirrors ~ PEER

Chairs ~ You see some velvet-covered chairs.  Looking at the chairs, you see a grey velvet chair, a blush velvet chair, a gilded velvet chair, a silvered velvet chair and an ivory velvet chair.

Staircase ~ Seemingly growing from the sides of each of the steps, hand-forged silver balustrades rise like sapling trees from their pale pink marble bed.  Leaf-laden branches twist and turn upwards to merge with the curved linden handrails that frame the wide sweeping staircase and guide the footfall of those ascending it.

Fountain ~ Stacked with precision on a white linen-covered table are five tiers of opaline saucers, each positioned so that they form a perfect glass pyramid.  A steady cascade of pale, glimmering champagne fills each glass, the effervescent liquid glinting in the ambient light.

Champagne (GET) ~ You carefully reach for an opaline champagne saucer at the top of the fountain, watching as it fills with some pale glimmering champagne before removing your hand.  A well-dressed attendant replaces the saucer with another.

Doors ~ You see a pair of linden doors.  Looking at the doors, you see a linden silver-limned door and a linden gold-limned door.

Ailanthus Manor, Classroom

Tall mullioned windows offer the perfect view of the courtyard and well-tended lawns surrounding the west wing of the house. Swathes of mulberry velvet frame each window, the drapes pulled back and held in place by ropes of pearls. Neatly arranged rows of silk-cushioned chairs face an arboreal linden wood lectern, with a large blackboard on the wall behind and a pair of dress forms in the nearby corner. You also see a linden silver-limned door and a silver-framed archway.

Windows ~ PEER

Chairs ~ You see rows of silk-cushioned chairs.  Simple in design, the upholstered cushion of each chair is covered in silk dyed in muted, complementary colors.  The slender high back features an intricate carving of a linden tree with curling, silver-gilt leaves.  Looking at the chairs, you see a silken charcoal-on-jet chair, a silken grey-on-ivory chair, a silken beige chair, a silken pearlescent chair and a silken smoky mauve chair.

Lectern ~ Carved to resemble the slim trunk of the tree from which the wood is sourced, the lectern stands almost four feet high and rests on a base of sturdy roots.  The curvature of the trunk smoothly transitions to a set of flat, outstretched branches on which it is possible to rest a number of documents or books


Dress forms ~ Covered in durable canvas and propped on wrought iron legs, the two dress-forms stand ready to display all manner of garments and accessories.  One stands slightly taller than the other with a bulkier frame, a measuring tape hanging around its neck.  The second has an hourglass silhouette with a number of silver pins protruding from the shoulder.

Ailanthus Manor, Studio

Dove grey-colored walls provide a neutral backdrop for racks of clothes, all neatly organized by color and style. Several linden workstations are spaced out on the floor, the silver veining in the cream marble tiles accentuating the cool tones of the other fixtures and fittings. Hung on either side of the archway are a series of concept boards, each filled with a composition of ink sketches and fabric samples. A pair of glass doors offer an inviting glimpse of a moonlit orangery beyond. You also see a cylindrical silver filigree receptacle.

Racks ~ Sumptuous velvet gowns and sheer chiffon blouses are juxtaposed with suede coats, brocade waistcoats, and well-tailored pants.  Encompassing all the colors of the rainbow, from scarlet red to deep violet, the array of garments provide a brightly colored addition to the room.  The display of upcoming fashions is completed by a complementary arrangement of footwear below; the chopines, shoes, and boots instantly on hand for any ensemble.

Workstation ~ Strewn with sheets of parchment and sketchbooks laid open for viewing, the workstation bears testament to the effort that went into the garments on display in the room.  Partially completed designs have been touched with washes of watercolor and off-cuts of fabric lie across the book pages.  A shoe form serves as a paperweight on the workstation near the glass doors, preventing the sketches being blown away by an errant breeze.

Ailanthus Manor, Orangery

The glass doors open out into an expansive, green oak timber-framed space that runs the full length of the house. Panes of glass make up the walls and vaulted ceiling, granting views of the low-walled rosarium beyond and allowing moonlight to flood the room. Cup-shaped blooms encircling the area match the yellow and cream rose-printed cushions atop the wrought metal chairs, the seating paired around small mirror-topped tables and strategically placed potted mulberry trees. You also see a silver and glass tea trolley with some stuff on it.

Chairs ~ You see some wrought metal chairs.  Looking at the chairs, you see a wrought bronze chair, a wrought faenor chair, a wrought silver chair, a wrought iron chair and a wrought copper chair.

Trolley ~ A gleaming silver frame supports a trio of glass shelves, each held securely in place by an open vine of delicately cast rose blooms.  A neatly folded stack of white linen napkins and porcelain tableware are positioned within easy reach on the top shelf, along with a range of silver utensils.

On the glass tea trolley you see a cup of frothy white coffee, a bottle of mulberry cordial, a jug of iced lemon water, some fresh cucumber sandwiches, some tiny rose and violet cakes and some linden blossom tea.

Ailanthus Manor, Boardroom

Hints of lemon and beeswax linger in the air as testimony to the upkeep of the quality furnishings. The richly polished surface of an imposing cherrywood table gleams in the sunlight streaming through the windows. Arranged with regimental precision around the table are high-backed chairs, each upholstered in pale damask, which matches the lining of the wine-dark velvet drapes. Hung around the room are gilt-framed oil paintings and a full-length mirror is placed at the head of the table.

Table ~ The gleaming surface of the table is bare apart from a large spherical glass bowl in the middle that serves as both an ornamental centerpiece and a suitable home for aquatic life.

Bowl ~ The glass bowl is a perfectly formed glass sphere that provides a suitable home for any aquatic life that wants to take up residence within.  Blue-green pebbles are scattered across the bottom of the bowl, providing a suitable crawl space for a singular snail that treks from one end of the tank to the other.  The very top half of the glass bowl slides off of the sphere to allow food to be placed within.  Swimming inside the glass bowl is a brilliant tiny silver glimaerfish.

Glimaerfish ~ The glimaerfish appears to be quite tiny, likely only a baby in terms of size.  The scales of the glimaerfish resemble sheets of glass whose surfaces are swirled with a faint, subtle sheen of metallic blues, golds, crimsons and pale greens -- their hue barely visible to the eye.  Two thin whiskers branch off from the sides of its mouth, their long, tapering length surpassing the fish's own tail.  A large sail-like dorsal fin stretches along its back in a razor-like fashion.

Chairs ~ You see some high-backed chairs.  Looking at the chairs, you see a high-backed peach damask chair, a high-backed lilac damask chair and a high-backed ivory damask chair.

Paintings ~ Similarly sized, each oil painting captures an image of cultural fashion through the ages.  Svelte elves in pale marbled silks sit beneath a willow tree, whilst a pair of human men stand proudly together, their swan-plumed helms nestled in the crooks of their arms.  The far picture depicts a group of silver-winged aelotoi wearing saephuas in a rainbow of colors and smiling widely at each other.  A small plaque has been affixed to the bottom of each frame and bears the same inscription.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."

Mirror ~ PEER

Ailanthus Manor, Landing

A thick mulberry carpet runner traverses the full length of the landing, connecting the west wing to the east. The roseate tones in the marble-tiled steps of the staircase extend to the surrounding walls and blush velvet curtains framing the tall windows at each end. Facing a solid linden door, a trio of oil-on-canvas portraits hangs above a cherrywood sideboard on which sits a slender glass vase filled with cream roses in full bloom.

Staircase (GO) ~ Seemingly growing from the sides of each of the steps, hand-forged silver balustrades rise like sapling trees from their pale pink marble bed.  Leaf-laden branches twist and turn upwards to merge with the curved linden handrails that frame the wide sweeping staircase and guide the footfall of those descending it.

Handrails ~ GO

Portraits ~ A trio of canvases feature young elven ladies in formal pose.  Captured in silvery pink and grey pigments, the central composition is of a pale elf with a book in her outstretched hand.  Her gaze is soft as she appears to look down and out.  Offsetting this image is an elegant woman on one side, defined in caramel and cream brushstrokes, and a second, in bold green and black, on the other.  Both appear to be smiling at each other with champagne in hand.  A small plaque is affixed below the middle canvas.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Best Friends and Benefactors -- Elarinya ~ Rohese ~ Corlyne"

Vase ~ In the glass vase you see a long-stemmed pale cream rose. (GET)

Ailanthus Manor, Dressing Room

Peach damask drapes with gold chiffon linings frame the tall mullion windows and glass doors leading out onto the balcony at the front of the house. Plump-cushioned armchairs are scattered around the cream-carpeted floor, spaced out by an array of wire dress-forms clad in elegant evening attire. One corner of the room is taken up by a vanity table, the polished glass surface illuminated by candles in the silver sconces on either side of a large gilt-framed mirror. You also see a tall blonde linden armoire.

Table ~ Perched on curved linden legs with graceful gilt-inlaid scrollwork, the glass table top is strewn with all manner of vanity and cosmetic items.  Ivory-handled combs mingle with ebonwood powder brushes, ornamental perfume bottles, and rose gold compact cases.   Fluffy balls of cotton wool have spilled over from the confines of their tissue-lined box, several having ended up on the floor below.  At one end is a porcelain bowl and a pile of white cotton towels.

Bowl (TICKLE CLEAN) ~ In the porcelain bowl you see a handful of cream rose petals.

Armoire ~ Almost touching the ceiling, the tall armoire provides ample storage space for all manner of clothing items, with rails and shelving at varying heights.  The doors have been painstakingly inlaid with slivers of silver birch, saffron oak, and red mahogany marquetry to form the image of lepidoptera in flight against the pale linden background.  Traces of gold and silver leaf touch their wings so that they appear to be fluttering when the doors are opened and closed.

Ailanthus Manor, Balcony

Set over the portico of the house and surrounded by a sandstone parapet, the balcony affords a perfect view of the courtyard below. Ornamental ailanthus trees in heavy mica-specked granite planters provide a little shelter and privacy but otherwise, the space is bathed in warm sunlight. Linden-backed chairs circle a wrought iron table to one side of the glass doors, whilst a kelyn-banded silver telescope stands on the other, ready to view the night sky.

Chairs ~ You see some linden-backed chairs.  Simple in construction, both the seat and back of each sturdy chair is made from narrow linden slats.  For additional comfort, the seats boast a plump square cushion covered in ecru oiled canvas to resist wear and tear from the elements.  Looking at the chairs, you see a linden-backed silver chair, a linden-backed granite chair, a linden-backed ivory chair and a linden-backed kelyn chair.

On the iron table you see a dark green champagne bottle, some linden blossom tea and a cup of frothy white coffee.

Telescope ~ PEER