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The Looking Glass is a Meeting Hall Organization based in Ta'Illistim. It was founded in 2015 as an affiliate MHO to Elanthian Elegance and functions mainly as a Fashion House.

Officers/Board Members

Lorestel Bayvel Founder & Chair
Dreaer Idrilain Vice Chair
Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l Executive Board Member and Trustee (Non-Officer)
Corlyne Lancre Non-Executive Board Member (Non-Officer)
Elarinya Falin Non-Executive Board Member (Non-Officer)

Events and Publications

As an affiliate to Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass plays a key part in the planning and organisation of Elanthian Fashion Week. An integral part of the event preparation and promotion is the Elanthian Vogue, a seasonal publication that aims to provide an opportunity to share fashion trends and helpful tips with a wider audience through short articles and promotions.

Feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions are welcome! Simply complete a FEEDBACK FORM.

Contributors will receive full credit and rewarded with a "goodie bag" for any articles published.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the differing aspects of cultural fashion to the Elven Nations in interesting and informational ways through events, classes and gatherings. The Looking Glass’s focus will be on exploring and celebrating the variances of fashion in each culture, and race. This will include things such as ceremonial traditions, etiquette, and socializing.

Statement of Purpose

The Looking Glass undertakes to bring like-minded people together who share a love of style and fashion to promote their interest through educational discussions, social gatherings and other cultural events.Membership is restricted to the voting decision of the founder and members of the Executive Board, and is only given to those that wish to participate and host social events. This is not an open membership MHO for this reason.


There will be a one-off investment of 25,000 silvers. Additional funding for Looking Glass events, gatherings and classes is to be provided by donations made by either the public or the members of the MHO and/or monies profited from ticket fees or commissions.

Members must make every effort to attend at least 1 Board meeting a year so that they are up to date and can offer their input with any changes, ideas or activities upcoming to the MHO. If it becomes an issue with a member not participating either in meetings or events, or both, on this basis, the rest of the members and founding member will vote democratically on whether or not to continue membership status.


Ailanthus Manor is located on Whistler's Pass in Ta'Illistim (lich ID #52)


a creamy vaalin silkworm moth ring ~ Mounted on a slender band of creamy white vaalin is a segmented thorax of three tiny golden glimaerstones from which extends a pair of lobed wings, the smooth metal beaten so thinly that they appear to flutter with the slightest movement. Engraved around the band in an elegant script are the words, "The Looking Glass". (Available to Board Members only)