Star-seeking toadstool

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The star-seeking toadstool is a mushroom native to Atan Irith.

The star-seeking toadstool is a bioluminescent fungi that grows only within the protected valley of the Inyexat. Like ghostlight mushrooms, it is used in several of their rituals. No bigger than a forest gnome's pinky, the star-seeking toadstools come in a variety of luminous hues, with the rarest being a glowing blue the color of twilight. Under the right alchemical processes, a special dye can be made in this color, known as akutet.


In Inyexi, akutet is used to describe a specific sort of twilight blue with a luminous glow, and it is also used to describe the glowing dye made from the akutet star-seeking toadstool.


Both akutet dye and akutet colored star-seeking toadstools are considered rarer materials. Because of this, they require fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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