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Atan Irith is the name of the continent and home of the erithi. It is considered one of the surrounding lands of the greater continent Jontara. Atan Irith is located across a narrow sea from the northeast corner of Elanith off of the elven lands. It has mainly a sub-arctic climate, with mountains, as well as temperate forests and green valleys.

In Erithi, Atan Irith translates to "new or undiscovered land."

In Official Documentation

"The erithi arrived near the western edge of the continent, which lies across a narrow sea from the northeastern regions of elven lands, in a previously uninhabited region, which they named Atan Irith, a name that means "new or undiscovered land." To the south of Atan Irith the town, Yachan-Ra was established in the temperate woodlands and valleys of the region. The subarctic terrain of Atan Irith is rocky and mountainous, with towering peaks, deep fords and massive glaciers, and coastal regions and alpine valleys, which are green and fertile in summer, but cold most of the year."

"In the present era, we turn to a place beyond the elven Seas, beyond where the vessels of the Ashrim sailed, to the forgotten continent of Atan Irith. In the city of Nathal-Ra, an erithi was born and grew of age within the Nathala Dai. He was raised to master the martial arts, if only to abhor their application, and to see the world as one of balance. At an age when erithi young men are filled with the wanderlust, he left the familiar shores of his homeland and rode the ocean winds into the west."


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