Aldoran Foretelling Stones

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Aldoran Foretelling Stones is the name for a small, lightly-scripted bag that is used for divination as well as holding gems. The bag was sold recently at Ebon Gate 2017, but was actually introduced much earlier.


You analyze your two-toned poke and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This two-toned poke can hold gemstones only.  There is a separate section at the bottom of the poke that is filled with stones that can be rummaged through to be used for divination.

This item can be altered with a long or a show, but must remain a bag, purse, poke, or pouch and must be made from a fabric that would be found in the Human Empire.  Examples are: silk, cotton, linen, suede, and brocades.  Leather, chainsil, marbrinus, bourde, byssus, or cordetum are not allowed.

The two-toned poke may not be lightened or deepened.


Verb First Third
RUMMAGE You slip your hand into your two-toned poke and let your fingers trickle through the many stones there. After several moments you feel one slip into your palm and it somehow feels perfectly right. You draw your hand forth and reveal a smooth black jasper. You rub your thumb against it for a moment and then deposit it back into the poke. XXX slips her hand into her two-toned poke briefly before pulling out a smooth black jasper. She rubs her thumb against it for a moment and then deposits it back into the poke.
TAP You lightly drum your fingers on your two-toned poke and the stones within clink together. XXX lightly drums her finger on her two-toned poke and the stones within clink together.

Additional Information

The analyze implies this is a human item. Information about human divination in general, and the minor divination ability of Aldoran stone-tenders in particular, can be found at Divination: A Comprehensive Guide.

Look In

The pouch does not have a hard-coded show, but it does have a hard-coded portion for LOOK IN. It appends to the pouch after the gem listing:

Tucked away, in a separate compartment of their own at the bottom of the poke, is a collection of smooth stones.


The pouch seemingly generates gems that are available throughout Elanthia, not just gems one would find in the human empire.

A rhyme regarding the explanation of many of the gems can be seen at the aforementioned comprehensive divination guide.

Aldoran Foretelling Stones Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Belt-worn
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Restrictions Human materials only. See analyze.
Item Verbs