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Turbulent waters have surged upon the shores of Elanthia, bringing with them fragments from a faraway place. The seed has been planted. Beware that which you cannot see...

He is coming.

A wicked sentience disturbs the high seas -- an evil lurks in its darkest depths. An ancient terror has been exhumed from its resting place beneath the Abandoned Waters, and has made its way to the shores of Elanthia.

Are you prepared for Ebon Gate?


Ebon Gate 2017 opens October 1, 2017, with Caligos Isle as the new Ebon Gate Festival area. GM Haliste is in charge of the event.

The storyline aspect of the grounds, including the move from Feywrot Mire to Caligos Isle, will be covered October 1-6. Once you arrive on Caligos Isle, you will be able to explore at your leisure. Shops will be open for early browsing, but wares will not be on sale until roughly 9pm ET on October 6th when shopping, games, and other activities will open up.

Some live games will have limited capacity; you will need a Service & Raffles pass to enter the live games.

Instance Dates Event
Both Sunday, October 1st, 9:00pm - Friday, October 6th, 8:59pm Storyline
Both Friday, October 6th, 9:00pm - Tuesday, October 31st, 11:59pm Games and shopping
Platinum Saturday, October 7th, 2:00pm Salvaged from the Sea
Platinum Saturday, October 7th, 8:00pm Storytelling
Platinum Sunday, October 8th, 2:00pm Sing Me an Epitaph
Platinum Sunday, October 8th, 8:00pm Costume Contest
Platinum Monday, October 9th, 9:00pm Pick Your Poison
Platinum Wednesday, October 11th, 9:00pm Anemone Anagrams
Platinum Thursday, October 12th, 2:00pm Entrail Toss
Platinum Thursday, October 12th, 9:00pm Search and Rescue
Platinum Friday, October 13th, 9:00pm – Friday, October 20th, 8:59pm Merchant week
Prime Saturday, October 14th, 2:00pm Salvaged from the Sea
Prime Saturday, October 14th, 8:00pm Storytelling
Prime Sunday, October 15th, 2:00pm Sing Me an Epitaph
Prime Sunday, October 15th, 8:00pm Costume Contest
Prime Monday, October 16th, 9:00pm Pick Your Poison
Prime Wednesday, October 18th, 9:00pm Anemone Anagrams
Prime Thursday, October 19th, 2:00pm Entrail Toss
Prime Thursday, October 19th, 9:00pm Search and Rescue
Prime Friday, October 20, 9:00pm – Friday, October 27, 8:59pm Merchant week

GHOUL Schedule

      * All times in Eastern. *

  FRIDAY (10/27)      - Platinum: 9:30pm  ~*~  Prime: 5:00pm
    Game 1   (Fluff-scripted Cloak)
    Game 2   (Custom Swear)
    Game 3   (Dhu Kitten)

  SATURDAY (10/28)    - Platinum: 5:00pm  ~*~  Prime: 9:30pm
    Game 4   (Custom Spell Prep)
    Game 5   (Goat Pin)
    Game 6   (Feature-hiding Cloak)
    Game 7   (Custom Signature Verb)

  SUNDAY (10/29)      - Platinum: 3:30pm  ~*~  Prime: 7:30pm
    Game 8   (Custom Logon/Logoff)
    Game 9   (Custom Endless Keg)
    Game 10  (Prophecy Mask)

Runner-up Prizes (when applicable) per game: choice of 2 Pre-written Signature Verbs from a limited set list.  Prizes are only redeemable by the winning *character*, and custom prizes are not transferrable in any way.

Participation in GHOUL requires: (1) a Caligos Isle Service Pass; (2) an unused and valid GHOUL card for each "game".  Valid cards can only be purchased at the current festival and denote you as the purchaser; and (3) a dauber in order to mark your GHOUL card.

The GHOUL area is located through the rusted gate on the eastern side of the High Plateau.  Valid cards and new daubers can be purchased in the Garden Courtyard.  The game will be played in the Greenhouse.  There is a sign in the Greenhouse that covers all rules and gameplay.


A Shopping Pass is not needed to purchase items for sale for Ebon Gate seashells

Item Cost Length Applicability
Shopping Pass 1000 SimuCoins Event Duration Account
Raffles & Services Pass 3000 SimuCoins Event Duration Character
10 Characters for Platinum
Games and Digging Pass 1500 SimuCoins 7 days from redemption
14 days for Platinum
Deep Sea Diving 100 SimuCoins 10 or 5 searches/30 minutes Per entry
Fishing 25 Ebon Gate seashells  ?  ?
The merchant event is scheduled to be 7 days in each instance (Prime and Plat) as noted in the schedule, but the pass is set up for the duration of the event to cover any mishaps or re-scheduling.


Automated Games

For a list of non-jackpot prize items, please see here: Ebon Gate 2017 mini-games prize list.

Digging, Mini-Games, Deep Sea Diving

Every year at Ebon Gate gives you the chance to play and experience multiple games and other adventures. At this year's Ebon Gate we have digging on the beach, various games of luck, and Deep Sea Diving. From said adventures you have the chance to pull great prizes. These prizes range from junk to one of a kind unique items.

  • Deep Sea Diving, Games, & Digging - All pull from the same shared feeder. Deep Sea Diving is the main source for quest items, but a number of quest items have been placed in the regular games hoppers. Quest items will not be found in fishing.
  • All automated games (Mini-Games, Digging, Deep Sea Diving, and Fishing) share the unique/jackpot feeders.

Dig along the black sands of the beach, and unbury long lost treasures! NPCs available along the shore's edge will sell shovels in convenient 1-use and 20-use sizes, which cost 2,000 and 40,000 silvers, respectively.

A few Mini-Games can be found in the sea caverns, and will require that your pockets jingle with silvers in order to play. Mini-Games are not compatible with notes, so fill your pockets will silvers!

Both Digging and Mini-Games participation will require a Games Pass, available in the SimuCoin store. Passes are account-wide and are good for one week's play time.

See the Deep Sea Diving article for additional information specific to that activity.


It will cost 25 Ebon Gate seashells to enter the fishing area (a games pass is not required), and top tier unique/jackpot rewards pull from the same shared feeder as the activities above. Once inside, (make sure you take your fishing gear with you!), you will remain until you catch a fish. After a successful catch, you will be removed from the room. Caught fish will need to be CUT to receive your prize (and maybe a filet). Fishing will yield items that are not found in other games, but can produce both Unique and Jackpot items.

Fishing does not require any specific skill, though a bit of survival may help you cut out a filet. General knowledge of the fishing system will help, as fishing can be a bit time-consuming, especially when unfamiliar with this activity.

You will need a fishing pole, fishing line, and bait, all of which can be found in the Fishing Shack down on the pier in Caligos Isle, though you're not required to purchase items from this shop - ANY fishing pole/wire/bait will function the same.

Fishing is the exclusive place to obtain the required item for conversion to Ghezresh. Those who do not want to convert will have an alternate path if this item is found. This item is also tradeable.

Jackpot Teasers

Here's a small list of some things you might find as a jackpot win while playing mini-games, digging on the beach, diving in the Abandoned Waters, or fishing in the sea caverns.

  • Animated Cauldron
  • Assorted Language Earcuffs
  • Chronomage Dagger
  • Everlasting Quiver
  • Full Feature Hiding Pendant
  • Fire Flaring Troll Bane, DwarvenEdged Warblade
  • Mist Armor
  • Bubble Flaring Runestaff
  • Xday Haste Item
  • Assorted +TD Armors

...and a whole lot more.


Use QUEST TRANSPORT EBON to transfer to Caligos Isle from any town, or use the portals listed below.

Entry Locations

Town Room Lich ID
Icemule Trace South Barbican, Gate 2486
River's Rest River's Rest, Underbridge 10839
Solhaven Liabo Plaza
Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim, City Gate 751
Ta'Vaalor Entrance to Ravelin 10681
Teras Isle Copper Avenue, West Docks 1870
Wehnimer's Landing Town Square, Southeast 282
Zul Logoth Hall of Arches
Four Winds Isle Oleander and Daisy 3650
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See Deep Sea Diving

Announced Services

See Services


09/05/2017 Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing Information by Wyrom, PM

Here is the Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing information for 2017.

Ebon Gate will launch October 1st, beginning with just the storyline aspect of the grounds. The move from Feywrot Mire to Caligos Isle will be explained during this time. Once you arrive on Caligos Isle, you will be able to explore at your leisure. Shops will be open for early browsing, but wares will not be on sale until roughly 9pm ET on October 6th when shopping, games, and other activities will open up.

This year, we're trying something new, which we're pretty excited about. We are moving away from the box office, and that means the main grounds will be open to all players at all times. We are breaking up the cost into an à la carte style event, so you buy into the level you choose to. This was to address some of the concerns we've heard over the years and to help manage expectations of the event overall.

Ebon Gate pricing is going to be broken up into three parts: shopping, raffles & services, and games. I tried to convey this during our sneak peak at SimuCon, but we weren't 100% ready to announce all the details then. GM Haliste also has been working on this more thoroughly than I have and knew more about it. Some of the recent threads that came up about the cost were left a bit incomplete because we wanted to make sure we can deliver what we publish. It's better to announce accurate information, rather than reaction information (which is something we fall victim to a lot). This is part of us trying to communicate better with our community.

At SimuCon, I mentioned games would be similar to the Duskruin Dig in that you purchase the items from the SimuCon store. The original plan was for a shovel to be offered in the store with a time-based usage (and not a number of DIG uses). After the initial response though, we felt this was just going to be too confusing to explain if you had to buy the actual shovel from the store. The reason for moving to a time-based shovel is this is the first year we're going to be offering digging for nearly the entire month. Typically, digging and games are only available for a little over a week (two in Platinum).

The price breakdown is as follows:

  • Shopping Pass: 1000 SimuCoins / Event Duration
  • Raffles & Services Pass: 3000 SimuCoins / Merchant Week
  • Games and Digging Pass: 1500 SimuCoins / Week

This means you can buy into the level of Ebon Gate that you choose to. Some players have mentioned in the past that there are aspects of the event that they have no interest in or never can line up their schedule for. Now you can make that choice for yourself. You can pick up a service pass only if you know you're getting a service under this new model. You can pick up a game pass only when you actually want to dig. You can pick up a shopping pass only if you find items you actually want to buy.

We also have a new activity called Deep Sea Diving. This is a brand new venture that has a pricing model similar to Duskruin/Delirium (roughly 100 SimuCoins per entry), but is not necessary to attend to enjoy Ebon Gate. Much like Delirium Manor was at Ebon Gate 2016, this is a companion piece to Ebon Gate. The difference is this is fully integrated with Caligos Isle, and it isn't a standalone event. Deep Sea Diving has new mechanics and some fun nostalgic areas to explore!

Ebon Gate will mostly cost silver once inside, but we will be introducing a new currency for the Isle called seashells. These seashells will be useful for a handful of shops at Ebon Gate (similar to Delirium), as well as some services. We'll also have some things available for tickets, for those that saved some from a previous year.

Some changes this time that are happening are the cost of shovels and games. Prior to Ebon Gate 2012, digging was 2000 silver and the older games were between 1000 to 5000 silver. In 2017, digging will once again be 2000 silver per shovel, and the various games will start at 1000 silver.

Merchants are tentatively scheduled for the following weeks in eastern time: - Platinum: Friday, October 13, 9:00 PM – Friday, October 20, 8:59 PM - Prime: Friday, October 20, 9:00 PM – Friday, October 27, 8:59 PM

Lastly, I'll briefly mention we are discussing the exchange of alternative currencies. We are not ready to release any information about this, but when exchanges are possible, it will only be a one-way route into two of our currencies. You will not be able to exchange tickets into bloodscrip, but you would be able to convert bloodscrip into tickets. This isn't pertinent to Ebon Gate, but it does impact the event planning.

We will have more information for you in the coming weeks.

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