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Alisette KoraFest
Portrait by: Lady Divone Felcroth
Race Halfling
Culture Paradis
Hometown Wehnimers Landing
Profession Empath
Religion questionable
Disposition Happy
Demeanor Plucky
Flaw Youthful Enthusiasm
Greatest Strength Loyalty, Seeker of Truth
Greatest Weakness Reckless youth
Hobbies The study of flora. Scrying
Soft Spots animals
Likes Tarts!
Dislikes Liars
Fears Complacency
Loyalties Faendryl Elves,those who strive to make the world better.
Best Friend most decent folk
Loved One Balley, Zosopage, all family members
Children Never

Alisette KoraFest is a Paradis Halfling who is a citizen of and resides in Wehnimer's Landing. Alisette is an Empath by trade, a Mentalist by practice, and avidly pursues all knowledge in these areas.

Alisette loves many flowers but is especially fond of roses. She hopes to grow her own unique petite rose plants someday.


Alisette was born in Icemule to Elikash Berrytoe, the brother of the Icemule General Store owner and Miriami Twixboto, a local farmer's daughter. Alisette was raised in a traditional halfling home, learning to bake and preserve local herbs and fruits. During her earliest years, she learned the healing properties of the environmental flora around her home. Alisette was a precocious child, often in trouble for her attempts to blend flora into unique tastes and smells much to the chagrin of her parents. They had to punish her severely once for attempting to heal an ice troll with her concoctions. Alisette soon acquiesced to her parent's rules of only healing halflings, quelling her urge to experiment and help all creatures.

She was also required from an early age to worship and adore the goddess Oleani. Her devotion and faith to Oleani would waiver, wane, and depart some years later at the time of her parent's deaths.

At the age of 10, the town of Icemule fell under siege by Queen Daukhera Darkflorr. The Queen enslaved many of the local halflings that Alisette had known all her life. Soon, she summoned Alisette's parents. Fearing the worst, Alisette's parents packed a bag with food, clothing, and silver. They then sent Alisette to the Landing to seek care at the orphanage. Just two days later her parents were killed in a glacial collapse as they were digging under the ice with other enslaved members of Daukhera's excavation crew. Heartbroken, Alisette wandered the rooftops of the many buildings in the Landing. She found solace in the temple and museum, often sleeping there unnoticed. Helga snuck her bread and stew now and then, worried for the wee halfling on the streets. Helga's kindness ended when Alisette consumed a large amount of ale with local guards one evening and fell asleep in Helga's hidden boudoir above the tavern. Helga was furious at her secret being exposed and threatened to report Alisette for vagrancy, thus ending her free roam of the streets.

Alisette decided to earn silver by healing the adventurer's in the Landing and made her way to the center of town, where she could offer her skills. She was noticed by Iseo KoraFest who implored her daughter Balley to learn about the young halfling. Soon after, Balley and Alisette formed an inexplicable bond and Balley decided to adopt the young halfling to give her a sense of security and belonging. This gave Alisette a large family, as the KoraFest clan is a tight-knit group of adopted orphans from across the lands. Finding her niche, Alisette's perky demeanor and happy outlook returned.

Upon becoming a full citizen of Wehnimer's Landing, Alisette met Mayor Lylia Rashere, Ysharra Ngorn, Xanthium Dyvim and many other Faendryl during town meetings. Their kindness, and personal histories convinced Alisette that boundaries with regard to race are not necessary. Alisette heals all who are in need.

Current Activities

Alisette met Councilman Pylasar during her days of roaming the streets of the Landing and was struck by his kindness. In the recent trial of Pylasar she swallowed her fear and stepped forward to charge Adjudicator Vlashandra with conducting a fair and truthful trial. Alisette also challenged Vlashandra's change to her face which made her identical to Magister Raelee. Feeling a sense of ire from Magister Raelee, she quelled her inclination to remark further.

Alisette along with her mother Balley and sister Chandrellia donated spirit and blood for rituals performed by Vlashandra during recent attempts to open a portal to recover Aralyte, the Palestra Blade lost many years before. These offerings resulted in facial wrinkles, death, and much pain to her family. Vlashandra lied, and the opening of the portal cost many lives. Barnum the Lich King from many years ago came thru the portal. Alisette's facial wrinkles were recently healed by Malluch, the Blood Son in the Landing during one of his visits to prophecy the coming of the Blood God.

Alisette is currently on hiatus exploring the wondrous islands, jungle, and other areas of Mist Harbor. During her time on the isle, Alisette attempted to assist Darcena, Rohese, Naamit, Faerinn, Juspera, and others in healing Socius Leiffen's memories. The attempt was brought to a halt by the spirit appearance of Socius' father. Shortly afterward, Socius was put on trial for his crimes of murder and collection of body parts for Vlashandra. The trial was held on Mist Harbor by a magistrate from the Landing with Faerinn and Alosaka representing Defense and Prosecution. Alisette spoke in defense of Socius having seen his prior inner struggle and sensing his loss of self. Socius was subsequently found insane and exiled from the Landing in addition to being required to compensate countless Landing citizens for losses. Alisette vowed to refuse compensation for herself and her family as victims of Socius and continues to look in on him from time to time.


You see Lady Alisette KoraFest the Mentalist.

She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
She is tiny.  She appears to be very young.  She has long-lashed dark eyes and pale skin.  She has shoulder length, wavy blonde hair caught in a casual roll at the nape of her neck by some tiny emerald hairjewels.  She has a plump face, a button nose and dimpled cheeks.

She is wearing a small brass talisman, a ruby amulet, a silk-lapelled velvet frock coat fastened with silver and green pearl buttons, a verdant knee-length pinafore with tiny rosebud embroidery over a pale linen gown front-split with a row of gleaming emerald rose buttons, some tooled double leather, a coral and ivory wristlet, a braided silk ribbon wrist sheath, a glittering pink topaz ring, an ornate gold ring, a light green velvet satchel set with tiny uncut emerald studs, and a twining rose vine anklet.


Follower of Oleani: 5118-5119

Citizen of Wehnimer's Landing: 5119-present

Member of House Sovyn

Member of Ord an Dragan

Close ties with Faendryl Elves because of their kindness to her, historical past, magical expertise, and beliefs.