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This page lists Halfling player characters.

Halflings are among the smallest of the civilized races in Elanthia, tending to be short and rotund. They have large feet endowed with luxuriant hair and often travel barefoot. They have an insatiable capacity for enjoying the simple pleasures of life, such as good food (mostly tarts), drink and companionship. They also have an inquisitive manner that frequently lands them in awkward situations, though their clever minds usually hatch some sort of plan to get them out of trouble.

They are very agile and move about well. They have a cast-iron constitution, but lack physical strength making them better at spell casting than hand-to-hand combat. This is not to say that a halfling will make a poor warrior. One of the most famous halflings in Elanthian history is a warrior named Talbot Dabbings, who saved Wehnimer's Landing from the Krolvin by slaying their leader over 150 years ago.

Halflings are meticulous about grooming their foot hair, often making sure every strand is tidy and clean.


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