All the Lich King's Men - 2013-02-10 - Barnom Court (log)

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This log is from the All the Lich King's Men on February 4, 2013 from the viewpoint of Geijon. It started around 2pm CST. It was no more than 20-30 minutes. This seems to be in line with Kenstrom's lunch as he's mentioned. That's dedication :) I said I'd post this..for full disclosure I do occasionally move say and responses to more accurately fit the subject due to human delay in people typing and others asking questions, but it's always very minimal.

[Shade Square, East]
In the center of the dark and gloomy bazaar stands the towering black facade of a citadel, its shape looming large over the square. Wisps of pale, white smoke swirl about the citadel's highest spire as eerie moans emanate from beyond its curved doors. A group of ghastly figures kneel in a circle along the street, hauntingly chanting as they offer praise to the black fortress. You also see the Ravashaak disk, the Orva disk, a long sinew-covered bench, a long sinew-covered bench, a torn lavender pillow, a torn lavender pillow, a threadbare black pillow and a threadbare black pillow.
Also here: Ravashaak, Adagya who is sitting, Orva, Cruxophim, King Barnom who is sitting
Obvious exits: north, south, west

Barnom says, "My response is a refusal to entertain your whims."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "You look scared."

Speaking to Barnom, you ask, "What price for this Mark have you been extracting from your followers?"

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "An affected yawn usually means the opposite of what it outwardly implies."

Barnom says, "I am hardly scared."

You say, "Or is Ravashaak adequetly questioning your bonelessness."

Barnom exclaims, "Angered, yes!"

Barnom peers quizzically at you.

Barnom asks, "What price?"

Barnom says, "I ask service. Loyalty."

Barnom says, "An oath."

Barnom asks, "Did you go marching to the Illistim monarch?"

Barnom asks, "Demanding the price the Argent Mirror requests?"

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "Angry sure, but you are also scared o something so deeply you refuse to even utter its name."

Barnom waves a hand at you, dismissing you indifferently.

Barnom says, "I am a KING."

Barnom exclaims, "The price is loyalty!"

Speaking to Barnom, you ask, "What are you asking for in this, and what, pray tell, might you be trusting them with?"

Ravashaak says, "A king cowering in fear of a shadow."

Speaking softly to Barnom, Cruxophim asks, "Why?"

Orva says, "A small price."

Cruxophim furrows his brow, his face tensed in some inner conflict.

Barnom exclaims, "Cruxophim will learn the cost of high treason soon enough!"

Barnom asks, "Won't you little fly?"

Barnom peers quizzically at Cruxophim.

The voice of Robynn says, "The question really answered itself when common sense applied. Nothing more nor less then what and King or Queen would demand and or request."

Speaking quietly to Barnom, Cruxophim ventures, "I just wanted to know... why? Why not cease these hostilities while you still have the chance? It may be too late already, but this is only going to end with losses on -both- sides. Is that really what you want for your kingdom? A king who won't protect his subjects, but instead propels them further into war?"

Speaking to Barnom, you ask, "You didn't hold life dear, what is important to you now?"

Barnom says, "You delivered my message twice."

Barnom nods at Cruxophim.

Barnom says, "Once to my enemies."

Barnom says, "DO not accuse me of propelling this into war."

Barnom says, "The people of Wehnimer's attacked me."

Barnom says, "I've allowed it to carry on far too long."

Speaking wearily to Barnom, Cruxophim says, "I understand, I delivered your message... and yes, they did."

Speaking softly to Barnom, Cruxophim asks, "Can we not set up some form of agreed-upon end to hostility? Some mutual truce? Before it is too late?"

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "You have mentioned this Demon, if we would have his name, if you are strong enough to utter it, perhaps we can parlay a more equitable truce between your Under-Landing and our real one."

Barnom exclaims, "Again!"

Barnom asks, "Another one of you?"

Barnom points at you!

Barnom points at Ravashaak.

Barnom exclaims, "I will not utter its name thank you!"

Speaking quietly to Barnom, Cruxophim asks, "Sure, you can be the better -- if not, um, breathing -- man?"

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "You knew me when you were living. I have always offered fairness, even for th' cursed, or partially so."

You rub your black bracer.

Barnom says, "You go get me a letter sealed by the Grandmaster of Voln and Mayor Walkar, and I will consider your request, and also consider not using your sister's skull as my new bread bowl."

Barnom winks at Cruxophim.

Barnom says, "GOOD LUCK with that."

Barnom cackles!

You say, "We also do not attack or act without provocation."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak teases, "C'mon barnom. Be the bold king and dare utter the name of that which you claim to protect your subects from...ALthedeus. Just say it."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "Some king so scared of a silly little name."

Speaking quietly to Barnom, Cruxophim snaps, "My sister has no part in this."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Orva says, "You sound as if you are trying be on both sides."

Barnom says, "No, you're an idiot."

Barnom says, "Uttering it's name gives it power."

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "Your lichdom and this demon raise the notice of Phoenix. The Palestra may come from th' far East. Your position is becoming untenable."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "I don't fear its power."

Barnom says, "I am a bold king in knowing what NOT to say."

Speaking to Orva, Adagya says, "Truth in that statement."

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "Then learn to be subtle. I know it's not your strength. Living or dead."

Speaking softly to Orva, Cruxophim says, "I'd not see is ALL perish in flames -or- shadows."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "The cowering king."

Speaking plainly to Cruxophim, Adagya remarks, "It will be one or the other."

Speaking softly to Adagya, Cruxophim replies, "Sadly, you're probably right.. but that doesn't mean I won't fight for it."

Barnom says, "My kingdom existed. Your Rooks came, burrowing right in."

Barnom says, "But as it turns out.

Barnom says, "That wasn't so bad."

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske asks, "They're your rooks now?"

Barnom says, "I got to become reacquainted with Drangell."

Barnom exclaims, "And let me tell you!"

Barnom says, "He has lofty goals."

Barnom says, "I admire that."

Barnom shrugs at Kiske.

Barnom says, "His Rooks."

Barnom says, "We have an...agreement."

Barnom says, "If you will."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Adagya says, "Can't fight on both sides, in this venture. A task being attempted, poorly."

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske says, "You're dumb."

Barnom gawks at Kiske.

Speaking to Kiske, Adagya says, "Insults are not needed."

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske says, "What? It's true."

Speaking softly to Adagya, Cruxophim says, "Both sides? I'm not on either side, thank you."

Barnom says, "Sticks and stones...and I'm just bones. Your words, like your face, are ugly."

Barnom does a little jig, his skin sagging and his bones rattling.

Barnom says, "It has a nice ring to it..."

Speaking softly to Adagya, Cruxophim replies, "You mean the actions that you know of?"

Barnom points at Adagya.

Barnom exclaims, "You there!"

Speaking to Ravashaak, Kiske says, "He's just dumb."

Cruxophim glances between Barnom and Adagya.

Kiske folds her arms tightly across her chest, clearly annoyed.

Barnom says, "I see you, trying to hide beneath my robes."

Barnom asks, "Have you an instrument?"

Barnom peers quizzically at Adagya.

Cruxophim examines Adagya closely, sizing her up and taking note of all the details.

Adagya says, "Yes, my Liege."

Adagya removes a silk-wrapped glowbark harp with thin golvern strings from in her shadow black cloak.

Adagya rubs a silk-wrapped glowbark harp with thin golvern strings in her hand.

Barnom exclaims, "Play it!"

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak asks, "You know what I think is gonna happen if you ever face the shadow?"

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "You're gonna whimper, beg, and offer up the souls of all your followers in the hopes althedeus will allow you to exist."

You say to Ravashaak, "This Shadow sounds like an Ordainer or Ur-Daemon like entity."

Speaking to you, Ravashaak says, "It'd be from the same time period."

Barnom says, "Something...upbeat."

Adagya submissively says, "As you wish."

Barnom stands up.

Barnom asks, "A harp?"

Barnom asks, "That's...all?"

Adagya rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Barnom sighs.

Adagya thumps her harp's soundboard with both hands, then returns to plucking strings, only to start tapping the soundboard again with the left hand while the right hand races up and down the strings with wild abandon.

Adagya says, "SOmething more fitting then."

With a final flash of fingers and show of gestures, Adagya dashes off one last flurry of syncopated chord progressions on her harp, ending with a clatter of fortissimo resolutions.

Adagya put a silk-wrapped glowbark harp with thin golvern strings in her shadow black cloak.

Adagya removes a pale crystal piccolo pin from in her shadow black cloak.

Scrivener of the Sword Myden just arrived.

Adagya puts on a pale crystal piccolo pin.

Adagya rubs her piccolo pin. A pale mist swirls sinuously down her arm and coalesces into the form of a spectral piccolo in her left hand.

Barnom exclaims, "Yes!"

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "You are awful non-chalant about this, undeath won't save you from th' Unlife. It's a power that created YOU."

Speaking to her spectral piccolo, Adagya asks, "This more to your liking?"

Barnom glances at you.

Speaking wearily to Ravashaak, Cruxophim says, "I doubt that he will beg for anything, in the end."

Barnom says, "Death will save us all from the Shadows."

Speaking deeply to Barnom, Myden says, "Was just about to release some more of your army."

Barnom nods at Adagya.

Barnom says, "Ahem..."

Adagya purses her lips and blows a thin stream of air at a spectral piccolo. Its insubstantial mists coil inward, then gradually reform.

Barnom sets about preparing himself to be as presentable as possible.

Barnom moves to stand in front of Kiske.

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske asks, "Now what?"
Cruxophim glances at Adagya.
Barnom sings:

"Sticks. Stones! Ole Barnom's just bones!"

Drinin scowls.
Ravashaak gazes heavenward.
Barnom sings:

"Your words, like your face, are ugly!"

Barnom points at Kiske.

Barnom dances around the room to music only he can hear.

Barnom walks over to the bench and settles down.

As she flashes a bright smile, Adagya's fingers dance along the piccolo, playing a fancy little ditty.

Orva applauds.

Barnom says, "Now still your damn piccolo."

Barnom points at Adagya.

In an elegant display of showmanship, Adagya ends her melody with a flourish, sweeping her piccolo grandly.

Adagya folds her hands in her lap.

Barnom says, "Now, my kingdom is being ushered in as we speak."

Barnom nods to you.

You frown.

Barnom says, "Your forest, your lands..."

Speaking to you, Ravashaak says, "Saw a shadow behind ye."

Barnom exclaims, "Even nature is bending its knee to the Lich King!"

Barnom raises his yellowed bone scepter in triumph!

Speaking to you, Ravashaak says, "Be wary."

Speaking to you, Ravashaak says, "Saw a shadow behind ye."

*[Believe third person messaging. I couldn't see the shadows circling around me from my view]*

You say, "Shadows, not th' first time they've tried to come for me."

Kiske glares at Barnom.

You say, "Few claim to even know what they could be, let alone have experienced their presence."

You glance at Barnom.

Barnom peers quizzically at Kiske.

Barnom asks, "Not like my song?"

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak says, "You run eagerly to the shadow, the souls of your followers your desperate bargaining chip. You'll sell them out for your own hide the same way you sold out the town for it's coin."

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "And I'm not convinced you have any idea what you are dealing with."

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske says, "So many things about you not to like...that's just one."

Barnom starts chuckling at you!

Speaking to you, Adagya says, "Not the shadows you need be concerned with but the Darkness itself."

Barnom exclaims, "Trust me, I know of our enemy more than you!"

Speaking to Barnom, you ask, "Why did you throw in with Stone in th' first place, to become Mayor?"

You cock your head.

You shift your weight.

Barnom exclaims, "You didn't even know Grishom was your enemy for the longest time!"

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "Being Stone's lackey would, I hope, gleam some information. That is how you survive."

Speaking to Barnom, Ravashaak asks, "Who didn't?"

Ravashaak scoffs at Barnom.

You say, "Credit due. You are indeed a survivor. Of sorts."

You smirk.

Barnom nods to you.

Barnom says, "And now a King."

Barnom exclaims, "It shall be a glorious tale to share!"

Barnom stands up.

Barnom exclaims, "Behold!"

*[Ravashaak whispers, "Just saw shadowy hands slip around your neck for a moment."]*

Barnom exclaims, "The Lich King, who protected the world from shadows and despair!"

Drinin says, "Rousing, surely."

Speaking to Barnom, Kiske says, "Those shadows won't leave anything of you to BE king."

Speaking deeply to Barnom, Cruxophim asks, "The King who protected the world from shadows and despair? And instead, led it into darkness?"
Drinin glances at Ravashaak.

Speaking to Barnom, you say, "I'm going to destroy your existance, Barnom. Stone lost his game and he was far more powerful than you are."

Barnom exclaims, "HE WAS NOT!"

Barnom snarls at you.

Barnom exclaims, "Stone was a weakling!"

Barnom exclaims, "I AM A KING!"

The lich gestures at you, spiraling coils of flame leaping from his fingertips. You find yourself engulfed in flames.
... 35 points of damage!
Scorching heat shrivels left leg to a useless black mass.
You fall screaming to the ground grasping your mangled left leg!

You exclaim, "You have undead knights, dressed in armor, playing with swords. He could summon Demons from th' Abyss! You are a poor mimic!"

Barnom spits on Geijon, a mixture of spittle and blood.

Cruxophim deeply vows, "Your day as king will end. Your throne will fall, and as is the nature of all tyrants... you will eventually be deposed. But it isn't too late, Barnom... you still have a chance to take the better course, here."

The flames engulfing you flare up and sear your skin!

... 25 points of damage!
Back bursts into a lovely display of flames but you're too busy to notice.

King Barnom just entered a towering black citadel.

You flail about on the ground in an attempt to extinguish the flames!
You fail to put out the flames.

Kiske begins to roll you around on the ground in an attempt to put out the flames.

Kiske fails to put out the flames!

The flames surrounding you flare up with renewed vigor!

Ravashaak just poured an iron bucket on you! As the liquid hits the flames, they shrink back and hiss!

The flames surrounding Geijon flicker and die out.

You move to a kneeling position.

You focus on projecting your thoughts...
You [General]: "BARNOM!"

Adagya says, "Best to not threaten his Liege within his own Kingdom. Not the wisest of moves."

Speaking to Ravashaak, Adagya remarks, "A group hallucination?"

*[I didn't see the visions. I imagine because it was of me burning!]

Speaking to Ravashaak, Adagya says, "I know what I saw, let alone smelt. Can still smell the burning flesh."

The stray bits of burning clothes finally stop smoldering and go out.

Speaking to you, Ravashaak says, "Congrats for living."

You breathe very slowly and deliberately, calming yourself.