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Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2994
Date: 10/01/2012 09:46 AM CDT
Subject: All the Lich King's Men: Teaser

The next Landing storyline kicks off in the beginning of December (maybe a little build up earlier), and while we're still two months away, I wanted to throw out some teasers for what's to come. Enjoy!

Dull, golden light glowed from the man's lantern, casting flickering shadows along the road as he walked, his other hand clutched tightly to the coin purse at his belt. His eyes darted from building to building, nervously scanning the street as he passed. A vendor set about closing up his cart for the night. A young couple snickered amongst themselves, kissing as they strode into the inn. A mother called from a window, beckoning her child to return for the evening.

Every one of them was suspect.

When first he had met them, they had descended from the sky like their name sake. Wrapped in darkness, their forms were slender, blending in with the shadows around him. From beneath their hoods protruded the greyish-black beaks of rooks, stretched out below a pair of hollow pits for eyes. Their command of his language proved their humanity, but their façade still startled him.

Birds of the shadows, they haunted him with nightmares. He had been given a warning, but did not listen. The second visit had gone worse. They had broken a window of his shop, destroyed some of his merchandise, and even waylaid him on his way home. Their message was loud and clear.

They were not going away.

His nails dug into the cloth of his bag, shaking it slightly to hear the familiar jangling of coins. Sweat dripped down the sides of his face, moist beads rolling down the backs of his ears. The cold breeze of winter chilled his neck, and the fear of another ambush nearly froze his heart. This was not the home he remembered. This was not future he had expected.

It was then a shade slipped out of the alleyway, silently stalking away as the man's boots echoed along the cobblestone. A warm glow continued to guide the man to his destination, where he fumbled to pull at the key and chain nestled beneath his tunic. Hastily, he unlocked the door to his home and almost jumped inside, quickly swinging the door closed behind him. Even quicker, it was locked.

He turned and rested his back against the door, letting out a loud sigh of relief. His neck and palms were sticky, his armpits moist with fright. Two nights now, he counted in his head. Two times he's safely made it inside. Perhaps they had only been boasting, or forgotten him. Perhaps their threats were only idle, and his family, his home and his shop would be safe now.

He peeled himself from the door, each step filled with more confidence as he strode towards a table. He placed the lantern down and began to unlace his tunic when he saw it. His face went pale, his lips twisting in a grimace of horror. His knees nearly buckled, crippled with terror. There, on the surface of his kitchen table, sat a rusted donation plate. Placed next to the plate was the eyeless carcass of a bird. But not just any bird.

A rook. (First reference)

Blood soaked through his uniform, the colors of the Wehnimer's Landing insignia having turned dark crimson. His legs, now almost useless, still burned with pain as cold pale hands dragged him across rocky dirt. He slipped in and out of consciousness, darkness engulfing his vision, but never for long.

Up ahead rose two daunting towers comprised of bone and bloody ligaments. Armored sentries marched across a giant platform between the spires, their skeletal bodies moving awkwardly as they patrolled. Near a huge gate, his captor stopped. It was a gruesome troll, its flesh grey and decaying, chunks of skin dangling from its limbs where bone was exposed. The bulky zombie then suddenly lurched forward, continuing their trek.

The putrid aroma of death assaulted him as he was pulled through the streets. He craned his head to see a trail of blood following him as they went.

His blood.

From out of the darkness, the withered forms of ghouls shambled into view, gnawing at their hands in frustration as they followed behind. Some lost patience, dropping to their hands and knees to lick at the lifeblood seeping into the dirt. Their eyes disturbed him the most. Black, empty and cold. As icy as the hands that held him.

He was pulled past the shadow of a tall, gnarled oak tree. Its bark was black and glistening with sticky blood. From its branches dangled the malformed bodies of his brothers in arms, their uniforms as tattered and bloodied as his.

The troll then came to another stop, finally releasing its grip and letting him fall to the ground. His face hit the dirt, more pain rippling through his body. He pulled his elbows under his chest, slowly and agonizingly lifting up his shoulders. Stretching above him was an enormous black citadel, where wisps of white smoke swirled about its tallest points.

From out of the structure, came a parade of ghastly figures, their bodies putrefied and crumbling even as they approached. Many of them wore bright motley colors, juggling tiny skulls as if they were macabre jesters. The lines of morbid performers then parted, as a tall figure made his way forward.

The figure had lanky arms and legs, with a loose black robe that enveloped his slim frame. The skin of his face was stretched tight, resembling more skeleton than man. His cheeks were sunken and bright, red orbs glowed from deep within his eye sockets. His scalp was discolored with tiny patches of red threadbare hair dangling down. Perched atop his head was a gruesome crown made from decaying fingers.

The weight of his shoulders was suddenly too much to bear, and his face collapsed again in the dirt. He strained to lift his head once more, but he could feel his strength fleeting fast. He thought of his mother, and how she had worried when he told her he had joined the militia. He thought of his youngest sister, who had been so proud instead, when she had heard the same. He thought of his wife, and their unborn child he would never see or hold.

He then saw a skeletal foot step next to his face, and a length of rope coil near it. As he felt a cold hand lift him up by his neck, and the certainty of death approach, he did not cry out. Instead, he thought of his town, of Wehnimer's Landing, and the darkness coming for its people.

-GM Kenstrom-


Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 3044
Date: 11/14/2012 11:56 AM CST
Subject: Wehnimer's Landing.

There's only a litle over two weeks left until December, and the beginning of my All the Lich King's Men storyline. I thought it might be helpful for some to briefly describe a few key events that have happened in the town over the last year, which may or may not be of importance going forward.

Previously…in Wehnimer’s Landing.

Grishom Stone, once thought an innocent, yet influential merchant, was secretly a member of a group of summoners known as the Arcane Eyes, and was responsible for releasing an immortal troll named Drangell, who was instructed to raise his monster army and besiege Wehnimer’s Landing. At the end of the conflict, the heroes learned that Drangell was actually once a giantman mercenary from the Turamzzyrian Empire, who was cursed by the last breath of a witch, and had lived as an undying troll since. With the help of a Tehir Spiritcaller, the heroes were able to break Drangell’s curse, reverting him back to his giantman form, and then locked him away in the Wehnimer’s prison. No longer able to control his trolls, the monster army disbanded and the town was saved. Drangell remains under lock and key, harmlessly threatening anyone who comes to close to his cell.

However, months later, Mayor Walkar was framed for murder by the villainous Grishom Stone and his hireling, Barnom Slim, who was at the time a long standing councilman of Wehnimer’s Landing. Walkar went on the run, escaping to the Turamzzyrian Empire to try to find information about Grishom Stone that might expose him as the dark sorcerer that he was. As it turns out, Walkar was eventually tracked down by Grishom and his demons and was killed. But weeks later, Walkar returned to Wehnimer’s Landing to help in the final battle against Grishom Stone on his demonic island. Once Grishom was defeated and presumably killed, Walkar was reinstated as Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing. However, upon his initial return to town, Walkar sported a shimmering red breastplate and was never seen without it on. The heroes of the town later came to learn that the breastplate was a magical artifact that allowed Walkar to remain alive, and was given to him by Elithain Cross, another dark summoner and mortal enemy of Grishom Stone. Over the last year, Walkar has remained on as Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing, but his moods have darkened and his thirst for conflict grows more each day. Some say his armor is cursed, and that no good will come from it.

The ex-councilman Barnom Slim was eventually run out of Wehnimer’s Landing, but not before he cleaned out a large portion of the town’s treasury. He found a protective haven in River’s Rest, where he claimed to be working to turn over a new leaf, away from his past of political corruption. His statement was soon revealed to be a lie, when he was discovered as having used some of his stolen funds to support a cult of Luukosian worshippers in River’s Rest. Taking his role even further, Barnom Slim aided the gnome cultist Grevisth in acquiring the Heart of Jaston relic, to help in controlling the Felstorm approaching River’s Rest at the time. Barnom then took control of the Rest’s Luukosian cult, bringing their numbers and their undead minions to attack Wehnimer’s Landing, where he was once again defeated and sent fleeing. While Barnom Slim has seemingly escaped justice once more, many were left wondering what he had gained from allying with minions of Luukos.

More recently, the town of Wehnimer’s Landing suffered from a prolonged attack from a krolvin fleet under the command of Czag’Herndrok Krentuk, who possessed a powerful artifact known as the Star of Khar’ta to his kin. The item allowed Krentuk to control the weather, and to devastating effect, as he blanketed the town in harsh winter conditions during the middle of the summer. In the end, Krentuk was killed upon his ship by a krolvinbane weapon and the Star of Khar’ta exploded in the sky, seemingly gone from the world.

Since then, all has been quiet in Wehnimer’s Landing, as the townspeople have returned to their daily lives and reconstruction has begun on those buildings damaged during the krolvin battle. As the first cold winds of winter settle across the frontier town, with snow expected soon, many citizens look to the celebrated Feast of Immortals a little over a month away. A time for merriment, a time for reflection, and a time for new beginnings.

But in the shadows, there awakens lawlessness and death, because celebration is only for the living.


In December, my latest storyline “All the Lich King’s Men” officially kicked off. It’s intended to end near the end of February, or as close as schedule and storyline permits. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the events that have transpired so far, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next two months. However, I know a lot of information can get lost in translation, and I’m always trying to help people be in the know, or new people get in the know. So below, you’ll find a timeline of the more major events, so everyone’s on the same page going forward.

Dec 2012

Eorgaen, 5112 - (December, 2012)

  • A fire was spotted near the docks in Wehnimer’s Landing, and the adventurers went to investigate, only to find that the fishing shop, Guttin’ Goods was engulfed in flames. The heroes were able to form a bucket brigade and put out the fires. Inside the shop, the half-krolvin owner Cutlass thanked the heroes for their help and was then questioned about who might have done this. Originally, in the panic of the fire, the shopkeeper had cursed about some birds, but when asked to clarify, he said he never mentioned any form of avian. He also suspected the fire was likely caused by some hooligans with anti-krolvin sentiments and then clammed up.
  • That same night as the shop fire, strange ghostly white lights appeared in the night above Wehnimer’s Landing, eventually moving through the sky and descending on the Black Sands. An eerie voice echoed across the heavens, commanding the beasts of the bay to rise and be reborn. When the adventurers went to investigate, they found hordes of undead krolvin rising up out of Darkstone Bay and swarming the beach. After some initial fighting, a white fog rolled across the beach and the krolvin zombies disengaged the heroes and wandered into the mist, disappearing altogether.
  • Adventurers heard commotion outside of Tykel’s Arms, and stormed inside. They found broken glass, and some bricks smeared with blood, in the image of a rook. Tykel was very angry and told the heroes present that a week or so ago, some cloaked thugs came into his shop and offered him a lucrative deal to help smuggle things through his shop’s tunnel access, but he had refused them. The broken glass and blood were clearly a warning. Tykel described his attackers as shadowy figures with deep hoods, and only a greyish-black beak showing beneath the cowl. He was not certain if they were monster or man. Then suddenly, a beaked figure appeared outside of Tykel’s window, and then darted off. The heroes chased after the figure, but lost him. In their search of the town and the catacombs, they discovered a new series of tunnels beneath the town, dubbed the Burrow Way. The new network of caverns was explored and determined to have access to many shops within the town, as well as a few exit locations outside of town.
  • The adventurer Puptilian was lured into an alleyway by the Brotherhood of Rooks, where he was told to deliver a message to the town and its mayor. They claimed that the town was now theirs, and they would protect it, and not to try to stop them. Then, three shadowy figures with grey beaks stepped out of the darkness, pecked Puptilian with their beaks to death, then left him to be rescued and deliver his message. (Puptilian’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3096 )
  • Ghostly lights appeared in the night again, this time descending upon the graveyard near Lorminstra’s Temple in Wehnimer’s Landing. Once more, a dark voice called for the fallen to rise and meet him. Local adventurers went to the graveyard to find it swarming with undead ghouls, zombies, phantoms and more. The heroes fought hard, working tirelessly to release the undead, but were soon overwhelmed by the power of some of the spirits and many died, their bodies trapped within the graveyard and making any rescue attempts difficult. It was then Mayor Walkar showed up, his “magical” breastplate flashing with crimson light as he waded into the horde of undead, dispatching many of them before he dragged dozens of heroes to safety. At the end of the conflict, white fog appeared once more, swallowing up the remaining undead and then fading away.
  • Plumes of smoke were seen in the Upper Trollfang and some adventurers went to discover a caravan of wagons had been set on fire, with only burnt husks, a few bodies, and one survivor remaining. All of the supplies were stolen and were believed to include wheat, metal and precious gems. Etched on the wheel of one of the burned wagons, was the tiny image of a red rook. The lone survivor, a tinker gnome named Jankus, was questioned by the heroes. He explained that they were traveling from Solhaven and were ambushed, his friends killed and their supplies taken. The gnome also had a number of gears and trinkets that had gone missing. The heroes offered to help Jankus get set up in town as he was looking to settle somewhere and begin merchanting. He later received accommodations from Mayor Walkar for his troubles, as the mayor wished to welcome new business and merchants to town.
  • Ghostly lights appeared in the sky, this time descending upon the Wehntoph, where local heroes rushed to fight off hordes of undead pumas, trolls, ogres and minotaurs. The conflict raged on for a while, before white fog once more arrived and engulfed the undead, fading away along with them. (Geijon’s Battle Report -'s%20Landing/view/3089 )
  • The adventurer Arpelli and many townspeople organized a ritual in the town graveyard to bless the ground and try to put back to rest some of the dead that had been awakened. The adventurer Godefroy, a priest of Koar, led the service as many gathered in the graveyard. After the ceremony, they proceeded to go to the fishing shop and Tykel’s arms, trying to bless the shops against whatever might also be behind the Brotherhood of Rooks. The Rooks did not take too kindly to their meddling in what they called their shops, so shadowy figures kidnapped Godefroy. The Rooks then informed Godefroy he was wasting his time blessing shops, that they were not connected to the undead menace, and that the Rooks had come to restore order, but to obtain true rule with fear first, then obedience. Godefroy was then pecked to death from the razor-sharp beaks of the shadowy figures and left to be discovered in the Burrow Way. (Arpelli’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3103) and (Godefroy’s Post-'s%20Landing/view/3111)
  • Mayor Walkar held a town hall meeting in Moot Hall, where many citizens, adventurers and even local merchants were in attendance. Walkar tried to ensure the public that he was having the increase of criminal activity investigated and these thugs calling themselves the Brotherhood of Rooks will be brought to justice and cannot successful strong-arm the town into submission. A reward was announced to soon be offered for information regarding their leader. After fielding a number of questions from people in attendance, the doors were suddenly shut from the outside and the windows boarded up. From among the crowd, three shadowy figures with grey beaks sprung seemingly from out of nowhere and then escaped through a secret entrance into the catacombs. The heroes pursued, but were left to discover only a message written in blood. It was a warning, that the Rooks had all of the power, could have killed them all, but did not.
  • Part of a new tunnel, still incomplete, was discovered in the Burrow Way, leading many to speculate that the Rooks intend to expand.
  • Throughout the entire month, dark visions continued to torment people as they would see images of gnarled bodies hanging from withered trees, or corpses littered along streets, or even an undead king roaming in the darkness with a crown of bones.
  • The town marshal Khylon mobilized some militia members and some local heroes and goes on a raid through the Burrow Way tunnels. They are encountered by a number of bandits and arrows from murder holes, but eventually discover a Rook’s Nest near the tunnel exit to Upper Trollfang. Inside they kill a number of recruits and other bandits and rogues before the hidden lair is finally cleared out. Inside of the hideout they find some maps of the layout of the town prison, moot hall, and a construction plan for expanding the current Burrow Way. There is also a manifest detailing some imports into town, originating from Brisker’s Cove in the County of Seareach. (Cryheart’s Report -'s%20Landing/view/3116)
  • After the attack on the Rook’s Nest, a small child approached the adventurer Seomanthe at the Hearthstone Steps. The child asked her about the orphanage she was trying to make and wanted her to follow him. Once Seomanthe was at the Temple, away from onlookers, the child darted away. Just then, three Rooks ambushed her and dragged her into darkness, dumping her into a cell hidden somewhere. During the town hall meeting, Seomanthe and her husband Greganth had threatened to smoke out the Burrow Way. So the Rooks instead held her prisoner as they set fire to House Aspis, the home of her officership. Local heroes rushed to the aid of Aspis and put out the fires before much damage could be done. The Rooks warned Seomanthe and others not to come against them again, then pecked her to death and left her to be found in the underground tunnels. (Seomanthe’s Post –'s%20Landing/view/3117)
  • For the final time, more ghostly lights appeared above Wehnimer’s Landing, this time descending on the old Mine Road near the town. There, heroes battled undead thraks, goblins, miners, death worms and ghoulish spiders. As with all of the previous encounters with the undead, the white fog eventually arrived as the zombie creatures disappeared within it.
  • The adventurer Meureii was kidnapped by some Rooks and subdued and left on an icy cliff on the Glatoph as a diversion. As local heroes rushed out to the Glacier, a ship exploded at the North Dock in town, sending a fiery ball of flames and smoke into the sky. When the heroes finally rushed to the docks they found the husk of a burnt ship, a scorched chest full of melted lockpicks, and a flame-seared body. Discovered on the chest was the small red etching of a rook. Larton, the town’s local locksmith showed up shortly after, claiming the ship had carried a lot of supplies for his shop. He explained how the Brotherhood of Rooks had tried to sell him monthly protection for his ship, and if their fee was not met, they would extract their revenge. Larton had refused twice, so his business suffered. He was almost ready to give in and pay the fee to the Rooks, but the adventurers present convinced him otherwise. (Cryheart’s Report -'s%20Landing/view/3141)
  • Shadowy figures were seen moving through the streets of Wehnimer’s one night, so a number of militia soldiers and adventurers began to patrol. Within minutes, a wave of young bandits, seeming to be recruits in the Brotherhood of Rooks, began to attack townspeople. The attack was eventually beat back, but Kaedra discovers a bag on one of the dead bandits. In the bag is a parchment listing names of new recruits, none of them recognized by the public except Arpelli! The town marshal Khylon explained that he was sure she is being framed, but needed to take her away for questioning as part of his job. For her own protection and witness, Arpelli asks Sir Cryheart to go with her. Khylon took them both to the Council Chambers inside Moot Hall, where he began to question her about why the Rooks might be targeting her. Moments later, three cloaked figures leapt out of the shadows, subdued both Arpelli and Cryheart, then dragged Khylon off. As a parting gift, the shadowy figures surrounded Arpelli and Cryheart and pecked them to death with their razor-sharp beaks before disappearing. Both Arpelli and Cryheart were later recovered and healed by fellow adventurers.
  • A message in blood was left on the wall of Moot Hall that reads, “We have your dwarf. The Rooks’ Ransom comes soon.”
  • A series of massive quakes shook Wehnimer’s Landing and the surrounding area. Cracks formed along the cobblestone streets, which drove adventurers down into the Burrow Way to explore. There, they found a pile of rubble in the newly added tunnel had been cleared away, but at the expense of the blackened and scorched bodies of bandits scattered nearby. The tunnel was discovered to lead into pitch darkness, unable to be lit up by torch or magic. A number of adventurers pressed into the darkness, navigating through blindly before coming out into a massive cavern that led to some black iron gates. Beyond the gates they encountered a small city full of undead, from ghouls to spirits, to zombies and death knights. It was soon realized that the town was a dark macabre version of Wehnimer’s and the ruler was identified by the grotesque statue in the center of the undead city. The master of the recent undead menace proved to be Barnom Slim, who had now ascended into the form of a lich and dubbed himself a King. Barnom was once a councilman of Wehnimer’s, who allied himself with Grishom Stone, and later a Luukosian Cult in River’s Rest before vanishing. During the Lich King’s initial encounter with the heroes, only threats and insults were shared and Barnom later explained that one day they would all serve in his new kingdom and that many would do so by choice, and that becoming living dead was the only way to protect them from the shadows that were gathering at the edges of the world.
  • During a second encounter with Barnom down in Lich's Landing, many heroes came to talk to the self-proclaimed undead king. Barnom answered many questions about his plans, but refused to go into specifics on the shadowy threat he was offering to protect everyone from, but warned it would feed on flesh, blood and souls. After quite a bit of communication between the Lich King and adventurers present, Kerl tried to attack Barnom but was unsuccessful. The lich then encased Kerl in ice until he froze and died, then reanimated his corpse to kill dozens of other adventurers present. The onslaught continued until the few survivors escaped and the Lich King retired to his citadel.

Jan 2013

  • Three dwarven fingers were pinned to the door of Moot Hall, along with a message smeared in blood that read, “Drangell for your Dwarf.” Mayor Walkar then made an announcement claiming the town would not give in to the Brotherhood of Rooks’ demands. Furthermore, if Khylon the dwarf marshal was not returned, Walkar promised to hunt down every last member of the Rooks and their families and slaughter them. (GM Kenstrom’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3249)
  • Barnom Slim held audience outside of his citadel in Lich’s Landing, where he informed many adventurers gathered that he intends to visit the Elven Nations soon, to extend his offer of salvation to the Elven Houses. At that time he also accepted his first follower, Cruxophim and carved a glowing red claw-shaped mark into his flesh as a badge of service. He, and all who came to willingly serve Barnom Slim later, acquired the label of Lichborn.
  • A woman’s scream alerted the townspeople to a burly giantman’s corpse outside of Aznell’s Armory. The giant’s throat had been cut from ear to ear, and his entrails spilled out onto the ground. The merchant Aznell soon discovered the body as well and informed the adventurers that it was his apprentice Amos, who the Rooks had killed because Aznell refused to pay their protection fees. At the end of the night, Aznell announced he had lost faith in Mayor Walkar and would be giving into the Rooks’ demands.
  • The same evening Aznell’s apprenticed was murdered, the adventurers went to tell Mayor Walkar what happened. In a rage, Walkar decided he would try to kill Drangell so the Rooks could never get him released. Walkar grabbed a crossbow, and those gathered had followed him down to Drangell’s cell, where the prisoner taunted the mayor into shooting three bolts at him. Drangell fell to the ground, supposedly dead, but then moments later his wounds healed up and he rose to his feet, leading evidence to the fact that his old curse of not being able to die hadn’t left him. Walkar then tossed his crossbow to the ground and stormed off, Drangell’s mocking laughter echoing as he left. (LNN Post -'s%20Landing/view/3249)
  • Adventurers continued to have dark visions, of a robed figure with a crown of bones, decaying knights with fiery eyes, militia men hanging from a gnarled black tree, etc.
  • Additional guards, the few the town had to spare, were set up to protect a few local shops such as Tykel’s and Larton’s, who had refused to cooperate with the Rooks and feared further endangerment because of it.
  • A small group of adventurers staged an ambush on a Rook, capturing him and interrogating him. After the Rook is killed, his possessions are acquired and it is learned the mysterious “birdmen” use magical masks to give them their appearance, and rely heavily on other items that allow them to summon darkness, go invisible, and move silently. (Arpelli’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3333)
  • The Lich King, Barnom Slim and an envoy of undead knights and banshees and other minions visited the Elven Nations, making their first stop at Ta’Vaalor. They were greeted at the Amaranth Bridge and when Barnom made his offer of an alliance, he was flat out rejected by Qalinor, the Steward of Ta’Vaalor. The elves said they would never forget the undead wars. The Lich King did not take kindly to such rejection, and so commanded his subjects to attack the fortress city, before he was finally driven back and forced to retreat. (GM Kenstrom’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3379)
  • The Brotherhood of Rooks’ called Mayor Walkar’s bluff, and instead of releasing Khylon, they cut out one of his eyes and nailed it to the door of Moot Hall, along with a message that read, “Give us Drangell, or your dwarf dies next. Fight our existence, and our wings will darken your sky.”
  • The Lich King was spotted standing outside of his citadel and using his powers to slain a number of Voln warriors trying to attack his city. Many gathered to converse with the lich, and two more stepped forward to join him. Semiera and Xoryl were given the lich’s mark and publically declared their loyalty to the lich king.
  • In the Lower Dragonsclaw forest, trees began to sway and finally wither into black, gnarled shells. Parts of the forest died away, replaced by a bleak landscape filled with murky black pools that poisoned anyone who got too close. Undead roamed the forest for a bit, and while they were eventually defeated, parts of the forest remained in decay. (GM Kenstrom’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3422)
  • Barnom Slim led an invasion in the Lower Dragonsclaw, as more of the grasslands and forest decay. The Lich King said he would continue to attack until the Order of Voln ceases to invade his kingdom. At the end of the invasion, Bellaja swore an oath to the Lich King, receiving a claw-shaped mark.
  • During yet another encounter in Lich’s Landing with some adventurers, Barnom Slim recruited two others to his cause. Raincail and Dayko, in front of others, declared their fealty to the Lich King and received his mark.
  • Dakris, the furrier was found outside of Moot Hall and informed the adventurers that while he was out trapping, he stumbled upon a secret hideout in a cave in Danjirland. After he had spotted a burly man with a crossbow inside, he hurried back to town. Dakris led the group to the cave, but then said he couldn’t follow, for fear of retribution or harm. The adventurers stormed the cave, found the hideout and battled with some bandits and birdmen of the Rooks. After a bloody conflict, a torture chamber was located and Khylon was discovered! The dwarf marshal was beaten, bloodied, missing fingers and an eye and quite shaken. He was returned to the safety of town where militia members helped escort him off for the night. (Arpelli’s Post/Log -'s%20Landing/view/3478)
  • Kastrel requested, and was granted, an interview with the Lich King. Barnom and Kastrel met outside of the citadel in Lich’s Landing, where others were allowed to also gather to hear and observe. Benches formed of bones and muscle, and tattered pillows were provided for those in attendance, for their sitting pleasures. (Kastrel’s Interview -'s%20Landing/view/3481)
  • Vordilian, the Champion of Voln, gathered many, many adventurers and led a massive attack on the Lich’s Citadel. Shortly after the offensive was launched, Barnom Slim appeared. The conflict found both heroes and villains facing off before the lich’s throne, and Barnom was killed a countless number of times, but kept resurrecting himself after each attempt. During the conflict, Barnom cursed Vordilian and dark tendrils eventually consumed the Champion, devouring his flesh and soul! Because of the repeated attacks, The Lich King had grown angry and then slaughtered many people present, and then led an invasion of crypt spiders, deathworms, etc. After a lot of deaths on both sides, the heroes finally pushed back the invasion and Barnom retreated once more. But before the Lich King fled, he issued a warning that he was now Wehnimer’s Landing greatest threat. (Perivan’s Log -'s%20Landing/view/3490) and (GM Kenstrom’s post -'s%20Landing/view/3517)
  • Some prison guards reported to town officials that Cruxophim, Barnom’s first follower, had spoken with Drangell down in his prison, but the conversation was not overheard. Mayor Walkar confronted Cruxophim in the streets, and a number of adventurers had gathered. Cruxophim was eventually convinced to reveal that the Lich King had offered an alliance to Drangell and his Brotherhood of Rooks, and that Drangell had accepted the offer. (Cruxophim’s Log -'s%20Landing/view/3543)
  • The town was alerted when the ground began to tremble, from all over town, to as far as Upper Trollfang. A number of townsfolk reported bandits and Rooks attacking people in the streets, and soon fires erupted outside of the bank. While a group of adventurers helped to fight off the bandits and put out the fires, another group raced off to Drangell’s prison, worried it might all be a diversion. Their instincts were correct, for they discovered a number of prison guards murdered and Drangell laughing inside his cell. But then the floor of shook, cracked and collapsed as the cell holding Drangell disappeared in a cloud of dust and smoke. A huge hole in the ground was all the remained. The adventurers leapt into the hole, finding themselves in a dark tunnel that directly led to the Lich’s Landing, where Barnom Slim later taunted them about having freed Drangell. (Geijon’s Post -'s%20Landing/view/3545)
  • In the beginning, there had been speculation that the Lich King and his undead were somehow connected to the Brotherhood of Rooks. While an early association was revealed to be false, recent events have changed and Wehnimer’s Landing has found itself faced with two enemies, Barnom and Drangell, now joined together in their mutual hatred for the town.

Feb 2013

An official update was never posted, only a brief summary.

The heroes defeated the Lich King Barnom Slim, who warned them against the shadows and named it Althedeus before he burst apart. Drangell and Jankus helped the heroes defeat the Lich King, in exchange for a pardon from Mayor Walkar and Drangell claimed to no longer lead the Rooks. Before a crowd of townspeople, Walkar fell over in agony, the flesh of his right arm peeling away to bone and never healing since then.

All the Lich King's Men - Credit and Thanks!

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Date: 03/03/2013 10:08 PM CST
Subject: All the Lich King's Men - Credit and Thanks!

The storyline, All the Lich King's Men, is officially over! Barnom Slim is dead and his dark undead city is destroyed! The Brotherhood of Rooks still remains, as do their tunnels beneath Wehnimer's Landing. While the Rooks no longer seem to be strong arming local merchants into buying their protection...their existence is still troublesome, as a new power is operating within the shadows of Wehimer's Landing...and Mayor Walkar seems to be losing the battle of wills against the demonic curse of his armor. So while this storyline is over...the saga is not.

Now, first and foremost, I want to thank all of you, the players, for all of your participation, your support, your endless hours of roleplaying, and your tireless efforts to share information and bring others into the mix. I cannot tell you how many new faces and names I saw involved in this storyline, and that thrills me to no end. I don't want storylines that people cringe when they hear about it, but instead I want a dynamic story that can evolve with the players and people can find themselves engrossed within it, whatever angle they're coming in at. I'm sorry about the crash on the final night ( things WERE going good until I dropped a few dark shades with massive amounts of HP...which caused all of the lockup, oops! ). But you were all good sports, and I'm shocked by the turn out last night. You all keep these storylines really alive, and make it rewarding for myself and the other GM's involved. So thank you.

Secondly, I want to thank GM Qortaz for his role as Jankus and all of his help in the background. Often times he'd be left cleaning up after I had to bail, or fixing problems I couldn't get to right away. His support was priceless. And as always, another big thanks to GM Marstreforn for his help in some of the invasions, in his role as Vordilian, and helping to further this saga throughout the last few years. A huge shout out to GM Tamuz for his awesome and speedy work on QCing all of the rooms needed for Lich's Landing and the Burrow Way! I also had a number of GM's help out from storyline approvals, or script coding, to even smaller NPC roles or providing solutions to random issues I had, so thanks also to GM's Izzea, Galene, Auchand, Mestys, Valyrka, Mazreth, Modrian, Strathspey and Wyrom!

In a few days or so, I'll post some detailed information about the monsters, etc used during the storyline, how many you all killed, etc.

What's next, you ask? Back in 2010, I kicked off my first storyline which centered around Grishom Stone. Then came the Star of Khar'ta, and All the Lich King' Men. There's always been an over arcing theme, a bigger picture involved in each storyline, at least to some extent. But the saga is coming to an the epic conclussion titled "Cross into Shadows." This storyline will begin in December 2013 and end in December 2014, and consist of four chapters, all tied together. The first one titled, "The Imperial Spark." I am very excited for this storyline and it is going to require more prep work than all previous storylines combined! But it's worth it, trust me. The story will begin in Wehnimer's Landing, but I will also take you places you have only heard of in-game, and some you never knew even existed. Every question and mystery remaining will finally be answered, as we deal with Walkar's armor, Elithain Cross, his daughter trapped inside an urnon golem, Thrayzar the orc, world changing events....and most importantly of all....the shadows.

I know...December 2013 is a long way away, so starting this month, and every month until then, I will be posting one storyline teaser, slowly building up to the official kick off of Cross into Shadows. Plus, I've got a number of Landing events planned in the meantime, and really want to keep the NPC RP alive and well.

Thanks again everyone!

-GM Kenstrom-

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Author: GS4-QORTAZ
Date: 03/04/2013 06:14 AM CS
Subject: Re: All the Lich King's Men - Credit and Thanks!

I would also like to thank everyone involved in this storyline, especially GM Kenstrom who took a chance on a new GM and gave him what turned out to be a significant role in his story. Initially, Jankus was just a vehicle to earn my merchanting chops, but as it turned out, we were able to give him a little depth and a bigger role in the saga. These past few months have definitely been a trial by fire for me, but I learned so much from Kenstrom and my fellow GMs about what it takes to provide a good RP experience, I can't wait for everyone to see what is in store next.

I've got a bit of a sentimental attachment to little Jankus, so you might see him around the Landing doing work, trying to make an "honest" coin or two. We'll see how long that lasts, as he's been known to have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to axe hurling!

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Date: 03/04/2013 12:57 PM CST
Subject: Re: All the Lich King's Men - Credit and Thanks!

The saga is always ongoing. Specific storylines do "kick off" at certain times, but there's always developments and roleplaying in between. So by no means will there be a sudden drop off for the next 9 months. I will still be popping in as Walkar, Stephos, Khylon, Deylan and more, as the issues still on the table will have lasting effects. Walkar's going through some dark changes, there's discord amongst many of the merchants, and the Brotherhood of Rooks still remains. So yes, expect still a lot of roleplaying and other developments, since I think the smaller moments are critical in between storylines. It keeps people interested, and it makes the story more real.

-GM Kenstrom-

After every storyline, I like to follow up with some basic info about the creatures you all dealt with. Many I used only during invasions, and so only their name and level are listed below. While those who were denizens of Lich's Landing and auto-spawned throughout the storyline, I'll be listing how many generated. Starting with this storyline, I'll also be listing NPC info as well. Extra points if you can spot all of the "shambling" creatures.


All the Lich King's Men - Data and Details!

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Date: 03/12/2013 12:53 AM CDT
Subject: All the Lich King's Men - Data and Details!

Lich's Landing

Area	Creature	Level	Spawned
Streets	an ambling red-eyed skeleton	5	5,161
Streets	a shambling putrid ghoul	10	5,201
Streets	a shadowy black phantom	15	5,407
Blacksmith	a yellowed bone golem	20	3,281
Blacksmith	a fiery-eyed spectral blacksmith	25	4,479
Blacksmith	a tormented dark shade	30	3,761
The Darkness With Inn	a menacing fleshy ghoul	35	4,466
The Darkness With Inn	a bloated krolvin corpse	40	4,953
The Darkness With Inn	an emaciated golden-eyed wight	45	4,932
Corpse Row	a moldering human zombie	50	15,970
Corpse Row	a tortured dark spirit	55	14,065
Corpse Row	a rotting elven cadaver	60	18,160
Barracks	a decaying bone soldier	65	8,107
Barracks	a shimmering phantom warrior	70	7,576
Barracks	a huge death giant	75	6,450
Banshee Tower	a shrilling pale specter	80	4,161
Banshee Tower	a towering flesh construct	85	5,977
Banshee Tower	a thin moaning banshee	90	5,866
Lower Citadel	a glowing-eyed spirit golem	95	27,724
Lower Citadel	a whirling soul wraith	100	30,994
Lower Citadel	a lumbering hideous shrickhen	105	44,825
Upper Citadel	a winged midnight black horror	110	18,664
Upper Citadel	a glowing-eyed death knight	115	14,891
Upper Citadel	a nightmarish shadow apparition	120	11,880
                                      Assassins 120


Creature	Level
a rotting glowing-eyed rat	1
a glowing-eyed kobold zombie	15
a shambling human corpse	25
a rotting giantman lumberjack	35
a twisted ethereal warrior	45
a toothy gloom troll	55
a deformed inky black brute	65
a screeching dark spirit	75
a tattered zombie Wehnimer’s militiaman	85
a nebulous black specter	95
a skeletal orc crossbowman	105
a large tenebrous wraith	120

Creature	Level
a gnarled fleshy ghoul	18
a rotting noseless zombie	30
a dirt-caked skeleton	40
a dark graveyard spirit	55
a shambling elven zombie	66
a stout dwarven skeleton	75
a bent yellow-eyed ghoul	96
a wailing tomb spirit	120

Creature	Level
a snarling ghoulish puma	25
a gnarled zombie troll	35
a huge moldering ogre	45
a tall ogre skeleton	55
a twisted troll phantom	60
a glowing-eyed spectral ogre	80
an ethereal mountain spirit	90
a giant rotting minotaur	105
a decomposing minotaur zombie	120

Creature	Level
a one-armed zombie goblin	25
a shambling orc zombie	35
a putrefying scaly thrak	45
a rotting ooze-covered troll	55
a bent worm-covered troglodyte	65
a spectral dwarven miner	75
a decaying kobold archer	85
a red-eyed troll wraith	95
a sinewy death worm	110
a giant crypt spider	120

Storyline NPC’s

Qalinor	Steward of Ta’Vaalor	Mazreth
Jaranzair	Ta’Vaalor Lord Legionnaire Commander	Mazreth
Vordilian	Voln Champion (dead)	Marstreforn
Jankus	Lieutenant, Brotherhood of Rooks	Qortaz
Drangell	Leader, Brotherhood of Rooks	Kenstrom
Zyndur	Leader, Nalfein Mercs	Kenstrom
Khylon	Landing Councilman, Marshal	Kenstrom
Deylan	Landing Councilman	Kenstrom
Stephos	Landing Councilman	Kenstrom
Barnom	Lich King (dead)	Kenstrom
Walkar	Landing Mayor	Kenstrom

-GM Kenstrom-

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