Alosaka (prime)

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Alosaka. Artwork by the player.
Race Human
Culture Seareach
Class Healer, Storyteller
Profession Empath
Religion Devotee of Kuon
Affiliation(s) Member of the Landing Defense Irregulars, squire to the Silver Gryphons
Alosaka, upset again about something or other. By the player.
Alosaka, in happier times. By the player.

Alosaka is a young empath and storyteller hailing from a coastal village near the Sea of Fire in the northern Turamzzyrian county of Seareach. Following the events of All That Remains, during which Socius Leiffen led the monstrous armies of Vlashandra in assaulting Wehnimer's Landing, Alosaka became involved in the town's defense, and later placed a bounty on Socius' head, precipitating the events of Equilibrium.

He is a member of the Guardians of Sunfist, and as his thesis project for mastering developed extensive maps of Grimswarm encamping strategies across the western half of the world.

He presented the prosecution's case against Socius Leiffen during his trial in Mist Harbor

Stories and Fables

Although his primary avocation is healing, Alosaka is more widely known for his stories. While their subject matter and genre ranges widely, most trace their origin back to fables or allegories native to his home county, and deal with moral lessons such as loyalty, ephemerality, duty and friendship, with characters often personified by animals or spirits.

He competed in the 25th Bardfest, performing Find the Beginning as his entry for the preliminaries, and Memories Like Snow in the finals, which placed fourth. He also won the Best New Voice award that year.

All That Remains and Equilibrium