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An alteration scroll is the tool used to request many Premium Long-term Benefits. Scrolls can be located in Sadie's Lounge (lich# 16361) inside the Lighthouse.


get scroll
Before you GET the scroll, you should have your right hand clear and the object you want to be altered in your left hand.

You swap your short sword from your right to your left hand.

>get scroll
You pick up an alterer's scroll for altering your short sword.

>read my scroll


This scroll is used to hold a description of your alteration request.  At this time, it has not been set to alter any specific item.  You must WRITE to it before going to see the alterer.
This scroll is good for description alterations only.

To see the commands, type WRITE by itself.

Hold the object you want altered in your left hand before you write to this scroll.
You currently have a short sword in your left hand. To get rid of your alterer's scroll, you must DROP it. It will blow away after a little while. Once you drop a scroll, all information about your request will be erased, and you will need to get a new one from the merchant. Commands: WRITE CHANGE Allows you to change the item you want to be altered. You must be holding the new item in your left hand when you used this option. WRITE NEW {text} Overwrites any existing request, but if the scroll is already associated with an item, it will not change that association (use CHANGE, in that case). You can use this to start over at any time prior to ACCEPTing the alteration and price. WRITE REPLY {text} Allows you to respond to a merchant's message. WRITE ACCEPT (Signs the alteration contract and authorizes the merchant to charge you and create the alteration.) WRITE OFFER {amount} [town] When a merchant gives you a price for the alteration, you can bargain a different price using this command. The optional town can be: LANDING, TERAS, SOLHAVEN, ICEMULE, RR, EN, ZL, FWI, or CYSAEGIR You ACCEPT after the merchant has approved either an alteration, or a counteroffer on the price for the alteration. Once you have written to the scroll, you are free to put both items away, and go on about your business. You'll be notified when the merchant responds in any way. However, you will need to have the scroll in your possession in order to respond to any messages or suggestions the merchant makes. Merchants have the final word. Read any posted information about what types of things the merchant alters and what rules the merchant uses. >write new Testing! An awesome sword! Glancing at your short sword, you write "Testing! An awesome sword!" hoping it describes what you want and is acceptable to the merchant. >read my scroll Scroll #26 You glance over your alterer's scroll and read, "I, Milque, request to have my short sword altered in the following manner: Testing! An awesome sword!"

Alteration scrolls are also available as a premium subscription benefit at a cost of 300 Premium points.

  • The scroll and the item are both required to be in your possession in order to read the scroll (including any updates) or to be notified that you have an update. If you place the item in a locker, the request will remain intact (even though your scroll may say it's unreadable). You must retrieve the item and have the scroll on your person in order to read any updates or accept any terms.

GM Jainna's Common Problems with Sadie Scroll Alterations

Posted 7/13/14

1. Not using ALTER for guidelines. Many times an alteration takes longer because it breaks ALTER policy and either you have to have a back and forth conversation with Sadie, or Sadie waits to even touch your alteration because she knows it breaks policy so badly. Save yourself some time, use ALTER before you even begin. Lessening the things that Sadie will want you to change will greatly help the process. This goes for feature alterations and rare materials (see below), too.

2. Using WRITE NEW instead of WRITE REPLY. Let's say you're having a conversation with Sadie and you want to respond to her. If you use WRITE NEW instead of WRITE REPLY, it makes your scroll leave Sadie's working list and go back into the pool of new scrolls, effectively ending your conversation until Sadie notices it's left.

3. Asking for rare materials. Unfortunately, Sadie scrolls are not live merchants, so using rare metals/woods/gems (ALTER 9, 13) that would need to be provided is impossible. Sadie cannot collect any rare materials from you, so it is best for you to either use a less rare material or to take that particular design to a live merchant. This also goes for glowing dyes.

4. Using a scripted item. This one is generally unavoidable because you guys don't see what we see, but using ANALYZE on many of the newer scripted items these days will help you when designing alterations. Many items have an ANALYZE that will tell you guidelines for altering your item, and they could even tell you if your item can be altered at all. I know many old items don't have this feature, so you'll need Sadie to check those, which is fine. But anything new, it's worth it to check ANALYZE! This also helps for lightening and deepening.

5. Sadie shopping. Oh no, Sadie found something to change with your idea! Instead of having a conversation with her, you drop your scroll and get a new one, submitting the same exact design. DON'T DO THIS. Trust me, we check to make sure this isn't happening. It's very bad form and Sadie notices.

6. Throwing away your scroll in a trash can. (or putting it in your locker) When you no longer want to proceed with the alteration, DO NOT throw it away in a trash can. Scrolls do not like trash cans. When you pick up a scroll, 400 premium points are reserved from your account. If you want to cancel, these points are returned to you when you DROP the scroll. If you throw away the scroll in a trash can, these points are not returned to you and the system thinks you still have a scroll. DROP is the proper way to clear out a request.


Posted 4/15/15

  • Once you've hit WRITE ACCEPT, your item should be delivered in the next 10 minutes or so. If that doesn't happen, it's stuck and you need to post here. Jainna checks the Premium folder on the officials religiously, and can take care of it.

Incompatible Scripts

Not all scripts are compatible with the alteration scroll system itself and will cause issues that prevent the item from being delivered via WRITE ACCEPT. Very few scripts fall into this category, with Spidersilk Cloaks, Morphing Armor, and Grobey shields being the most prevalent.

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