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Morphing Armor first made an appearance at Festival of the Fallen in Ta'Vaalor in 2015 by the merchant Rikelle. In the same vein as Grobey shields, armor will morph into a regular chest-worn clothing item, such as a shirt or gown, and can be unlocked to have more than one alteration for the non-armor side. Like Grobey shields, this item counts as two inventory slots when stored in one's locker.

These items should not be confused with previous 'morphing armor', which could become any of the AsGs within an Armor Group (so the 'plate' could be a breastplate, augmented breastplate, half plate, or full plate).


You analyze your <ARMOR> and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This armor is able to transform from armor into clothing at a simple TICKLE.  Both the armor and clothing may be freely altered.  The unlocking status of this item is:  Auction Quality.

The clothing portion of this item has been unlocked.  It can morph between ten different looks by TURNing.  Please note that the base description (15/15/15) must remain the same for all alterations.  Additionally, the alteration type must remain the same as well:  Either ALL long descriptions OR ALL shows.

You can tell that the leathers is as light as it can get.

Tier Information

1 2 Sides
2 4 Sides
3 6 Sides
Auction Quality 10 Sides
  • Auction Quality also becomes weightless in shirt form.

Verb Traps

TICKLE Running your fingers over your leather corslet, you locate a small gown-shaped depression. Placing your finger into the depression, you feel your armor shudder and begin to move. A soft *WHIR* accompanies the metallic gnashing of gears as your leather corslet contracts, drawing itself into the depression. With a sharp metallic *CLICK*, the gears reverse direction and push a deep peacock blue flyrsilk gown with detached silver-hemmed pendant sleeves into where your armor once was. XXX runs her fingers over the surface of her leather corslet. A soft *WHIR* accompanies the metallic gnashing of gears as her corslet transforms into a deep peacock blue flyrsilk gown with detached silver-hemmed pendant sleeves.
Triggers armor/clothing morph.
TURN As your fingers graze the edge of your gown, it shimmers slightly and transforms into a gown. XXX touches her fingers along the edge of a gown.
Cycles through clothing sides.