Amber-inlaid engraved silver flute

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


an amber-inlaid engraved silver flute


Almond-shaped nuggets of amber decorate the surface of this old silver flute.  Leafy vines and curly tendrils etched into the metal flow like water around the inset gems.  A rich patina has developed around the finger holes from long use.
A fine instrument used during the nutting season in Highmount.


No other details are known.


You hear the sound of laughter and whispering just behind you. The voice of a young maiden calls out, "How about this dress for the nutting festival?" She is answered by murmurs of approval from her friends. There is more giggling, and the sound of a brush sliding through long hair. The girls sing softly as they ready themselves, overlapping one another in a simple round that grows quieter and quieter before fading out altogether.

You hear a sudden gasp, then cheers erupt from all sides, though no source is visible. A deep voice booms out, "And now, the challenger!" There are more cheers, then the sound of a ball rolling along the ground and clicking against two others before coming to a halt. Triumphant shouts break out on one side, and good-natured grumbling on the other. The deep voice shouts, "Our new champion!" and the cheers grow loud before fading back into silence.

Fiddle music plays from somewhere very nearby, echoing as though inside a long room with a high ceiling. A flute joins in, and a large crowd claps along with the beat. After a short introduction, you hear the sound of many pairs of feet dancing about in time to the music. Snatches of conversation float in through the pauses, and laughter carries through like a minor theme. The tune changes, you hear a few loud hurrahs, then it all fades away.

This time you hear the flute most clearly, though the fiddle is still playing somewhere off to your left. The musician runs through a tricky passage, then pauses for a moment. You hear running feet approach, a soft giggle, then the sound of a daring kiss being delivered to the musician's cheek. The feet run off, the musician chuckles, and the playing resumes. The sound of the festivities grows louder and louder, then disappears, leaving only the sound of the flute. That plays on for a few more beats, then itself fades away into nothing more than memory.