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Gender Female
Race Human
Title Grandmaster
Status Active

Aneela is a recurring merchant NPC who has sometimes visited Ebon Gate festivals as well as towns in game, in particular Solhaven. She is a wandering Grandmaster in the Order of Voln.


You see Grandmaster Aneela.
She appears to be a Human.
She is tall and has a lithe and toned physique.  She appears to be very young.  She has silver-haloed, cornflower blue eyes and flawless, obsidian skin.  She has incredibly long, glossy blue-black hair separated into a multitude of thin herringbone braids that hug the skull and are woven with thin beads and alabaster crane feathers.  She has a slender face that culminates in a softly curved chin, a smooth, soft nose with slightly flattened nostrils, and high cheekbones that are gently rounded.  She has an ethereal, silver sheen to her full lips.

She is wearing an oiled niveous leather longcoat, a collarless pristine white tunic, a pair of Vornavian silk handwraps with exposed fingertips, a wide ebon linen sash hip-knotted with trailing niveous fringe, some white suede trousers, and some thickly padded amber siik footwraps woven in overlapping layers.