Announcement:Viridian Coil Joke Contest Winners

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Category: General
Subject: Viridian Coil Joke Contest Winners
Author: GS4-VANAH
Date: 2024-04-08

The votes for the Viridian Coil Joke Contest have been tallied!

First Place: Cannel Second Place: Three Way tie between Magneslim, Arahnim, and Omahice

First Place Winners can pick two items from the list below, second place winners can pick one item from the list below:

  • An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award - account attuned).
  • 250,000 silvers.
  • Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS - Nothing below the neck).
  • A custom tattoo.
  • Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).
  • An alteration book with 10 order slips.

Please ASSIST to claim your prizes!


Joke Contest Winners!