Announcement: New Lore Document - The Tartan Initiative

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Category: General
Subject: New Lore Document: The Tartan Initiative
Date: 11/26/2023

A New Giantkin Lore Document has been created as an expansion on the original Tartan Cloth document. This document highlights how various giantkin wear tartan weaves that allow them to be seen as part of organizations in other cultures, cities, and areas.

The Tartan Initiative heralds some changes to the Kindred Garb clothing line. They are:

  • Arisaids - when removed will now carry the noun plaid.
  • Kilts - when removed will retain the noun cloth.
  • Arisaids are no longer gender-gated.
  • Kilts are no longer gender-gated.
  • Arisaids will now acknowledge vests if worn instead of only bodice/corset.
  • Kilts will not acknowledge bodice and corset if worn instead of only jerkin/vest.
  • None of the previous settings have been changed on these items.
  • Both Arisaids and Kilts have been updated so that you can see the pattern when they are worn and not just when they are in hand.
  • Both Arisaids and Kilts have been updated with defaults for the new tartans that have been officially released.

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An expansion on the Tartan Cloth document.