Announcement: New Lore and Item - The Lyturhuum

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Category: General
Subject: The Lyturhuum - A Wsalmir Item
Date: 11/29/2023

Taken from the pages of a human knight's tale, the lore of an item known as the Lyturhuum has been released. Learn about its origins and purchase one at the upcoming Kindred Games!

Item Information Originating in Wsalmir stories, the Lyturhuum is an ornate skullcap, helm, or headress worn by those that wish to communicate with the dead.

analyze my lyturhuum A fleece-lined leather lyturhuum flanked in deeply spiraled ram's horns is a Lyturhuum, which is a giantkin device worn by a khuzdulym (someone with the gift of the Sight) to help them communicate with the dead. When worn, the dead spirits of animals in the wild will share information with you randomly. You can also LISTEN to see if any are currently nearby and willing to share information with you. Though be warned, that information can come in many forms and isn't always terribly helpful or relevant.

ALTERATIONS: While the lyturhuum can be altered there are some restrictions to ensure that it meets the requirements of both this script and what a lyturhuum is and does. It must always have enormous ram horns on it, the more elaborate marked and curled the better. It can never have rakka horns as they do not curl in the appropriate way. Though many clans arrange theirs in various forms, the below have distinct ways in which they wear them and/or display them:

T'Kirem Bear Clan: Worn naturally, with the horns and pelt still attached and fitted over a helm, though the fleece and skull are repurposed.
Wsalimir Wendigo Clan: Worn naturally, with the skull, pelt, and horns all still attached, allowing the pelt & fleece to trail down the back as a type of cape.
Issimir Ogre Clan: The horns are attached to a bronze helm edged in eahnor.
Gro'kraesh Hammer Clan: The horns are dipped in zorchar and then attached to a metal helm.

Bits of string have been known to be tied about the spirals, too, and their ends hung with anything from small bones, baubles, beads, feathers, or nuts.

Letting your eyes slip closed, you focus on the spiraling horns of your leather lyturhuum, hoping to catch the wise words of the animal spirits nearest to you.

The hint of a sound causes you to open your eyes, which fall upon the nimbus-wreathed spirit of a black-brindled golden culpeo. Without any preamble, she says she has with a quip to share: Consider the resilience of winter weeds, peeking through the snow with determination - a quality I summon when my favorite spot is buried beneath a snowy drift.

Random Spirit
Stray sounds reach your ears as your leather lyturhuum and its magnificently spiraled horns catch the whispers of a nearby animal spirit. Though you look, you cannot see the spirit, but based upon past experiences you can easily determine that this is a thick-coated mountain dhole, and it has come to harass you.

Soft as a whisper, the thick-coated mountain dhole says to you, "Feel the weight of secrets buried beneath the frozen terrain, a chilling reminder that the snowy expanse conceals more than the eye can discern."

Spirits can either come to harass you, offer you a plea of some kind, offer a portend of some kind, provide an interesting quip, or give advice.


New Giantkin Item and Lore.